My Family Values Vacation & Tamron Hall’s

OK, so I was away for five weeks, seeing aunts & uncles, cousins and their kids, and my siblings, and father, and other sundry and assorted relatives and family friends. I avoided nearly 90% of all the political stuff; it felt refreshing; maybe I’ll stay away anyway, just for the peace of mind. That’s what five weeks with family and friends will do to you – make you see how the people closest to you actually care that you are alright, and there’s this mutual sense of togetherness, there on my sister’s mountain top, in the bosom of my family. I’m sure they all felt similarly; nay, I know they did – for we talked of these things. And my family wondered about the marriage vote in New York, and the big gay parade I went to – and the joke was made, “Well, now you Have to get married!” As I also made a joke to my printing friends (for I was a printer long ago at a certain company where I’m part of the family, too) “Hey, do you guys do wedding invitations? I came to pick some up!”

Here, a picture, me and a good friend, in NYC, at the printing company:

And there was no attack upon my family or friends by me. Which is what the charge is by many people, still – like oh, Michelle Bachmann, and oh, people like Tony Perkins who likes to think he advises every presidential hopeful as to what he perceives is the true menace to America. And then there is the animal farm of poseurs for decency urging indecency – they call for the nation to continue to castigate its gay citizens. People like Brian Fischer, Maggie Gallagher, and any number of Catholic prelates, and on and on, ad nauseum – and now this Tamron Hall women of MSNBC does join the mush parade and says that Bachmann’s mush on gays should be put to a vote of the people – whatever that means. If it’s just to vote for or not vote for Bachmann, well, if she keeps up the mush, the answer is, “No, I will not vote for her.” But to put it to some referendum of the people, then that’s nuts.

Here, me and my niece and nephew some 20 years ago – yikes, what a fight! Toddlers spoiled by a doting uncle!

Then, too, I always find it funny to hear that the media is gay folks just best friend forever. Though they’d never show such a picture of an uncle with his sister’s kids — that would be, oh, I don’t know — they just don’t, ever. Oh sure, I guess some people are cool with us, barely, but this lady, Tamron Hall, apparently isn’t. Or at least she doesn’t quite get what exactly this “ex-gay” movement is all about; which makes her look the fool. So I see this report:

And thus I commented there:

“And I’m told the media are “gay friendly” eh? Well, what this woman doesn’t realize is that this anti-gay rhetoric is not akin to disagreeing over whether a road should be paved, or a tax should be raised or lowered — it’s about the rights of gay Americans to not be harassed endlessly, and to worry about laws being passed against us — or more stringent means of rounding us up and “curing” us against our will — and forcing religion upon us in a way unacceptable to us — and that Bachmann and others are not just for not recognizing reality — they are delusional in doing so. This is a wholly different thing than some public policy which affects all Americans — about which the public might vote on — this is about the constant unending mental, verbal and sometimes physical assault on gay Americans — and only us — as a very “special” group of people indeed. No, Tamron, my existence is not up to a vote of the public. It’s about something more fundamental than that — American values of individualism and the right to be free from religious condemnation.” that’s a site that chronicles the mush. It’s rather amazing what these people say – and they say it with impunity; daily. They make a living at it, even. Except of course, we gay folks aren’t really going to just listen to this nonsense and say nothing. The time has come for us to really stand up and stay, “Enough already – prove what you claim, or let’s call it what it is – lies, malicious untruths, false witness, fabrications, delusions, slander and libel.” The nation is having a national conversation, well, then let us set forth some facts, not just hobgobblins of miscreant nastiness couched in barely civil terms. I don’t want to hear I’m “evil.” It’s nuts. It’s not Christian. It’s not American. And it’s against humanity.

And certainly, you can’t call me anti-family when I just spent a fine time with them, and everyone was thrilled to see me, because all we ever do is call each other regularly, or email, or something, and don’t see each other face to face and give a hug. And this is true for all gay folks – we are all tight with our families. So what families are we attacking? And why does anyone believe this to be true? What evidence is there? What sort of attack is it? We are preventing no one from doing anything that they so desire. Which is a very strange attack method, indeed, I guess. Or, it’s mush!

Ah, yes, that’s what it is – mush. For they are against this almost hypothetical thing – this “homosexuality.” And of course, they are against the “homosexual” agenda, lobby, radicals, militants because it leads to marriage, couples, smooching, public recognition, appearance in polite society, oh, things like that. They don’t want this. They want us hounded, harassed, harangued and harmed by everyone including our own families, our churches, our friends, our neighbors and our nation. These people are trying to rile up the nation in hateful scorn of a small peaceful productive bunch who just exist by God’s great wonder.

