And people think I go too far? hahaha! Behold the Genocidal Rage:

Look at this unmitigated gall of nastiness, bile, filth, lies, malicious attacks, falsehoods and just plain mad delusion –which I see on my lunch hour. We do not have to listen to this. This is certifiably looney — and it goes way beyond civil discourse. It is way beyond promoting one’s faith. It leans to a genocidal mania, a brainwashing of Communist/Nazi/Fascist/Sharia proportions, and a promotion of violence and destruction which has no business in America. Whom will stop these people? No one, for it is their right, it’s said. We’ll it’s my right to stop them. And your duty.

“For homosexuals, this has never been about ‘benefits’ or ‘equality.’ It’s about a devastating strategy meant to destroy innocence, religious freedom, and ultimately, the family.”

This guy, Mike Bickle, is an official endorser of TX Governor Rick Perry’s upcoming prayer rally:

“I’ll tell you where this thing is going. Marriage will not only be the sanctity of marriage blurred and defiled, marriage in some parts of the earth will be outlawed. Marriage as an institution will be forbidden in parts of the earth as one of the Signs of the Times. The gay marriage agenda, which is rooted in the depths of Hell, this is not about love, this is deception.”

And they’re getting the word of Republican politicians? So they can push the genocidal rage against me, mine — us? As part of a presidential campaign? Lord hope they lose big time. These people are crazy. But they want nothing less than the forced removal of millions of people from the body politic – through submission, incarceration, brainwashing, expulsion or death itself — and people think I’m over the top? Hahaha! Behold their genocidal rage.

This of talk is nothing but trying to convince America to destroy a benign, peaceful, productive segment of society. There is no other purpose. Let us not gloss over the reality of what these people mean — and they say what they mean, and are mean saying it.

They deserve what they mete out — in the teachings of Jesus — treat others as you wish to be treated. Apparently they wish to be treated an vile beneath contempt lunatics in need of some crisis intervention. I shall indulge them.

But don’t anyone then dare tell me I go to far — all is fair in this battle — this bizarre culture war of some crazed citizens against another. No, this must cease. This is legally actionable. This is criminal — not free speech, or protected anything – it is an unholy call for violence against some citizens — and it must cease.

These cretins are disgusting. Whom will stop them? Whom will stand up, other than we gays, and say “Enough is enough”? Com’n now erstwhile hetero friends of gays — ye who tell me I’m too much — who will stop this violent rhetoric? When? And do tell me what I should do when they come to my door? Should I stand there and be willing to be taken to my fate at the hands of these lunatics? Because “life is unfair”? You jest, folks, you jest. And I do not. This will be stopped.


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