Deficit Rational, Gay Irrational: Tony Perkins of FRC

How can one man be so rational and irrational at the same time? — here, let me try to explain this to Tony Perkins.

So, I find this article by Tony Perkins – nemesis of gay men everywhere – and I find I’m in loose agreement with the man:

“Early Christian churches, based on teachings of the Old and New Testament, prohibited usury — the charging of interest at any rate — and defined the act as sinful. This was because at the time, coin money was either hoarded or spent. The ability to invest in an enterprise was extremely limited, and corporations as we know them — whether large or small — did not exist. There was no national or global financial market, and money by itself did not have the intrinsic value it does today.

Today, the lending of money empowers entrepreneurs to use their God-given abilities to generate wealth and create jobs. This risk-taking activity is responsible for the higher quality of life all Americans enjoy, which is unique in human experience. For the last 235 years, we have truly been, to borrow from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, a shining “city on a hill.”

However, because the lending of money is justified does not mean that Christians should overindulge and live beyond our means. When a debt becomes too great, it can negatively impact career choices and destroy families.

Our misguided leaders in Washington, D.C. continue to run up an enormous national debt, one now approaching $14.4 trillion. Politicians, blinded by ambition, are offering great benefits at no cost and are thereby enslaving future generations of children with a crushing pile of unpaid bills.

A child born today will be handed a $44,000 bill from the federal government at the hospital. And as America’s debt continues to consume greater portions of America’s economic output, that debt will only worsen while job opportunities for that child, due to today’s failed fiscal policies, will be limited.

It is easy to lose sight of the spiritual and moral implications of our current debt crisis. Christians must stand up against an immoral political regime which indebts us to such foreign powers as the anti-Christian Communist Chinese.”

Well, he goes on, and I recommend reading it – and he’s right here, even if he says it not quite like I would. Still, completely rational, even factually correct, and rather reasonable. I could sit down with this man and discuss then exactly how we are going to get out of the mess we are in — debt and deficit and too much government spending wise. And he would likely find me a most willing ally. Not because it’s a “Christian” thing to do – his motivations are not the cause of the reality he states. The deficit is no good even if one believes some other creed, or no religion at all – it’s just simply math – the boring numbers of reality. But real they are, and problem it is. So OK, he’s doing fine here.

And then he goes off on this other subject – the gay citizens of this nation – in a completely irrational, even insane delusion that we are a threat to anything. His record is well known – I send you to to find the near daily verbal assault on gay citizens by this Perkins fellow – who presumably would like me to help him in solving the real problem of this nation – the deficit and the size of government, and the very way that this government has ossified into a bureaucratic nightmare – even if much of what the government does is worthwhile, the bureaucratic morass has simply destroyed the workability of it – and has caused the costs to rise beyond what the tax base can support. The tax code itself is an abomination. If he attacked the IRS like he attacked gays, we might get somewhere.

There’s no need to stop paying the Social Security checks – there’s need to cut 1/3 of the Social Security bureaucracy as a good start. There’s no need to end Medicare payments to doctors for the elderly, or Medicaid for the poor – there’s need to slash 1/3 of the bureaucracy which confabulates the whole thing and spends billions on endless paper. And I’d like to discuss that with Mr. Perkins – to see if two fellow citizens can join together, and get others of like mind, and convince still others – so that we might bring sense and order to the unruly beast in Washington.

But when Mr. Perkins calls me the “greatest threat to the nation and its families” he’s out of his mind. It’s not only rude and insolent, but false and ludicrous. I mean, how many words can be thrown at the bizarre idea that the reality of gay people is doing anything? Back when Perkins started his “Family Research Council” to hound gays for a living, back in 1983 – he and the nation had every law at their disposal to arrest all the gay people and incarcerate us all – our kissing was illegal, we kissed with wild abandon. They could have shut down all the bars, end the connubial living arrangements, end our jobs, prevent our public gatherings, and just prevented us from doing much more than whatever we were told by our jailers.

Indeed, the nation might have done anything it thought necessary to stop what Mr. Perkins calls “the domestic terrorists.” It did nothing. Those of us who he insists are the lynchpin to civilization itself – in the negative – that is – unless we are roundly condemn daily, with all manner of laws against us, then the very sinews of civilization will come flying apart, apparently, if I can gather what these people are saying. But the nation did nothing, as if the laws themselves were sufficient, along with the nasty words every so often, and we were allowed to continue being the happy folks we are, for everyone knew the reality was different than the law. No one did a thing to enforce any law against us – which is one reason they were simply gotten rid of – so why call for bringing them back now? Just to be nasty? That’s “Christian”? I don’t think so.

