Four Parties Might Save US, Two is Destroying US

It is odd to watch the political scene – for it is supposedly between two opposing forces. Titanic, even, for the other side is out to Ruin the nation, and maybe it is, actually. Though nothing much seems to change as the presidency and the congresses flip around between the two like a rotten fish spewed up from the ocean, or it gets worse. Still, there’s the “debate” about which side has the better plan to remake America. And I see that no plan seems to be offered by anyone, and nothing much changes. Or, more likely, so many plans are offered that there still might be said there is no plan. For when everyone runs around with their own plan in the halls of government, chaos ensues. Though when everyone runs around with their own plan, and be private citizens going about the day, well, things work out rather nicely. Mostly. Hopefully.

But no, we have the Donkey and the Elephant – battling it out for the good of us all – and man, does the dung heap stink.

We have endless calls for bi-partisanship – which is just another word for “one party state” but we should obfuscate things with more gentle words. Caca, poo poo, of course.

Then there’s the laws, which no one seems to read before passing anymore, but only as an afterthought, to see if something of use might be within them. I’m not sure anyone even knows anymore what is in the endless verbiage that comes out of the legislative pen. Alas, pens are mightier than swords, so we are getting cut down by too much law. That Newsweek headline should have read “We’re All Criminals Now!” Yes, for law has the darndest way of making people criminals, for the good of the people, always, it’s said. So you might be required to jump through this or that hoop for your own good, or otherwise you’d muck it up. Or, you might do something which some neighbor down the street thought should not be done, and got the legislative ear, and the law passed, so something is done to solve a problem. For the good of the people we’re slowly being outlawed, as everything we do is being controlled. Or, we’re like frogs in boiling water not knowing when to jump out.

The economy, which is said to be in the doldrums of some sort, or crisis, or humming along smoothly for some and rather rascally for others, or is in need of stimulus, or quantitative easing, plus some debt and deficit so that the people be helped through the doldrums of some sort which exists. Not to mention a little irrational exuberance from time to time; to keep us on our toes. Quite a roller coaster. And I think, well, that’s what economies do – there’s no such thing as continued ‘growth’ overall. Still, within the economy some sectors are doing well. For instance, real estate – some cities have upwards swinging prices, others downward. And buyers are doing better than sellers at the moment, except, the sale does help the seller too, and both be happy. And the bankruptcy and foreclosure lawyers are doing a bang up business. The repossession and pawn shop sectors I’d also imagine are doing well. So are food banks.

And the president, well, he’s off to Martha’s Vineyard to think about it for 10 days, and tells me he’ll have a blockbuster plan on my desk sometime in September, with “long term assistance to the unemployed” as a component of the “jobs” plan. Ah, the joy of getting paid to do nothing. Rick Santorum might well support that plan, for with all the people staying home together, well, that’s family values and togetherness. Why, homeschooling might work well right about now. Santorum might also slip in a provision paying the gay folks to stay home, alone, too, all day, so we might not meet each other and ruin come to the land.

But then there’s the elections, and we always now seem to have someone running for president. It’s constant for the past decade or so. The continued speculation of whom would be the one man in all the land who can pull the levers of power and get the thing to work, and he with a Vision for America too! And yet, well, it seems to work, too, stodgy enough. Often all too well, as in the case of the forfeiture laws, which does enrich government by simply taking stuff that doesn’t belong to them, like, oh, Medieval kings come to like your castle and take it, by siege if necessary. And what power would you have in the maw of the state? You be squashed, for the good of the people, they say. Off with your head, even.

And to find one man, or one woman at this moment in history who can actually do anything is going to be hard. Though, true, it seems the woman seeking the job of ruler of us all is a very serious Bible believer, reads it everyday, who had five children, and I hear, some 20 something foster children over the years, and a fine husband to tend after he came home from his work at the family clinic. He the fine provider, he was making a living off the government dime in some Bible based effort to change man and world. Somehow in all that activity, and it must be quite a lot, what with the kids, which I’m sure she did extra well, she managed to acquire the depth of knowledge and experience to run the entire nation. So she will order gas prices down, and calm our fear of the Soviet Union, and honor birth on death days, and otherwise tell everyone which Bible verse might be appropriate for any reason. And the nation will be all happy once again, if one we do just what she says. And that makes me feel confident; though alas, that things will not get better.

And that’s because there are not two forces with opposing views on things that would remake America to one’s glee or another. No, there are four forces at work in this nation. And that should be recognized in our party structure.

