Nice to see the Political Nastiness hasn’t changed.

Two years ago I returned from quite an extensive bunch of travel, and so I found myself in the same house with not much to do all day but look at what people were saying on the internet about politics, for it seemed to be a heated political time. And I joined the fray, and said my peace and piece, and well, it’s nice to the see nastiness hasn’t change. Oh, I find the nastiness of some political discussion to be quite astounding, in a sad and disheartening way. When politicians like Maxine Waters says, as she did to people she disagrees with over tax policy: “go straight to hell” I wonder what they could be thinking. Could their “hate,” if that is what one might call it, be so deep as to wish some sort of eternal destruction of a fellow human being? And how soon? Should they go to hell today or tomorrow, or the next week or month?

And isn’t saying that sort of a oh, I don’t know, “conspiracy of intent to commit murder”? Should politicians be calling for the death of their opponents? I don’t think so; it seems Medieval to me. But then again, it’s not much different than any other period in our nation’s history, for there were rather pointed cartoons made showing the opposition as cows and monkeys and devils, and even a Civil War of great violence over politics. I don’t think we’ll get another one of those, no.

Or is it just a certain sort of childishness that is pushing these people to say these things? Of course, one side or the other, or even three or four sides, says the other side is at fault, and they are seemingly without sin. They say cruel things; like, does former Congressman Alan Grayson really believe that Republicans want to kill 45,000 old people? And why only that number, I don’t know; for one would imagine that once you began to kill some, why not them all? Why not just say, well, “You’ll be 75 tomorrow, off with your head,” or something. Isn’t that what Grayson is saying, that some Republicans somewhere want to off the heads of some folks at a certain age? Seems a proper conclusion of the charge, weird though it is to contemplate.

I see all the time all sorts of concern written about the use of the word “target” and “war” and words of violence of some kind, as the president once said “Bring a knife to the fight, we’ll bring a gun.” That’s “Reason”? That’s supposed to get us out of the doldrums we are in? Somehow I can’t imagine street brawls solving anything. And then, of late, there have actually been street brawls; apparently gangs of youths have rampaged now in Detroit, in Philadelphia, at the Wisconsin State Fair, even. Is this where we’re going, to roving street gangs wrecking havoc for the Lord of the Flies fun of it all? Is society breaking down? But then, no, it seems not, the street gangs of today are no different than the street gangs of the 1800s. Why, there was even a movie made of the thing: The Gangs of New York, if memory serves.

It’s like teen pregnancy and the violence in the schools, along with the high dropout rate, it seems so thoroughly modern doesn’t it? Like the apocalypse come to town, no? But, well, no, for there are many a report of similar things, even more of it, back in the late 1800s, by Jacob Riis writing in New York. Always New York, right? But no, there too in Chicago, and I’m sure every other city. Seems as if unruly teens are the nature of the game. Why, back in the 890s, (yes, 890s,) the Charles the Fat, or one of those kings of France, if not all of them, had to call out the knights in armor to quell the student melees and drunken excess and brigands hellbent on rape and pillage near the bars of Paris. Not too much different, than today actually. Why, Baton Rouge Police are now questioning several star football players right here in town about a drunken night of brawling and destruction at a bar or two. Seems nothing much has changed with teens or college kids.

Then there’s the union people of Verizon, and oh, others, like in Wisconsin, and still others, elsewhere, who set up picket lines and wind up harassing people who cross them, or even come with a certain distance. Police are always needed at these union confabs for violence is often present. And then too, it seems every time a group of peace activists gets together, riots break out. Not to mention the environmentalists or global trade opponents who meet in this city or that for a festive time of window breaking and brick throwing. Where all the loose bricks come from I never know.

Then there’s the president saying the Republicans are out to destroy the nation. And the Republicans of course are quite sure that the president is purposefully destroying the nation, too. Well, no, he’s not, and they’re not, they’re both trying to make it “our vision” of the place, and the problem being is that we all have our own visions of what it should be which don’t mesh with his or theirs. Plus, he’s just not a good manager of things, or is perhaps bored with the job, or just possibly, absolutely clueless about what he’s doing, or even just wholesale mistaken about the way to get things done, or, all of the above.

