The sophistry of Boehner & Clement, and Politicians on Gays.

Nothing is clear at birth; the sophistry of Clement, Boehner and DOMA notwithstanding.

More of the unbridled delusion of the NO GAYS! Movement:

Let me be clear – these anti-gay people are genocidal, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives and his lawyer are on a pogrom of Medieval proportions against their fellow citizens. Let us submit facts to a candid world.

This is what D & T said:

>>With regard to immutability and the controversial matter of “choice” in same-sex love, lead lawyer Paul Clement and company cited one of the opposition’s experts to turn anti-DOMA testimony to their advantage: Plaintiff’s expert told the court,”looking at a newborn, I would not be able to tell you what that child’s sexual orientation is going to be.”<<

Well, let us think about this – truly – be real for once in your miserable life >> For the concept is so bizarre that the obvious is once more so clear that it is unseen by all. There is no way to tell whether a baby is Jewish or Catholic at birth; ergo discrimination is OK! And there’s no way to tell if a baby is autistic or schizophrenic at birth; ergo there’s reason to not discriminate! Screw those people, who are not obvious at birth! How friggin’ UnAmerican!

Neither is there a way to tell the parentage of the babe, for in ½ black ½ white marriages, as our own current president attests is his case – he’s ½ white, ½ black – and there’s no way to tell. There’s no way to look at any baby and foretell its destiny. Nothing can be made of whether it will be a brilliant musician like Mozart, or a ditch digger like Edward II of England was, in Medieval times. Nor is there a way to discern the actual parent, for mistakes are made, if the press be believed, and this kid put with that mom, and another kid with the wrong mom. And indeed, the Bible itself points to this in the story of Solomon and the two mothers – there’s no way to tell which mother is the real mother.

And too, there’s no way to tell if a child at birth has some birth inherited disorder. Or will get ALS< or Cancer, or Arthritis, or any other malady. Nor is there anyway to tell if a babe will be the greatest football or baseball player to ever walk this earth. And even Clement’s and Boehner’s mothers couldnt’ tell if they would grow up to be whom they are. This is their reasoning? That you can’t tell? Therefore you can continue this anti-gay genocidal crusade? You got to be kidding!

Indeed, only the most egregious examples of human frailty are obvious at birth – and therefore, Clement argues that thus discrimination is OK? Because you can’t tell at birth? Is he kidding? Is he that delusional? That anti-gay? Sure he is. Let us call reality by its name – delusion. Clements is all for discrimination against gay folks because no one can tell if a baby will be gay? Is he kidding? Disgusting. The neanderthal. Oh, how many human traits – math whiz, musician, writer, preacher – indeed, the entire concept embedded into “certain inalienable rights endowed by our Creator, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is now suspect. And this man claims to be an American? He’s a theocrat of horrendous delusion. And Clement is now arguing that this fundamental right of humankind at birth is simply inapplicable to gay people? The anti-American heathen!

He disgusts me. And Boehner too. And the rest of the NO GAYS! Movement – for let us face reality – that’s what it is – a pernicious evil plan to rid America of it’s gay people. That is genocide. Pure and simple. And I pay his salary, and he earns a living excoriating me with my own money? Disgusting. No wonder I’m pissed. Blah.




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