Maggie, It’s the Deficit; not gay marriage

Maggie Gallagher — you’re an idiot — it’s the deficit & the economy that matter; not gay marriage

What fools they be, this poseur for family values, Maggie Gallagher and the misnamed “National Organization for Marriage.” She and they are not “FOR” marriage – but are very much against it. Their own name is a lie. Whoever heard of staging political protests against marriage? And they they were protesting marriages all across NY State yesterday — will they continue for a few more years, before they’re worn down? Oh, they’re not against gay marriage, per se. Let’s get real. They are against gay folks plain and simple – they want us gone. Gallagher is nothing short of genocidal – face reality. When you want a significant percent of the population gone you are genocidal; call it what it is. And they disgust me.

Here it is, the nation is embroiled in a far larger issue – the debt ceiling and the deficit – something which actually affects everyone – and this poor excuse for a woman is trying to cram her Catholic faith down our throats for some reason known only to her. She should shush and go away. I mean really. She wants a vote on our existence, for heaven’s sake. She’s not rational any more. NY State has never had a referendum process, and the people are some 70% or more for gay marriage anyway. Including a majority of Catholics. She’s a dying breed of hateful people pushing Medieval theocracy. Well, Maggie, I won’t become a Catholic, and I don’t care what your church says. This is a civil issue, one with real people, real taxpayers, real citizens – and you have no right to continue bleating as you do. What, are you going to protest our existence to the end of your days? Perhaps you’ll work with Santorum to outlaw gay life again. Pitiful. Disgusting. The woman just disgusts me.

And look at these protesters – word of which I see on page 2A of my Advocate this morning – in a stand alone article by George Walsh of the Associated Press – trying to ruin people’s happiness. Disgusting. And my alleged friends in the “gay friendly” media did decide to hear all about Maggie’s crap, and publish it like this is some sort of worthy news. It is not. Whoever heard of putting the opposition to the pursuit of happiness on to the public pages of the public press? Could you imagine if she – and the AP – were all about putting the Klan’s view of things in contrast to an article on African-Americans? Or perhaps a the Nazi view for a Jewish themed article. Why, it would be preposterous. Why then is this still going on? Why is every nice-and-normal word about gay folks article riven with this anti-crap? For the balance? Ha, for the nastiness, that’s all. It’s all just nastiness.

And people wonder why I’m cranky? The sole objection to gay folks is religious – well, keep it to yourselves and don’t be gay and stay home to avoid us. And preach it from the pulpits where I don’t have to go to listen to this bitter screed over my existence. But don’t come out onto the streets I pay for with my taxes and tell me I’m something less than equal before the law. This entire anti-gay thing is nothing but religion being crammed down my throat – and I’m fed up with it.

Get a life people. Go somewhere and do something constructive instead of butting your face into what is not your business – and of which you are obviously clueless and delusional about. Gay folks do absolutely nothing to hinder or harm this nation or any other citizen – and these miscreants go about spreading lies and malicious untruths and purposeful willful delusion that we are a threat to anything, and them media gives them space for balance? The media disgusts me too. Meanwhile, why are they not down in DC wondering about the deficit which is wrecking the nation? Boy, do they have misplaced priorities.

And are Maggie Gallagher and her miscreant minions really that unsure of themselves that they fear everyone will turn gay in a fortnight if she got a real job? Is only her bleating about what she imagines is the horrors of gay folks really what holds the hetero world together? That’s the way she makes it sound, that’s for sure. That’s the entire Peter Sprigg, Bryan Fischer, Brian Brown, and all the Cardinals nonsense too, gig too – if only gay folks didn’t exist life would be so much better. It’s ludicrous. And they are genocidal, there’s no other word in my mind for ridding a nation of 5% of its people. Is she that delusional to think she’s that important to be the national busy body? Get the hell out of my life, lady. She’s like Carrie Nation already, busting up the bars with a hatchet because she doesn’t like a little tippling in celebration of marital bliss. At least I don’t protest her eating another pound of food to keep her fat self waddling around. I mean, really, she needs to heal herself first before worrying about what I do. Her obesity is a national travesty.

And George Walsh ends his article with this line: “a banner with ‘Marriage = man and woman’ message topped by a fluttering ‘Don’t Tread On Me flag.’ ” Yes, well, don’t tread on me indeed – and you heteros, you get married as you do – and you have your kids and divorces and tend to your own business – and let us gays get married in peace without your worrying over your own selves because we might get a bit of happiness. How pitiful you must think your existence is that only denigrating and harassing other people makes it whole. Such sad excuses for humankind and not worthy of being an American, frankly. For real American celebrate other people’s happiness, not claim it limits or lessens their own.

Now, let’s go cut some taxes and some government, and some spending and some debt, and get on with the real business of the nation. But this “gays are the problem” crap is too much already. It’s just infuriatingly delusional. Where do these people come from?

And here, look, on the very next page – 3A of my Advocate – “the owner of a Texas skating rink pushed children out of harm’s way when a parent suddenly opened fire on his estranged wife and her relatives at their son’s birthday party.” There’s where your attention should be focused, Maggie – at the murderous rampages of screaming heteros. Here’s another story of what heterosexuality does to people — “7 wounded in shooting at casino near Seattle” – yah, another hetero guy gone nuts over a woman – he found her dancing with another man, so shot them both, and 5 others, just for fun. Look at you people shoot up the place and kill and maim and cause grief – that’s the hetero lifestyle you want me to join? You’re nuts!

And meanwhile, the gas prices are up a dime or so in the past 2 weeks – and you worry yourselves over gay marriages? Because you’re not gay? How friggin’ absurd.


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