Listening to Heteros whine about Gay Folks is tiresome

Yes, listening to heteros whine about gays is tiresome. Everyday, all over the internet, and on TV, and radio, and in the printed press, there’s heterosexuals whining about gay folks. Like little babes, lost in the woods. It is boring, it is tiresome, it is absurd, it is silly and nonsensical, nasty and vindictive, and punitive for no purpose under the sun other than “being gay is icky” – yes, well, I’m thrilled with being whom I am. So there. Now you got me riled up. Are you happy?

Egad, Never before have so many been so utterly fearful of so few. And for no good reason. You all are so fearful that everyone will turn gay in a fortnight lest a decent word be said about us. How silly. We keep telling you: only we’re born gay. You keep arguing with us – no, everyone will be gay if we stop harassing you! How pointless. Or, what do you know about yourselves that requires this verbal attack upon us, constantly? Are you really that so unsure of yourselves?

And logically, weirdly, we gays, who are supposed to be oh so confused and forlorn about ourselves, we’re so solid as a rock it is beyond belief – and you heteros are downright sissies when it comes to the gay thing. Do you listen to yourselves whine and cry like little children? Worse than kids, at least kids you can cheer up and give an ice cream cone to and they get happy fast – but not you hetero whiners – you just keep it up. What a waste of time and energy.

Millions, if not billions of dollars will be spent between now and forever on this issue – and to do what? Absolutely nothing but waste time, effort and money. Some of you are quite sure we’ll change if only we find your brand of Jesus. Hahaha! We’ve already found Jesus. Several of them, in fact. One, is He who never uttered a word about us, other than something like “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” (And we’re just returning the favor – treat us like crap, we’ll treat you like crap, OK?) The others, well, the others are hotties, one living in the Bronx, another in New Jersey, and quite a few more down Mexico way, and perhaps Texas, Los Angeles and Florida to be sure.

To listen to politicians debate the reality of gayness is hysterical – both in the funny sense, for they make fools of themselves, and in the dangerous sense of people whom need to be slapped to snap them out of their hysteria.

Now, let’s be clear, this is the year of the Big Gay Election – yes, America, from now until we win gays will be the topic of discussion. You cannot escape this, and you are the ones who need the change of hearts, not us. We have naught else to do (and no kids to take care of to interfere with our time, which seems to be the chief complaint about us, we have no kids.) And you all are going to have wake up and deal with reality, and get real. Or this “debate” as you call your incessant whining coupled with berating us (again, we can return the favor, we’d rather not, however,) will continue forever.

You can’t keep going around the nation and saying we’re a threat to anything – it is slander and libel. It is knowingly, willingly, maliciously putting out falsehoods and lies and utter balderdash and delusion. Are you people serious? Hairdressers are a threat to society? You’re kidding, no? Never before have so few lied and been so willfully self-delusional about so many, and listen to them –

Tony Perkins who wants us to pray ourselves out of existence is a nut case. He deserves nothing but scorn and ostracism. Since 1983 he’s been out to eliminate gay folks from America – and what has he achieved? 60% of the nation is tired of the “debate” (aka delusional attacks) he wants. And 11% of the nation’s population can now get married gayly if they choose to do so – and the rest are ready to fall like dominoes for the laws can’t stand – these laws, DOMA in particular, are just unAmerican. America is about expanding Liberty – not denying it to a special bunch.

Peter Sprigg wants to “export” us – my my, what an American “value” – to spend billions to round us up and “export” us to God knows where, for Sprigg is so moronic he hasn’t quite come to state the nation into which we will all be dumped.

Maggie Gallagher is intent on simply earning a living re-instituting Catholic theology in a Free Republic – and is intent on protesting the pursuit of happiness and marriages too. And she a woman who hasn’t seen her husband in years, (he’s busy with his fey guy friends, apparently,) and has no children by him – but she had one out of wedlock, for family values – and she doesn’t use his name, for he’s for “Tradition” and she doesn’t wear a wedding ring for it won’t fit her chubby hand – can we say “hypocrite”? Of course we can. Hypocrite.