Or to get rid of the gayness? Aw, com’n now – face reality Tony — no such thing is possible. If you couldn’t when you had the laws, you’re not without them. And since 1983, Mr. Perkins has failed utterly at preventing more gay folks from arriving on the scene, for we are like droplets of rain from a passing cloud, and a sprinkled willy nilly across the land. And he is spectacularly unsuccessful in stopping our acceptance as exactly what we are – rather decent, productive, peaceful, humorous and good citizens of the nation, and members of our families, who do nothing more than not kiss the girl of Mr. Perkins dreams that he thinks I should. For we went to our families, and they dealt with reality. And he’s been deluded into thinking that he can rile up the nation once again against us – let’s see if blames us for the coming default of the heteros in Congress and who make up 95% of the nation. I half expect him to, which is sad. I don’t want to think ill of the man. Though I think him ill, indeed.

He’s got this weird idea that we’re attacking families – and doing what pray tell? How are we attacking them? Do we enter homes and beat people senseless? Do we steal their money? Do we fill their pools with cement? Do we run into weddings and shout something to disrupt the proceedings? Do we step on people’s toes in the public streets? What? What is the nature of this attack? I wish someone would explain it to me. For I can’t figure it out – and I’m a pretty smart guy.

He’s got this weird idea that we’re attacking society – and doing it how pray tell? We’re the florists, and the designers, and the flight attendants, waiters, bartenders, banquet hall tenders, and yes, pretty much every other profession one can think of, even a senator or congressperson or two, apparently. And in doing all this productive labor, and being oh so very nice to everyone we deal with while doing it, and paying our taxes – exactly how are we attacking society? I’ve got to hear this. Existence alone is not quite a good enough answer. Asking that I be treated decently seems to be a societal good, not an attack. The neighbor telling my boyfriend he’s lucky to have me seems rather positive, and not attacking anything whatsoever. So what is Mr. Perkins’ problem?

It seems to come down to mere existence – and nothing more – predicated on his weird belief that I should not exist. He would not be gay, so no one should be gay, I guess. The very fact that there are gay people, that we are real, and that no law on this earth is going to prevent that reality, that no scientific anything will prevent gayness, no adjustment in child rearing, no exhortations to the faithful of any religion, nor pill or shot or therapy or anything whatsoever that can be conjured up by the mind of man is going to stop the steady flow of 5% or so of the population in every country and society on earth from being gay. This has been true since the dawn of time – the number neither rises nor falls, and the same sort of people are gay – the gay ones, and the same sort are not – the heteros. Still, Mr. Perkins has taken it upon himself to alter the natural order of things.

Obviously God wanted gay folks, and Mr. Perkins has come along to reinterpret God by using his religion. He fails to see that God also created quite a lot of religions – the Man did seem to love diversity and difference. Then He told everyone to be nice to each other. They have not. We being weak, well, we do seem to be inheriting the earth, one nice hetero at a time – but without a corresponding increase in our numbers.

Indeed, the reality of 5% of the population during the Unlawful period is rather exactly the same as the 5% it is today during the growing Times of Acceptance of Reality. New Orleans has no more or less gay bars than it has ever had over the past 50 years. Meanwhile, the Perkins of this world run around fretting that everyone will turn gay in a fortnight if we are not harassed endlessly. If Perkins was right – that being nice to gay folks leads to more gay folks – then, well, one would have thought we’d be a political force to be reckoned with by now – by sheer voting power and numbers. But we’re not, we’re still just 5% of the population. Weird how that worked out, eh? So all we have is reason and appeals to decency. Which we all once again make to Mr. Perkins.

Alas, he continues in his ways. And he does so by mythical fabrications that we gay citizens are anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-children, anti-family, anti-society and just anti-everything – and it’s ludicrous. And frankly, he really doesn’t have a moral right to demand I join his religious beliefs which will tell me how to live and what time to get up in the morning and whom to kiss at night – he’s way out of bounds.

So while he’s very correct, and rational, and reasonable, and my friend when it comes to the deficits of the United States – he has a severe and disabling moral, truth, practical, decency, factual and human deficit when it comes to his fellow citizens who happen to be gay.

And when he gets over his personal deficit – then I’d be glad to join him on the other problem. Actually, I do join him on the other problem – I just don’t and won’t do it at his side. I do it in my own way. And together perhaps we change some minds and awaken others, and give strength to those already thinking of these times – but in the meantime, since he’s out to wreck my nerves, well, too bad, Tony, I got to be out to wreck yours. I don’t want to – you give me no choice.

Get some sense, man – gays ain’t the problem – it’s the government.


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