And these people, so ably convicted by their own words, are for nothing less than the nation to rise up and stomp on gay folks every which way imaginable up to and including expulsion (Peter Sprigg) and forced cures (let’s say the Bachmann’s this time, there’s others,) and of course, incarceration courtesy of Rick Santorum of fame.

Then comes the governor of Texas, all slimy like a backwoods preacher calling for prayer and fasting like he’s the nation;s preacher come to bring the revival – instead he’s courting way too much religious involvement in government. It’s not that people shouldn’t be guided by their faith with policy positions, though what faith might guide the funding of new sewers I don’t know. But when this or that denomination gets a hold of the machinery of government then we will wind up with religious wars within the nation. It can bode no good. And so the good governor of Texas, Rick Perry, did conjure up a coven of gay haters – here’s the report:

And this Rick Perry is doing it in Houston — which has a gay mayor! The irony, the hypocrisy, the bizarre idea that the woman who runs the fourth largest city in America is harming it. I mean, doesn’t the governor of the state have occasion to speak to the mayor of his largest city? The one with the tallest building even? And with oh, 7 to 10 million folks within and nearby depending on how you count it it’s one of the most free wheeling dens of capitalism and oil and ranching and everything else, with nary a zoning law to muck up where one wants to put one’s skyscraper – and they’re sprinkled across that city like mushrooms on a field after a spring rain. Didn’t he notice her and the little missus? Didn’t this subject come up?

And didn’t the governor of Texas see the millions of Texans who recently gathered this past June in virtually every city in his state with more than 50,000 people for a gay pride event? Didn’t he wonder how so many of his constituents should be so insistent that they are whom they say to be – and come massed together in peaceful frolic, then dissipate back into society, where throughout the year there’s nary a notice of them because they’re at work, home and play, with family, friends and co-workers in peaceful harmony and public good? And this is a problem, these gay citizens?

So Rick Perry has to comport with some of the most craven loons in politics? Brian Fischer? Really? Fischer’s sole reason for breathing is to spew nonsense that I’m attacking my family. This Fischer fellow can’t name one single gay person who is doing anything “anti-” anything. Sure, it’s his “right” to believe it, and his “right” to say it even, as we all know and blah, blah, blah – I’m not questioning his right to be a lunatic – I’m demanding that people cease listening to him as a rational being. Nothing Brian Fischer says is rational beyond the word “the.” It’s absurd to listen to him. Comical in the delusional, worrisome that one day the man’s head will explode from his bombastic condemnation of “homosexuals” trying to take over the country or something.

And Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, Herbert Cain, and who else? Oh, Newt – is he still running? Or has he been shamed off the family values stage with three divorces and a gay sister? There they are, all listening diligently to the diatribes of Fischer. And if these people think admitting that gay people and gay couples not only exist, but contribute mightily to our nation and society, and indeed, civilization itself, is going to do anything other than give us a break from Fischer’s nonsense, then they are crazy. And they cannot get my vote. It’s not rational for me to ever vote for anyone who listens to Fischer without simply saying “Sir, you are a loon, get away from me.”

It’s Fischer’s right to say what he does, and it’s my right, and my duty, to demand my political leaders avoid Fischer like the plague.

Other than that, it’s good to be home and sleeping in my own bed. And to see that the 89 year old World War Two vet is doing as well as he can; still playing piano too. And back to wondering whom is more for family values? Nah, I know. It’s me.




  1. Dear Sir, In order for you to be free from religious condemnation, you would have to make people shut up. Take away the right to their beliefs, take away their freedom. Establish a socialist police state, oh, I get it. Christians condemn the lifestyle, not the people in it. Haters is a label you have placed upon us, but it seems we get most of the hate. “Because of Me, the world will hate you.” Jesus

    • Sir, being gay is not a “Lifestyle” and many Christians are quite intent on establishing a religious police state – targeted specifically at the destruction of gay people. And it is a farce to tell me that I’m “evil” “sick” “demented” a “danger to society” “Anti-family,” and destructive of all that is holy and good, — and then tell me you are not condemning the people “in” this “lifestyle” which you think exists. You have created a falsehood, and then threaten gays with destruction — you are simply full of bull. It is the same thing for 2 millennia — you weren’t against Jews, just the Jewish lifestyle.– Oh please, give me a break. Be Christian, be Christ-like, and quite the condemnation and get a life and pay attention to what you do, and stop the nonsense. And don’t try to tell me some Christians don’t hate gay folks – you started the hate, and we return it in self-defense. You stop first, then let the lions lay down with the sheep. You are the lions, you claim, and you seek to devour us. Oh well., you will fail.

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