Hating Gay People for Fun & Profit; the “family values” nuts

OK, so here’s three stories on three different people in three different groups – all preaching the same mush. Earning a living castigating people who do nothing wrong or bad and are as nice as can be is just weird. Having fun while doing it is demented. And when one listens to these people, their tone of voice, watch their body movements, it is clear they are most delighted to be delusional and spreading their malicious untruths. I’d rather deal with oh, the deficit, the taxes, the wars, the regulations — the entire panoply of threats to the nation, the nation’s true problems — but instead, I’m under constant attack on the hustings by some truly lunatic people.

People who claim to love me, and show it in the oddest way — by berating me and saying the silliest things and just being downright nasty and accusing me of attacking my own family or any other. So instead of dealing with important stuff I have to swat off these people who are trying to get the political power to crush my very existence. Sad. Truly sad, in America today, that such people still wander around the nation like fools, availing themselves of the politely rendered skills and talents of dozens of gay men, on their way from one hate filled confab to the next — and all the while, ignoring their own children alone at home — for family values! The hypocrisy and hubris is astounding.

First, it’s Tony Perkins, who claims to be able to get inside my head and body and tell me all about whom I am. Quite the Kreskin, he thinks he is. Message to Tony, you’re way off base – morally you have no right to say the things that you do. You cannot condemn me into your religious beliefs – yours has nothing to offer me. I don’t care if you want to live like an Orthodox Jew in long coat and fur hat, or like the Amish who do their thing, or like a hippie living on a commune, or like, you, a mad hatter thinking Broadway theater guys are evil. Though you want to live a life of delusion, and it is your right – I will not join you in your lunacy. And you have no moral right to try to force me into it. And you certainly have no moral right to seek political power to force me into believing your miscreant brand of alleged Christianity. You are indecent, sir, just plain indecent.

Scientifically, you’re an idiot. And you know it, or otherwise you’d come up with something more concrete that “I think …” and “I believe …” because God told you. God’s a busy guy, somehow I don’t think he’s talking to Tony Perkins and guiding him to hate gay folks and wish us gone. And it’s not science, for every time the scientists look at this gay thing they keep coming up with more proof that there is something definitely biological about it. That they can’t figure it out, exactly, yet (not that they’re trying very hard either,) doesn’t mean it’s not so. Why, they haven’t figured out a cure for cancer either, or many other diseases and congenital conditions, but those are very real, too. But one thing science does do – is experiment – and no one seems to be doing any “can we or can we not make a gay person” by doing anything specific. Nor does it ever seem likely that you’re going to get a pill I can take, and ram it down my throat. But real science actually looks for real reasons for things, and deals with reality. Alchemy has been long discredited, after all. Poor Tony is an alchemist, only his elements are telling him to go to hell. And if the only way the reality can be changed is to “pray” it away, then, well, faith healing too is a bit weird and flimflam for me. To force it on me is unconstitutional.

And in the true sense of family values, Tony wouldn’t know it if it hit him upside the head. Trying to rile up my family, friends and neighbors, and my fellow citizens to condemn me is not “family values” – it is genocidal. Let us call it what it is – this man wants gay people gone – and when you want millions of people to be gone from this earth, that’s genocidal. I don’t know what else to call it. And I’m not paranoid – he speaks loudly and daily that he’s out to get me. And to make a living at it? Like I said, that’s just sick.

Even if his plan is to make us gay guys into some sort of zombies and inflicted upon some unsuspecting gals, or some very accepting women indeed. For if he thinks I will, at 53, go hetero, which woman does he think will take me now? The whole thing is preposterous. And since 1983 he’s tried to stop gay folks from occurring and has had 0% success – precisely because there’s absolutely no way to figure out whom will be gay – because it’s so natural that no course of human events in any family makes one kid gay and the rest straight. But Tony would have people believe that some mother and father somewhere, right now, is doing something, that he himself can’t explain, that will “make” a gay person. The idea is ludicrous, though, he’s entitled to hold it as clearly as if he said the sky was green and the grass pink – but that doesn’t mean anyone should listen to him. So why are people listening to this man?

