Today I am with my family, any “anti-family” rhetoric is absurd

Today, this Saturday July 16, 2011 I shall be with my family — sister, brother, father & his girlfriend for my mother is deceased — my niece & my nephew whom they and I love and respect each other very much — and Aunts & Uncles, Cousins and more distant relatives, shall all gather round me/us/we/they/I/you/them and whatever other combination you can conjure up. And if anyone tells me I am “anti-family” because I’m gay — then they deserve and should expect my full outraged scorn. No one has the right to tell me I’m “anti-family” or “anti-” anything. The reality is, is that I am a member of my family; deeply embedded; welcomed with great love and yearning to accept and mollycoddle me, and I feel it, I feel the joy at my presence — I know I am not “anti-family” — I am part and parcel of my family — and they have known since the beginning, each in his or her own way, that I was gay.

And thus, all “gays are anti-family” must cease. If I am party of my family — to the degree which I might expose — for they are not in the public sphere as I am — then let a candid world know — forthrightly — with great certitude — I do not — me personally — Jim Hlavac — do not deserve the opprobrium of “anti-family.” And every single person who says I am — is worthy of nothing more than my scorn, my disgust and my parody. If they can’t take it — they need the psychologist — not me.

No one will ever turn me to a hetero. Anyone claiming he or she can is delusional. And worse, UnAmerican — for daring to push their religious beliefs upon me.

And because the Supreme Court ruled that anything against gay folks might be said — let me be clear, in a plea for liberty for all — I reserve the right to lambaste anyone who speaks so — in the exact same language used against me and mine. It is my well declared and approved right as an American.

Don’t like and ornery gay guy? Aw, too friggin’ bad.

You heteros asked for it, approved it, allow it, and seek more of it. Well welcome to America — we have the same rights.

And screw you. I will never be straight — not with a gun to my head — and I do not deserve “anti-family” hurled at me.

It is unholy — and must be met with equal and opposite force – for all is fair in Love and the culture war.

We want love — you wish war. So be it. We shall engage the enemy when he or she shows his or her ugly face.

Have at it — we are a pittance in the body politic — but you think we are the core, the lynchpin — you are delusional. But don’t fuck with us no more. Get over it. Get a grip. We have begged, pleaded, explained, and reasoned — and you will not get a grip — well, too bad.

I hate cursing, I hate the fight — but I’m willing to engage.

Be nice; try it. We have shown you the way. Follow our lead. Harm no others — as we have harmed no one.


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