Memo to GOP: Gay Bashing doesn’t “protect” Families

You know, I don’t care what any one person might think or believe on any subject. I have met people who have rather strange beliefs on any number of things. Some of those people are rather fun to be around, others of them are not my friends. Some people, like myself included, well, no, all people, do have some rather strange ideas on one or another thing, and mostly, we also have, all of us, rather normal ideas on many things. Which is why we as a nation have decided to give as much leeway and freedom of actions and thoughts, words and deeds, as might be possible in a well ordered society. This is why this nation, above all others, is a hotbed for innovation and ideas and culture. This is why this nation is the beacon of the world for liberty. This is why this nation is the richest most powerful nation on earth and apparently quite a magnet for immigration, legal and illegal.

The nation did not get here because it suppressed, harassed and outlawed gay folks. It got here because it didn’t give a damn about gay folks, mostly, for regardless of the laws which did exist, we were well left alone. Hardly anyone ever got arrested for being gay, and the bar raids were more to keep the payola rolling to the corrupt police than to get rid of the bars. Why, there was no point in getting rid of gay bars, they were cash cows for the precincts. And not a serious scholar of our times and our history, watching what has happened to the economy and the society and the law over the past 50 years has ever said “Well, look what the gay folks did! They mucked the place up!” The idea is so preposterous, isn’t it?

And then too, the “family” has gone through what it has done. Whatever you heterosexuals did to the family you did it without any input from us. We had nothing to do with the divorce rates or those laws. We have nothing to do with whom is shacking up, or committing adultery, or indulging in porn. We have nothing whatsoever to do with which one of you might go on murderous rampages against either your own families, or some poor schnook in a shopping mall. And we certainly have nothing to do with whether you have children, or how many, within or outside of wedlock, nor what you do with those children or how you raise them up to be fine fellows or abort them. Other than we were once kids ourselves, and we’re embedded in our families and we all get along fine, we have nothing to do with “family.”

But now I learn, today, of this – and I marvel. This is the words of the website:

 In just a little over a month, House Speaker Boehner, House Majority Leader Cantor, Virginia Attorney General ken Cucinelli, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Vicky Hartzler, Rep. Steve King, Rep. (and GOP prez candidate) Ron Paul, Rep (and GOP prez candidate) Michele Bachmann, and Sen. (and GOP prez candidate) Rick Santorum, plus more, yet-to-be announced prominent Republicans, will toast the Family Research Council at the group’s annual Values Voters Summit. In fact, if history is any guide, all of the GOP primary slate will eventually show up to rally FRC’s base.”

 And I think, do these politicians understand exactly what Peter Sprigg is saying in this video presented at the website? This mad man, this delusional man, (which is his right, to be nuts, though not his duty,) is telling all these politicians that the way to “Save the family” and “save the nation” is to stomp on gay folks. It’s ludicrous. We put on Broadway shows, for heaven’s sake. We are florists and wedding dress designers and banquet hall waiters, and bartenders in hotel bars, and waiters at the local Applebee’s and Chili’s. This is a threat to the nation? All these peaceful productive people is the lynchpin of society? If only we be relentlessly hounded? Is he serious?

 And where does Mr. Sprigg think we are going? He’s on record, (and you can see that at the website cited, too, as a sort of cherry on top,) on video – to either “export” us, or “incarcerate” us all. At what cost of Billions of Dollars? At what cost to ourselves and our own families? At what cost to society to rip out millions of people from the social fabric and get rid of them? Is not the nation in debt enough without spending a trillion bucks on the “gay problem.” We would treble the prison population if you put us all in jail. Is this the GOP’s “jobs” program? To round up the gays in a police state? How utterly bizarre to even contemplate such a thing.

 Or this mental midget Sprigg and his boyfriend Tony Perkins demands we submit to their lunatic ideas about whom they think I should be. Or that I merely continue arguing with him so he can have a job and support his own family by trashing mine, which is just a perverse way to earn a living. But he’s sure that not only am I to be harassed by the full force of the law, with my own tax money to boot, but by himself leading the way! What a brave fellow, to tackle the sissies of the nation. And he’s been at it since 1983! What a failure, a complete and utter failure at politics and policy.

 Strangely, he’s sure that I’m to sit down, shush, and take this spewed nonsense as if it is my God given right to have him monitor my life, and he gets all whiny like a little girl when I ask “Are you really that crazy, Peter? Are you?” He’s out of his mind. And being out of his mind, why then are any Republicans meeting with him at all? Does any politician currently on the hustings truly believe that gay folks are the cause of the troubles in the family? Sadly, apparently there are, and that gravely worries me.

 Dear Republicans, the problem is too much government, not too little government against gay people. You cannot protect, save, preserve or enhance any heterosexual family by trashing gay folks, or rounding us up, or attempting to get rid of us in what can only be referred to as genocidal madness. Nor will finally saying a nice word about us have the remotest affect upon the vast hordes of heterosexuals which populate the world. You abort as many babies every two or three years are there gay people in existence, apparently. And you’re not aborting them because gays are OK, for after all, Roe v Wade was in 1973, and we were still fending off the cops at the barroom door. My my, how convenient for this Sprigg fellow to blame us for what ails him, and to make a living at it. How disgusting, too.

 And well, we gay folks, our answer to the culture war is this: NUTS!

 And that is the most eloquent word ever uttered to a demand for surrender in war, by General McAuliffe at Bastogne, besieged on all sides by crazed Nazis of a Sprigg sort. Just, NUTS!

 Again, Mr. Sprigg might have the right to be crazy; but politicians have the duty to avoid him like the plague and single him out for scorn, ridicule and ostracism for being not much different than a marauding Panzer out to destroy the hairdressers and church organists of the nation. And I have a whole raft of Constitutional and Declaration of Independence American laws and values to bring this to the attention of politicians, such as I can. And I have a family values far stronger than Sprigg exhibits; I don’t attack his mother’s son, he attack’s my mothers son; whom is the better man?

 And let me do some simple math for the GOP: We 10,000,000 gay folks each know on average 20 family members. That’s 200,000,000 people. And we each also known 20 heterosexual friends, neighbors, coworkers etc, for another 200,000,000 people. So we 10 million, with the ol’ degrees of separation trick, know 400,000,000 Americans. Only there are only 300,000,000 – and so we know you, and you know us and everyone seems to be quite happy with it all. And all that’s left to contend with is this few remaining nut cases whom you will now go meet with whom seem to think they’re going to reverse or abolish this reality and get rid of us, too.

And so to win the votes of a few loons and genocidal maniacs, you’re chasing away all the votes that being nice to gay folks, or at least ignoring us, will bring. But my dear GOP, you’re going to lose if you keep up the “gays are the boogie man” stuff. It makes you look so crazy now, it’s not funny. Hanging out with Peter Sprigg is among the worst political strategies you could pursue. I wish you’d figure this out in a hurry, so you might solve the debt and deficit problems, instead of worrying about me. Thanks.



  1. Pat

    Great Read!!! Direct, Honest and Factual with just the right amount of Snark. I will be sending this link to friends.

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