Here – the mush words:


Then there’s Maggie Gallagher – she’s so “for” marriage, she claims, that she’s out to stop it right now! She’s on a mad campaign to get the State of New York to repeal gay marriage. She is deluded into thinking that there’s a referendum bit she can pull off – sorry, gal, not going to happen. But then she says New York is going to see a “bloody mess” over gay folks. Really? A bloody mess? Is she aiming to just start shooting us? Or beating us senseless? What she is certainly doing is attempting to rile up our fellow citizens to do so. She was there with “Gays are worthy of death” Ruben Diaz. She comports with “execute gays is good” Bradlee Dean – these people are preaching death – or, since it’s millions of us – genocide – again, let us call it what it is. And She is playing the Mafia like godmother, with nothing on her hands, as she sends out the more craven in her coven to assault gay people. Even more strangely, she is attempting to get the political and legal power, and thus the true power of force, to force me and mine to do her bidding and marry some gal like her – an out of wedlock mother fat broad with mush for brains. Hahahaha! Not going to happen, Maggie.


And then there’s this woman I never heard of until today – where do these people come from? Some silly Sally Kern is just plain bonkers – here’s the take on her –


Again, and the website I link to says it too, as all gay folks have been saying – have at it, makes you look all the more insane. Yes, they have this right to say this, but a duty not to. And everyone else has a duty to laugh their heads off and ignore them afterward. For these people are crazy. They are painting a picture of gay people that does not square with reality. Gay folks are peaceful, rarely making the news unless we are attacked, and productive – we all have jobs or businesses and many are happily retired even. Why, there’s even gay retirement homes. No gay person is protesting any hetero marriages – like this Maggie woman is protesting ours. No, we’re putting up the flowers, and making sure they get on their flights to the honeymoon idyll, and checking them into their hotels.

Indeed, according to a recent study, some 75% of Americans say they know a gay person. The other 25% must be so unalterably willfully blind. How can one go out to a restaurant and not see the gay waiters? And what harm exactly to society are all those waiters doing? And how can one go to a hotel without encountering the gay desk clerk? The man is obvious. The flimsy hands, the shy and polite demeanor, the slight build, the slight sashay to his movements, and to his voice of course – and sure, people don’t like the stereotypes – yeah, right – if you ask me, the retailers, hotels, airlines and restaurants of this nation are purposefully hiring the slight sashay boys – knowing full well they’re gay – precisely because they are the perfect shy and polite people to be the public face of these corporations. And the companies must be very happy with the guys – not only because they aren’t firing them, but they keep hiring them. Weirdly, there seem to be just enough to fill the jobs, almost if, like in a beehive, each member of the society has his place to fill.

Oh yah, that’s right – gay folks have our place in society – there’s the real one: we are the creative ones, and the flexible ones, so that we can fill all the jobs no one wants, and be the hairdressers too. And there’s the false reason we’re in society: to keep these crazed idiots employed by saying the condemnation of us is what holds society together – and that if we stop the condemnation the nation will fly apart and be destroyed. It’s quite a delusion to hold, and I’m sort of honored to be the lynchpin of society – but no, really, I don’t think I’m that important.

Meanwhile, in the real world – the Congress of the US and the president – and all the other folks involved – can’t get their act together and solve a simple matter of stopping spending money you don’t have. You cannot get to prosperity by incurring endless debt. It does not work.

Alas, Tony, Maggie, and this Sally, all seem to not realize that perhaps if they stopped talking to the politicos those guys would have more time to spend tackling the real issue of the country, instead of listening to their blather about how me and mine are the keystone to it all. And it’s high time for the politicians to tell these poseurs to go take a hike. You guys in Washington have no time to listen to this “gays are the problem” lunacy, but need to tackle real problems.


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