First: There’s the Socialists and really far “left” folks, who want the government to do so much more, like run everything. To varying degrees they disagree – for instance, should the corner bodega be government run or not? They make up, probably, oh, 15% of the nation. They’re quite visible, and have websites you can go to – like the Communist Party USA – they have a website, and it will helpfully inform you that they fully support what the current president is doing, but they do wish he’d do more of it and faster. And there’s the Socialists themselves, so much with the president that fully some 80 members of Congress, all Democrats, who are also members of the Socialists. And so, one might conclude, there’s no difference between the two. And so in a sense, the Titanic force of Socialism and the horror of the big state has indeed become the Democratic Way. And that way is too give all the wealth in the nation to the government, so the can dole it out to us fairly and equitably and we all live happy ever after. But don’t mess with the plan, or upset the applecart, oh, no, that’s always very bad in such wonderlands. Ask the Syrians. Those that survive, at least.

And yet, most “Democrats” seem to not be happy with it at all, so have abandoned the party and become “Independents.”

Second: So then there’s the Christian Right, the Fundamentalists, those of full throttle theocratic faith they have the plan, man. And it was written sometime ago, in a far away land, and than mashed through the hands of 2000 years of man, and several languages, and the thing be confusing so confusing that there’s more than 1500 types of understanding the plan. Yay, though, should we right now be stoning Divorcees to Death, and not listening to women, and foregoing shrimp cocktails? Come now, certain parts of the old plan just aren’t quite up to snuff. They make up about 15% of the nation, oddly, almost alarmingly. But since I’d lump the Amish in with the fundamentalists, there’s hope they all follow the good example of the people from Intercourse, Pennsylvania and quietly mind their own business and don’t fuss with anyone else.

Alas, the did not, and this force has seized the Republican Party and it seems all the current top folks on the hustings are quite bereft of ideas, except we need to return to our moral values. Which is odd, for I haven’t had much change in mine or nor seen change in any of my family’s moral values, nor my friends, co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances, bar buddies, shopkeepers or even taxi drivers for that matter. Everyone seems to be quite the same. Even new people I meet, which is often daily, seem quite decent folks and we do what we have to do to get around the maw of the law and the other people out for the day. What values does, say, Santorum, thinks we left behind? And Newt? Have his values changed? It seems they did not, he has remained a philandering divorcee, after all. But what Santorum seems to think is that I should “return” to His values, whatever they might be. He thinks I will do this by marrying his sister or something. I don’t know. But somewhere on the Ark of the nation, there’s not room for two of my kind. I know not why.

Three: there’s the mush headed, leave me alone, I’m so weird I don’t want to know nothing, but OK, I might vote – there’s so many variants on these it’s impossible to get a handle on it – they are the quivering ones who might not have a party at all, or are the Greens, or Libertarians, Vegans, Pagans or other things – though they all be similar in that they don’t really have a care as to what happens. These actually make up about 15% of the nation too. And when they vote, oh my, do pollsters get to scratch their heads. How did Jesse Ventura win? How did Al Franken get into office? Why did Mitt Romney wind up governor of Massachusetts, one of the most liberal socialist states of the union, with it’s own broke and getting more broken statewide everyone covered don’t worry about a thing health care systems, which is oddly the very model for the national plan soon to overtake the nation. It is a good thing Romney has come to his senses and now runs about the nation telling us all that his version is better than the 2500 page 400,000 word version of hangnail tending by tweaking it all a bit. For he’s that sort of hands on manager. He’s a mush head, but he’s running, so we might get him. I don’t know actually, if these people could pull themselves to have a political party, for in a way, they don’t want to belong or have a plan, or go with whichever seems nicer at the moment. Still, they do vote. Sometimes. If the candidate is cute.

Four: Then there’s some 55% rational people, you know, guys who run businesses, are reasonable, stock brokers, people who make stuff, or even are employment recruiters, piano players and such – people who know we need some order around here, but well, now, let’s not go overboard. People who actually know how to get things done instead of sitting around with a plan and discussing it. People who actually live in the real world. And this rational bunch, sometimes misconstrued as the “tea party” – which is often more of numbers 2 & 3 above, though some “tea party” are in number four, for sure. As are many Christians, and perhaps a Amish man or two.

And the first three, blessedly, only make up 45% of the population, which is worrisome enough, but since there not at all going to work with each other, perhaps not so bad, after all. And the 55% have simply been taken in by the first two, and befouled by the third for voting one way or the other inconsistently, which is what gets the great swings between the two Titanic forces steering towards their particular iceberg.

And as long as the 55% let the two iceberg lovers run the political show it’ll be an unholy, or too holy, mess. And it’s time for some bright potential political figure to figure that out and start a true third party movement. And pull the rational out of the Democrats and the Republicans, and let those two parties atrophy to their respective loonier sides. And the new party then, with it’s new found majority status as the 55% would be, actually get to the Great Dismantlement of the morass in Washington, or we’re going to see a Great Depression caused by the two Titanic forces. Perhaps we can convince some of the third group to come over once in a while for a vote.

And perhaps, since we’ll need a name, let’s call it the Rational Party. Yes, that sounds good. Let’s get rational, and stop with the endless lunacy of Washington.


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