aggravating heteros one gay joke at a time

Let us have some fun. For fun is always good, no? Let’s look at gay jokes, or rather, jokes by gays. For it rattles the heteros, for they don’t seem to find anything funny when we defend ourselves against scurrilous lies and utter nonsense from the people who earn a living saying the most astounding things: “export” us, “incarcerate” us, and “change” us, and “cure” us, and gays “attack” “family,” “God,” “Christians,” “the nation,” “civilization” and all because we don’t want to hear this crap. It’s nuts. It’s not going to happen, their nefarious plan is more humorous than anything, though, in an unfunny way though, for they talk law and police and prison and brain washing. And they talk to politicians of these things; politicians who will not go to a gay group at all and find out if anything that is said might be true.

And so why are any politicians listening to such buffoonery? Isn’t it enough I have to see my nation’s brave soldiers funerals “protested” by crazed idiots who blame me for the death? Everyone seems to be quite up in arms over the loons of Westboro. Well, the Loons of the Family Research Council, and all the “values” groups just don’t use the word “fag” when they say “God hates Homosexuality,” but of course, always add, “but we looooovvvveeee you!” Oh, how very erudite and compassionate indeed. Ahem. Still, a well spoken Westboro I don’t need, thank you very much.

Yes, the homo haters Looovvvveeee! us so much their willing to spend millions of dollars trying to get every law they can get enacted against us passed, and keep the ones we got. They spend millions on mailings and ads and lobbyists in trying to stop any nice things said about us. They wake up in the morning and work their plans to rid the nation of myself. They do it for a living, a job. They have meetings about this stuff, and are quite obsessed about what I might do after or before I mow the lawn or do the dishes.


Some of them, such as the Family Research Council, if they could get their druthers, and Rick Santorum, and perhaps Michelle Bachmann too, would spend billions tracking us down and making us read the Bible every day.  Or else they not sleep well. What’s more amazing, is that they are dismal political failures, who have no earthly hope of success, but they keep trying.

This woman Linda Harvey, oh I don’t know, some Christian lady gone bonkers, (here’s the link: wants to close all the gay bars, and whatever few saunas, and no doubt the gay gyms, coffee houses, and probably the little theaters in your home town and close down the Lights of Broadway for that matter, to make sure we don’t meet each other, so the sex might not be had. And I think, this is rational? Now, Izzo, well, he’s a firebrand, me, I have more fun. For I noted, to him, that for people like Harvey, and Perkins and Sprigg and Gallagher and the rest of the creeping crud, truly wanted to stop me from being gay, then they would have to assign me:

Yes, I would think it would take three guards, 8 hour shifts, 24/7 to stop me from being gay and make sure I read that Bible in the exact way I’m told to understand it by these people. For they do insist that they know how I should think far more than I should know how to think. They are, indeed, intent on brainwashing me, to be “ex-ex-Hetero” — or as they call it “ex-gay.” For they think we were hetero, went gay, and now must return again so they can rest easy. Yah, looney eh?

And so well, here’s some humor for the humorless:

And, as I always ask:

Cute eh? And I have yet to see one of these “you go find a girl!” groups come up with a possible match. Indeed, they seem to be quite sure we can’t and won’t change, or at least not until the gendarmes are called out to tackle us.

And well, those two are from that site. Let’s look at this site — it makes me laugh!

Oh those folks got hundreds of ’em:

Lord knows how much more gay humor there is, I have no time to look, and I like making up my own jokes anyway.

But then some idiot has to go and tell me, on the public bulletin boards, that I can’t mention gay kisses, or gay sex, or make reference to a cute guy, or point out the obvious, like oh, this:

Eat up Michelle, try some mayo, darling. Do they put mayo on corn dogs? I have no idea.

And all the while everyone is hubba hubba over the heterosex. You folks are incredible when it comes to sex talk. We’re shy damsels, indeed.

But let me clue people in, when a Gay man says “boy” he’s talking like hetero folks use the word “girl.” That is, a “girl” might be of any age, no? Don’t the girls from the office go out on Friday’s or something? Don’t you folks have “girlfriends”? Doesn’t many a country song warble over someone’s “girl”? Sure they do — and no one then goes and says “Oh child molesting, child molesting.”

Ah, but when I said “boy” oh the charge was made! And do get aggravated at the willfully ignorant idea that gay men are doing anything to chronologically underage boys.

Here, a boy:

Hubba hubba, yes? Like a cheerleader or something, yes? Just like you heteros gawk at, and the Sports Illustrated SwimSuit Extravapalooza! Right? Yep.

On the other hand, here’s another boy pic:

And well, so, yah, I go really angry, and lash out at the nonsensical charge of child molesting because I used the word “boy” like heteros use the word “girl” Egad, people get a hold of yourselves.

And so, that’s the humor for the day, go enjoy. And watch out for hurricanes. I’m sure one of the loons will soon pronounced the God Himself sent it specifically because “gay marriage” was made legal in New York. And I think back to the 1936 Hurricane which killed 600 on Long Island — what caused that one, eh? Higher hem lines on skirts? Egad, what mush heads, and yet, with millions to spend, and politician’s ears. Sad. So sad. Poor folks, all torn up over sissy smooching.


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  1. The Homophobophobe

    Notice how that hurricane lost a lot of its power before it reached New York and Connecticut, which allow gay marriage?

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