Told you so; we’re broke, and down we go.

OK, so some 35 years ago in high school I pointed out that the deficit was too big and that it would lead us to ruin. And that the ‘entitlement’ programs are going to doom us for they are structured wrong. And that we needed fewer government programs, less bureaucracies and just less spending. And everyone in school laughed at me. Then in college the same thing, I kept saying – “this cannot continue.” And everyone said, “Ha! Spend it all!” Or something to that effect. So they did, they kept voting in Democrats and Republicans as if there was a shred of difference between the two parties. The Democrats and the Republicans equally spent the nation into a pickle; neither side undid anything the other did – even though they campaigned against the very thing they each found simply fine once they got into office.

Didn’t make a difference who was in office, not in the presidency or in the congress. The Demopublican party simply increased spending beyond the rate of growth of the population and the economy, and they borrowed until the cows didn’t even know where home was. The politicians dreamed up ever new and not so exciting ways to tax more – and do so with the most convoluted tax code ever devised – and spend more – with nary a program ever ending.

Nothing changed in the orgy of tax and spend and promise for 30 years – and every year I kept saying “This can’t continue.” And everyone laughed at me. Still to this day there are those who are still blind. I keep making it simple, and they cannot see: You cannot earn $24 and spend $40, year in and year out – now add all the zeros, go ahead – and not have something go kaflooey. And so kafloo it went.

First the nation’s credit is downgraded. Soon federal “quasi-public” (sure,) agencies will be downgraded too. Then the stock market has begun its slow crash. Soon, the inflation will begin and spiral upwards. The unemployment will not go down; and who knows how many banks and businesses will fail as demand slows down. Now China is demanding control over our economy; so are the Europeans for that matter (though they were demanding it long before the Chinese did.) These foreigners want to control how the budget is done, and the spending is made, and the taxes collected – for they claim they have a right to do so since we are all in an interconnected world and the USA is the most important nation, and thus the world should have a say over what we do, for we’re so big and powerful. Well, no, the rest of the world should mind their own business; they’re all in worse shape than we are. And no one told China to buy all those dollar-denominated bonds. I didn’t see them off to Frankfurt for Euro-bonds – precisely because that fake currency wasn’t going to last long either.

But I argued, 30, 35 years ago, that the best course of action was to vote Libertarian – to get a handle on the maw of government. And everyone told me I was wasting my vote, and that I should choose either the Democrats or Republicans for they are our parties (well, I kept voting Libertarian, and felt the better for it.) Well, time to chuck those two parties. Time for me to once against urge everyone to vote Libertarian to get a handle on these pustules and barnacles that is breaking out all over this land. Time to get rid of the Democrats and the Republicans – both have shown themselves incapable of governance. We do not have to put up with this charade of a debt cutting deal which cuts no debt, but only agrees to not rack up as much debt as desired. There is no law or constitutional provision which says the two parties are ours forever and that’s our choice. No, they should go.

Other than that, I’m flummoxed. Well, no, not really. But there’s no way to sum this up quick – except to say it again – cut the spending, get rid of programs wholesale, get rid of entire departments, cut the taxes, simplify the tax code and let the people go do what they do. But no, the powers that be are going to blame each other and anyone else wandering around for the problem, while cravenly exonerating themselves and believing that they are as pure as the driven snow – and if only they had complete and total power they’d make it all right.

I feel, sometimes, that both parties purposefully pushed us to brink and impasse in the vain hope that they’d convince all the people to vote for them as the savior of the nation. The two parties are like fireman who set fires so that they can ride in to be the hero and put it out. The fire not big enough yet, the Democrats and the Republicans are still throwing gasoline on the fires, to burn down every vestige of a functioning economy. And each side claims they will ride in to save the day – right after the next election and they be in office with a mandate for a generation, as they like to think. And instead, when either got any sort of authority they continued each and every program and spending bit of the previous party – and so we have seesawed towards the cliff, like lemmings on steroids.

I wrote up a book on this decades ago — I showed it around — there were no pictures, people didn’t want to read it — and it used the word “paradigm” in the first paragraph and the word was too big for the schools sucked and people left them without speaking fully the language of the country in which they lived.Then I wrote a bigger book, a novel, even, for it was so clear to me, still is — what will happen — for soon some bright star in Congress will order businesses to hire people, and pay them with funny inflated money and subsidies and stipends from the government, and then more economic ruin will come. Well, “Stalin Giggled” — the name of my political novel — laid this all out, but, alas, the subject is big, and covers decades, and dozens of topics, so it’s a big book  — and alas, everyone wants to know the answer in a sound bite — and everyone wants to know whom is responsible — so they can excoriate and wrap that up with the 1/2 hour allocated by a sit-com.

“Turn off the friggin’ TV” I said, “and learn something.” But no, everyone wanted to watch Friends and Cheers and let other people worry about why the nation was careening towards this point. I would have gotten involved, for I had something to say, but the country was not ready for the out gay man to be a political person — unless he was a flaming liberal tax and spendaholic, which I was not — so I went on to other things. No, a “conservative” gay person wasn’t allowed. Still isn’t really, but still, it’s not too hard. OK, then, so everyone got what they wanted, the Democrats and the Republicans traded places for the past 50 years as each outdid themselves in one-up-man-ship to offer the best cookies, cake and candy to the voters. And now look, a wreck, and soon to get worse.

And all I can say is pfftt. I told you so. And boy am I glad I have no kids, so they don’t have to withstand the coming onslaught of economic destruction to come if the Democrats and Republicans stay in office doing what they do — which is spending like drunken sailors. Like I said, pfftt, told you so, the government is too big and does too much.


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