Rebecca Hagelin & Washington Times has Slander & Libel for gay folks

And this is what legally actionable Slander and Libel look like:

“History teaches that deviancy spurs decline, and the push to normalize homosexual relationships puts us on the fast track to disaster.”

“The fiction of homosexual marriage surely will erode the morals and stability of society. It’s happening not only on the national stage, but also at local levels in ways that will affect your family and your children.”

“Know the truth: The homosexual lifestyle brings misery and damages society, health and well-being. Champion the truth. Our young people need to hear the beautiful purpose and meaning of human sexuality and marriage and to identify the immoral counterfeits that claim the same legitimacy.”

Written by one Rebecca Hagelin in the Washington Times.

This is not “political speech” or “free speech” or “religious speech” — but unadulterated mush, willfully malicious and willfully untruthful and willfully intent on destroying the lives, fortunes and sacred honor of gay folks, one and all, me included. It’s so nuts I can’t fathom one writing it.  So ludicrously bizarre that it deserves nothing but a good old fashioned lawsuit. I mean, really, are you kidding, lady?

And yet why is not one gay group hauling this woman and the Washington Times into court to make her prove her contentions or pay billions of dollars in damages?


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  1. ted

    Her lies are not accepted by australians, either.

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