Bryan Fischer is quite sure we’re the “gravest threat to America” or some such crud, and boy does he have his ass on backwards, and his head down low, where it should hang in shame for being so stupid as to defy reality. Along with his looney Sally Kern bosom buddy intent on starting a new major company “Hate Gays, Destroy Gays, Inc.” Why, she can’t rile herself up against us enough, and with a straight face doesn’t realize the Bible in her hand was compiled by the very gay King James I of England. What a douche.

Rick Santorum wants to outlaw us – and thus, I suppose, spend billions, if not a good Trillion Bucks on rounding us up and incarcerating us – for we won’t follow his dictates and acquiesce to his demand for surrender – and this idiot is running for President on the “NO GAYS!” platform – how strange then that he then whines about the way Iran treats her gay folks – why, he wants to institute Iranian gay-hate right here in America – what, what’s good for America is not good for Iran? Idiot.

Ron Paul keeps on trying to say “states” should deal with it – which does nothing more than kick the “problem” down below, to where it can fester in the courts, which will then all spew it right back up into the Supreme Court. This guy doesn’t seem to realize that gays are a nationwide phenomenon. He thinks it’s just in a few states, perhaps. Clueless.

And Antonin Scalia on the court is quite sure he’s going to get rid of us – for we won’t kiss the Pope’s ring – because, well, you know, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and Freedom of Religion, Speech and Action for heterosexuals but Catholic fire and brimstone for the gays. He’s clueless, obviously, about what America is all about, and should return to Italy and the Vatican where his Catholic robes might suit him better.

Rick Perry is working himself into a lather on his hustings for the president by working with Fischer to destroy gay lives – and started himself off in a city – the fourth largest in this nation, mind you – with a lesbian mayor who’s been married longer than Newt Gingrich’s three marriages combined. Did he not realize this? He’s the Governor of Texas for heaven’s sake, doesn’t he know his largest city in his state has a gay mayor?

Newt himself is so hypocritical about “family values” it’s a wonder his head doesn’t explode from the absurdity of his claims. Three times married? An admitted adulterer and fornicator? How does he look himself in the mirror and not cry at his own ridiculousness?

Whom else is there running around the nation trying to destroy the lives, fortunes and sacred honor of a tiny bunch of the people? All with their bizarre belief that we are a threat to their sanctity because they can’t handle a little sissy smooching?

What a bunch of whiny crybabies, “Waaaahhh! Ma, there’s gay people! And they want to be left alone!”

No, we’re so dumbfoundingly special that entire political careers and fortunes are made on wrecking our nerves.

And meanwhile, other, lesser known morons are arguing with me at all sorts of websites and Facebook groups about how they’re “Against” gay “marriage – they’re against gay couples having a body of law that actually works, and would rather us continuing to use the commercial law – which already recognizes gay marriages – what, do you all think we don’t avail ourselves of the laws we can to solve our problems? Yes, these poseurs – they’re against including us in the laws which exist – and which we pay for – by the Billions of Dollars in taxes – no, they’re going to argue with me. What fools they be.

And other than that, the nation is broke, the unemployment rate is nearing 20% some say, 10% definitely, companies are closing, the stock market is falling, our debt and deficits are out of control, and you heterosexuals are killing, divorcing and beating each other senseless while whining about us?

Are you serious? Do you listen to yourselves? Pitiful excuses for humans, that’s for sure. And there be so many of you, which is the scary part.

And Obama? He’s Devolving on the issue as we speak, and won’t tell members of his own party, like his African-American buddies Jeremy Wright, and Democratic NY State Senator Ruben Diaz to get all nice with us, or else. He claims he’s on our side, and will maybe do something, a little, just as soon as he gets reelected. Yah, right, like destroy the economy while giving lip service to rights for gay Americans.

Meanwhile, we pay Billions of Dollars in taxes so that our own government can hire lawyers to come against us. What poppycock. Get a life already.

Egad. Work on your own problems, and stop blaming us for what ails you, you whiny heterosexuals.

And there went another 20 minutes of my day, for this stuff is so easy to write, it writes itself. Just whooshes out, for I’ve had 35 years of listening to this crap.


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