So, Obama Doesn’t Like the Tone In Politics, Eh? Me neither.

I read this morning half an article about how Obama doesn’t like the tone in Washington DC, and in politics in general, then my stomach churned, and so I turned the page. And I think to myself, ‘well, the man did help create the tone.’ I don’t need to link to a specific article, for the news will be all over the place. And the man will try to say that he’s this innocent rube in the mess of crud-spewers. Yah, sure. His own vice-president, one Joe Biden, did call a major segment of the population “terrorists” – and one of his big supporters, one St. Louis Representative Cleaver said something about his debt plan, what was it? Oh yes, a “Sugar-coated Satan Sandwich” of some sort. Meanwhile, his supporters in the media go around saying that the TEA Party is a bunch of barbarians come to wreck the place. Oh wait, that’s the Bachmanns’ about gay folks, we’re the barbarians. The Tea Party are merely miscreants intent on keeping their own money by purposefully destroying the credit rating of the United States, that’s right, that’s what the media says.

And speaking of the vaunted New Civility Obama says is needed, which is no where in sight, the Republicans had some sort of debate last night. I didn’t listen. I read snippets here and there that they came out furiously, and in between calling Obama a failure, which he is to a great degree, they called each other the worse things since sliced bread or mustard gas, I’m not sure which. In any event, they are all now quite positive that not another one on the hustings has a blessed clue as to what to do and would be the worst thing for the nation, but they all speak amazingly similar on virtually every issue, too. Not to mention that they themselves are the savior come to rectify the problems by continuing everything exactly as it was and is, lest they be seen as a firebrand intent on reform, which is needed, of course. And certainly, in their New Civility, it seems all the major Republicans are going to drag the nation through a slug fest directed at its gay citizens, because we mix chintz and plaid or something.

Then too, a member of Obama’s party, one Democrat New York State Senator Ruben Diaz did more or less call for the “gays are worthy of death” pogrom, but Obama has yet to call him “stupid” or bring we who are worthy of something for we are apparently the glue which holds it all together by being available to be harassed, and he who calls for our death by the millions in happy genocidal fury, in for a beer to see how decency and accommodation might be achieved. Of course, Diaz is right up there with Santorum in leading the charge to rid the nation of its gay citizens or otherwise the place goes kaflooey. But if Obama wants “nice,” maybe he should start with Diaz.

Now, the president, who ran on a platform of eliminating the debt, for as he said, repeatedly and often, “The Bush deficits are intolerable, they’ll bankrupt the nation!” So he was elected, and perhaps because he was young and virile, and handsome, and his opponent, once-divorced/twice-married “family values” John McCain, clueless about how many houses he might own and where he misplaced them, was a doddering fool next in line in the conveyer belt of senior statesmen of the Grand Old Party, with Old being the operative word. So once in office, did Obama tackle the debt and deficit? No. Did he do a blessed thing to rein in the drunken spending and grandiose promises that can’t be kept? He did not. Instead, he promptly increased spending by unheard of, even obscene amounts, and gave the nation not only a one year deficit of $1.6 Trillion, and not just two years of $1.6 trillion dollar deficits – no, but $1.6 Trillion annual deficits for years to come.

And so Bush, excoriated, and rightly so, for having increased the nation debt by $5 Trillion in 8 years through deficit spending, was eclipsed in Obama’s first 2 ½ years’ $5 Trillion addition to the national debt. Then, when the time came to get on the chairs, when the music stopped, he stood around, or went golfing, or on vacation, and had absolutely no plan to offer except “I want to increase the debt, the deficit, the taxes, the size of government, my power, the wars, and spend like a drunken sailor on shore leave forever!” Not quite put that way of course, but close enough.

Meanwhile, the Democrats, in control of Congress for two years of the Obama time, and ½ the time of the Bush fiasco, failed to pass a budget at all in Obama’s time. Apparently a budget for the nation was not needed – and it would make no difference, for no thing in existence within the federal behemoth should be touched or denied a dime, for it is all good, even if no one knows what it is or if it works. A commission, appointed by all concerned, as such commissions are, once again, as such commissions have done since Ronald Reagan’s Grace Commission, identified billions in utter nonsense. Programs that do nothing. Programs that achieve negative results. Programs that are duplicates of other programs that do nothing. On and on it went with 1800 some odd recommendations of where to cut a billion here and a billion there. And not a penny could be found to be sliced from the pie, no. Let’s see, 1,800 x $1 billion = $1.8 trillion – wow! We’d have a surplus and Obama could claim some credit. Alas, no.

The Republicans did try to cut off a measly $450,000,000 to Planned Parenthood, while decrying unplanned parenthood, and certainly being rather ornery about no-chance of parenthood and so will spend millions of gay citizens tax dollars, or borrow hetero children into future penury, to defend the Orwellian named “Defense of Marriage Act” which hasn’t saved a marriage whatsoever, divorce still being rampant in the land. Not trusting their own government lawyers, the Republican leaders hired an outside lawyer for a blank check of millions – because, you know, of all the things destroying the nation, sissy smooching is major, major priority, and it shan’t be recognized. Why, the place might go kaflooey if reality was seen and said. The lawyer hired quickly was fired or quit his old firm, and then he dashed off a brief to the court calling all gay people liars, bums, louses, creeps and a threat to the nation, then went back to sleep, I suppose.