And that’s the reason we set up this Constitution of ours, so that we all might pursue our happiness and vision of what our America should be, and not so much line up behind the president in church like wonderment at his sage vision which we should follow, or else. But when Obama is gone, and he will be, (he’s not taking over the place and declaring a dictatorship, for the white coated medical men come to take him home, I’m sure,) the nation will continue, and we’ll pick up the pieces of whatever it is he broke and glue them back together again.

Amazingly, we all wind up with like minded people, and mix rather peacefully with others when we have to, so long as “religion and politics” are not brought up. That is, well, I don’t have the nasty-fests with friends and family, but we go happily along about life. Then we go back to the hustings to discuss religion and politics, and worse, insisting everyone else is wrong, and the politicians egging everyone on to solve this or that problem they perceived in the way people are. Still, to hear some bloggers tell it, the other side is intent on Ending the Republic in a fortnight, and replacing it with something else. I don’t know what they’ll do with all we got, but they aim to change it, for the worse or better, as the case may be stated by themselves.

And when a moment of common cause be found, particularly among the most opposite to each other, well, then, someone or the other is “selling out” – as if the rational conclusion drawn by two or more people to agree is a dangerous thing. And the comments on the threads on internet pages, well, then, there you get some extraordinary stuff. Invective, personal attacks, “you’re an idiot” and worse, far worse, including curse words and threats to get rid of people and bust their heads or other intimidation of violence. And the fear, which couples with the calls for violence, my my, quite amazing. This is just about the taxes, the health care reforms, the school system, the road paving, you know, the boring stuff.

And it seems worse of late because perhaps I tangled with it. While I try to be nice, it is not fun to hear some of the things directed at me. It’s bizarre to listen to, and I shouldn’t have to. And I wonder, would these things be said if I didn’t listen to them. I mean, would these people just find someone else to say the most extraordinary meanness and hateful things to? Probably, for they hold their hates deep within. I have looked inside myself, and cannot find this hate, but I have more pity on these people who get so worked up over utter nonsense like if two guys want to file a joint tax return. Oh, my, what horrors do the florists create in our world. Why, two, Lester and Joe, were on the front page just yesterday, in an article on gay couples, and they seemed so harmless, for they are florists indeed. But I’m sure others in the city, who hadn’t known about them, were besides themselves with horror. I’m sure Tony Perkins would be up in arms. For his arms are always up waving about while yelling “the gays, the gays!” He’s been against me all my life, and hasn’t stopped me yet; though he’s made a good living trying to get rid of me, or at least make me marry his sister. Good luck, Tony, keep right on screaming, if it makes you feel good.

But for years I ignored it all, and just lived a normal life with little or no politics, other than to keep a wary eye on any who came my way professing to want to help me. But still, there I was, playing piano peacefully in Phoenix in between helping to run the youth hostel and having a fine time of fun and frolic, or I was down Mexico way, in Mazatlan, a gorgeous city with a fine bunch of people. Why, those people there demand my return immediately, and I itch to go. Or I traveled to Prague and so the ancient land, and then back again to Mazatlan, which was quite a commute. But I have responsibilities here, so I tend to them.

So sad to see some of the same stuff going on, and so comforting too, for that means there’s a great stability. For if the Republic can survive all the people whom everyone else is quite sure is wrecking the place, then I’m sure it will survive everyone else trying to wreck it too. Why, it almost seems that the more we argue, the better things get, for we get a little venting done, then get back to our lives. I’m sort of at the end of my venting process, however. I’m sort of thinking of just going back to my happy land of travel and visiting new places and playing piano along the way, and letting everyone else yell at each other. It’s been fun to see the hustings still filled with people with great fervor and the country brought to wherever it is with it. Soon, like Libya, we’ll get a new leader, and perhaps everything will stay the same, or change, as required. Who knows? Definitely no politicians, that’s for sure.


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