The Violent Rhetoric Against Gay Americans Must Cease

There is afoot in this nation a constant violent rhetoric against Gay Americans. It must cease. It is irrelevant that these people think it is their God-given duty to call for our extirpation and removal from society by any and various means, none fair, all foul. The ‘ex-gay’ movement is nothing short of a cultural genocide. Marcus Bachmann calling us “Barbarians” is beyond civility, into a demented hatred of a totalitarian sort. The man is just short of rounding us up and forcing some cure on us in re-education camps, in that he thinks we should volunteer for this re-education he has floating around his deranged mind of theocracy – and despicably he does so on the gay taxpayers’ dime. We pay billions in taxes – to support a man through government funding to “cure” us like we’re a bunch of hams by ramming his theocracy down our throats? Ha! The hell with that.

Here, this is from today’s web browsing:

And I don’t want to hear from supposed friends that I should calm down, or it’s not them, or it’s just a few — when will this cease? Who will stand up to these bullies and tell them “leave those people alone!” No, all I hear is that it’s someone’s right to say this — and I should shush for life is unfair. Well, yes it is – and in someways that’s not possible to correct — I’m a far better piano player than 99% of the people I know — and other things — it is everyone’s duty to put an end to unfair unfairness. And the anti-gay nonsense is of the latter sort.

And that’s not all, oh no. The violence, in physical attacks, in political rhetoric, in attacking us relentlessly as “anti-family” “anti-children” “anti-society” “anti-nation” and “anti-civilization” and just anti-everything and anti-anything is despicable. And we do not have to tolerate it. For none of it is true, not a shred of it. It is false, lies, fabrications and delusion — and let us submit facts to the candid world, and call what is bile bile, and tell them they are wrong. Is more than our right, it is our duty, and our survival.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court ruled recently in Snyder v Westboro that even public calls for “God Hates Fags” and the underlying “remove all gays from society” is perfectly fine – ergo the opposite is too. And removal by what means pray tell? Our willfully going to a slaughter of sorts? Or perhaps just the “shoot gays” as is so often spray painted on walls. Or is it just for us to knuckle under to some theocracy which we will not knuckle under to? Or is it just to outlaw our sex again, like Rick Santorum says? Or Michelle Bachmann too, to outlaw our existence once again, as she apparently has very recently been shown to say?

Or are we that special that we must listen to being called “dysfunctional” by gubernatorial candidates like Carl Palladino? Or perhaps it’s to listen to the nastiness of Maggie Gallagher – Peter Sprigg – Tony Perkins – Bryan Fischer – Brian Brown – and lord knows whom else, in that small incestuous polygamy of “get rid of the gays” or NO GAYS! movement? They, by going to Russia, like Paul Cameron of the Family Research Council did, to learn how Russia represses gays and gain his lessons for transport here? Or perhaps the American Evangelists who went to Uganda to urge that nation to kill its gays – as if getting practice to bring their evil to these shores?

At what point does it become intolerable in a Free Republic for one group of citizens, constantly harassed, harangued and hounded in words, and worse, to listen to this? Well, this point is now. We will not tolerate this. This malicious, purposeful hate and despising of me and mine.

And because we all have the right to say anything – I exercised it – as if writing a movie script, of giving political opinion, of giving my religious view – and aw, people were upset. I went thespian and rhetorically just as is given out to me and mine – and the Bible is fairly clear – eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Want gay folks to stop saying what we say? Then stop the attacks against us; and forever hold your peace. Want to continue with the assault? Then I have made it clear – we reserve to ourselves a 2nd Amendment Right to self-defense – and a variety of other Constitutional Rights too lengthy to be put forth here – but easily accessible in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights and other provisions.

And the nastiness and invective, and outright call for my removal from this nation I have seen and read on so many websites as to wonder where does this delusion that gay Americans are a threat to this nation comes from? And no one says a word, but all is fine, it’s their “Right” supposedly. From where could this bile against the abstraction of “homosexuality” come from in the face of the overwhelming evidence that God put us here – and we have done nothing but been a peaceful lot in trying to deal with the hate and scorn? Alas, for our detractors, we are growing to be an ornery lot, no longer willing to just stand there and listen to this nonsense. No more willing to just take the crud and swipe it off as someone else’s religious freedom. No, the time has come for this nation to get a grip with reality. We have been put here by God as test of this nation’s decency — well, get to it folks, get decent.

Many have now come to their senses – many more are still like unto heathens. They are calling for the nation, its people and the force of the state, to be riled up against us with all the power it might wield. And well, so we’re going to get more forceful in our condemnation of this anti-gay nonsense. We don’t deserve it, there’s no proof of it, whatever the hell they mumble on about in their attacks – and all our detractors do is wave their Bibles in our faces and demand us to obey their wishes or else. And the hell with that.

Here, a mild and small catalog of the assault against us – which we have the right to defend ourselves against. The Internet is a cesspool of anti-gay nonsense – and amazing little “hey, that’s just wrong.” Well, I’m here to say – this is just wrong:

On and on it comes, and well, why? What is the proof of all these attacks? What have we done? Other than to wake up one day in early puberty and realized we were different? There is none. It is all wrong, malicious and nasty. And frankly, if anyone thinks we should just suck it up because someone else claims to know better and it’s their right, they got another thing coming – there’s two rights here opposed now – mine and theirs – and this issue is not going away. And this coming presidential election is going to be the gay election. It will simply be the election that will be consumed by the gay issue. Mostly because our opponents are opposed to our existence, and we are rather sure that we’re not going anywhere.

And the next few years on the Supreme Court docket will be a lot of cases for them to figure out a solution – and for the Congress of this nation to count the gay taxpayers’ billion of dollars in contribution to this nation and come to its senses – and for the religions of this nation to look deep into their souls and find peace with reality – and let us alone and include us.

But like I said, if anything can be said against us, then anything might be said against those against us. And if they have the right to free speech than so do I. And if they can always get away with it by “religious” exemption, or free speech, or “oops” – well, then so can I.

Have a pleasant day – I got a family gathering happening here – where I’m included – and to demand my family rid them of my existence is cruel and unusual punishment by people taking the law – of man and God – into their own hands. It shall not stand. So once again, I lash out, and then retreat to the bosom of family, and won’t be back again until next week.


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