The Republicans did not try to cut off the $450,000,000 given to Liberty University, a Christian college of Falwell fame, and a stated desire to rid the nation of gay folks. Which is odd, for the Republicans said killing babies, which Planned Parenthood does, aka abortion, is bad, but killing gay babies grown up is good. And I would have thought killing fellow citizens at any point in life was frowned upon. Perhaps I’m mistaken about the pursuit of happiness thing, which the Republicans, and not a few Democrats, will deny to hair dressers, antique dealers, wedding hall banquet waiters and flight attendants, because, well, tough noogies, they can.

Meanwhile, Alan Grayson, formerly nasty Congressman of Florida, said Republicans want to kill grandmothers by 45,000 a year or more by cutting any flimflam from the Medicare and Medicaid budgets, but praised Obama for wanting to cut $500 Billion from, um, Medicare and Medicaid to fund his own new initiative, ObamaCare, which the president doesn’t think it should be called that because he wanted it done and his legacy is unimportant to him. At the same time Grayson was accusing Republicans of killing grandmothers, he complained that the Republicans grew the deficit by $500 Billion by not providing a funding source for a new prescription plan that would, ironically, provide drugs to grandmothers so that they live a little while longer. He did not try to reconcile his opposing beliefs that Republicans want to both kill grandmothers and bankrupt the nation by giving them live saving miracle drugs, and no news outlet had the temerity to inquire either.

The Democrats, for their part in the medical debates, came up with a plan so weird that no one read it. And the woman in charge of the charge to get it passed, Ms. Nancy Pelosi, said “I have no idea what’s in it, we’ll have to wait and see.” And the man in charge of the other house’s charge to get it passed, Harry Reid, was so sure of it that it had to be done in the middle of the night, lest any Congressmen get away to find out of it was really, really true that some 60% of the people, or more, wanted nothing to do with a 2,500 page unread law that had not one new hospital or doctor in it. Meanwhile, 26 states promptly took the thing to court, where it languishes, 3 cases so far for, and 2 against, which sets up the Supreme Court to decide the matter, in between what is bound to be their busy schedule of gay cases since we’ve started so many in so many states that they’ll be quite busy on this major major problem of sissy smooching.

The new health care monstrosity still sits there, like a doorstop, and some bureaucrats probably not even hired, are working on creating the some 150 new bureaus, agencies, divisions, offices, and whatnot, that will spend untold billions to examine every dime of medical spending to achieve the perfect allotment of health care to each American by making them buy insurance they might not want or need from evil rich mean and greedy insurance companies that will have to be bankrupted according to some Ohio Democrat Representative, oh I don’t remember her name, something long and Germanic, Shicklegruber or something, in order to make the plan really work well.

And on and on through the daily mud slinging, the calls for the other side to be put out of their misery, or at least shut off from the public debate by having their right to free speech abridged so that Obama might not be hounded by the opposition, or the opposition might not be hounded by Obama. Not to forget the invasion of statehouses by mobs of union workers intent on interrupting the deliberative process, if the Democrats who ran away from the deliberative process might even be found, and assorted riots by sports fans, disgruntled youths, and environmental activists and others anon, including just the other day squads of hooligans of not-to-be-named ethnicity rampaged through the midway of a county fair just bothering everyone around, the leaders of the faultily named “values groups” are calling for gays to pray and repent something or other or the heteros will go crazy.

It’s rather humorous to watch, and discouraging too. And for Obama to now call for “peace and harmony” or something is rather disingenuous at this point. His approval rating down to 40%, though I can’t imagine why it’s not lower, and the press just beginning to grasp that maybe he wasn’t the best choice at the time, though not that McCain would have been remotely better, the president is going to have a hard time selling his new mush when most of his followers are pissed at him, and pissed at the Republicans, who are pissed at the Tea Party (why, McCain just the other day said Tea Party folks were a hindrance to the way things are, which is sort of our job, but McCain is apparently unaware of that,) and the left and the right accuse each other of trying to destroy the nation – and the American public wander, “what on earth? – who are those people? And how did they get into office?”

And so the polls, engineered to back up the predispositions of the pollsters and those who hire them, come to all the correct conclusions – the people are miffed – and then spin it to say “our side should win.” And because it’s all federal now – whichever side wins will be hounded, and whichever side loses will do the hounding – until they come around to win again in the great seesaw of the changing of the parties. And the people, miffed as they are, don’t seem to be in a mood to vote either side in anymore, but bereft of other options keep floundering between one set of idiots and the other. Lurking in the wings are always the Libertarians, who might actually get somewhere if they weren’t so pure and chaste in their political manners. Though too, lurking in the wings are even more crazed Socialists and Greens and Reds and who knows who who want total control over everything because they think they know what is best for all because Karl Marx wrote an inscrutable book 160 years ago. Even more lurking is done by Evangelicals who have a more inscrutable book 2000 years old with which to enforce conformity on a free Republic of individuals pursuing happiness.

Once last thing, the Communist Party USA has come out of the political closet and announced they fully support the president’s dreams and plans so far, which tells you something about Obama, who did say he’d be happy to be president of China. You know, a country where that guy there didn’t have to bother with silly stuff like opinion polls, a Congress, courts, governors, states, miffed citizens, public meetings and other viscera of democracy in this Republic. So I’m not so sure that Obama’s going to get his new love of harmony. Oh well. Life is tough dude. Meanwhile, I’m just glad to be getting together with some friends tonight so that we might share sissy smooching stories and our grand nefarious plot to destroy it all, as we’re accused of doing daily (and Obama thinks he’s got it tough? HA!)

It’s going to be quite a script for a Hollywood movie that could be taken out of the political delusions of our times, that’s for sure.




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