It’s Time to Sue Tony Perkins, et al, for Slander & Libel

Everyday I go to and and get a dose of anti-gay. What these two intrepid sites report is nothing short of legally actionable Slander and Libel by the constellation of anti-gay groups, individuals, politicians, sports and entertainment figures. The first site does so by simply quoting the words of the FRC, NOM, AFA, CWA, AFTAH, NARTH, and a host of other crazed lunatics, and the second site does so by quoting the words of various politicians and entertainers. It is an unrelenting assault with but one purpose – to destroy the fiber of gay folks’ lives, livelihoods, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It is unholy – and it is irrational – and it is done with clearly stated malicious intent.

And what I see is a clear and unmitigated attack on gay folks that is delusional. For instance, the “anti-family” charge, or we’re “anti-American” or “anti-” anything – indeed, our very existence seems to be “anti-” something or other, according to these people. And they are saying so in a way that is legally actionable. For these people are not quoting Scripture and preaching in their churches, as is their right to do. They are out on the political hustings, and they are using the political, press and polemical process to continually denigrate gay folks – and I take this personally.

Therefore, it is my belief that it is time for gay groups and individuals so sue these groups and people, and politicians too, for Slander and Libel – for they are simply making things up and saying horrendous things that are not based in fact or reality. They have no evidence that we are anti-anything – but merely manufacture in their fetid minds irrational accusations with malicious foresight and intent to destroy the good name and sacred honor and fortunes of any and all gay people. They attack us as a whole, and they attack us as individuals, and they attack us in the abstract. And they urge all the citizens of this nation to join them in their unholy crusade to rid us from the nation. They are calling, in a way, for a genocide of sorts, which is another thing I’d throw into the legal papers.

In fact, when they say we are anti-family it is knowing false, malicious and scurrilous charge – and I’m enraged, but calmly so – here, a picture of me and my niece and nephew:

Now, does this look like I’m somehow anti-family?

You know, I have been going through hundreds of family photos this past week, thousands even – and there I am in photo after photo after photo with my niece & nephew, with my grandparents, with my great-grandparents for that matter, with my aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and my mother and father – over my 53 year existence – and my extended family has known I’m gay since I was a kid – and they love and accept me and mollycoddle me and welcome me to the bosom of the family. And Tony Perkins et al has no legal, moral, religious or ethical right to try to convince my family to expel me – as they seek to do. How dare they?

I have never been excluded from any family event. I go to the parties I’m able to, and visit with them, stay at their homes, play with their kids, and teach them the language of the old country and since I’m the family historian, I’m pulling together all the things my mother saved so that I can prepare and present our family history to this extended group of people. I go to the weddings and graduations and whatnot, and the family reunions, such as we’re having here at my sister’s house on July 16th. And I’m not unique in this regard – indeed – every single gay person I know is welcomed in their families, and are part and parcel of their families – and not a one of us has ever done anything that could remotely be considered against our families.

In the annals of the criminal justice system I doubt you could find a gay guy or gal ever brought up on charges of killing, harming, destroying, attacking, assaulting, battering, badgering our families – or anything else that could be considered a crime or against someone. We are embedded into our families in ways that Tony Perkins seems willfully willing to ignore. Worse, he wants our families to hate us – and who the hell does he think he is? And too, we all have jobs and businesses, homes and apartments, we live in our communities, and we comport with our neighbors and our friends, our co-workers and our fellow citizens in extraordinary peace. And there is no basis – in law, ethics, legality or emotionally – for accusing us of being anti-family or anti-church, or anti-American, or anti-anything. But again, Tony Perkins and his culture warriors are trying to rile up my family against me – he is far more anti-family than I could ever imagine someone to be. Worse, he’s trying to get the nation to attack me in every way imaginable up to and including incarceration and a forced “cure” like I’m a ham or something.

Nor has any gay person been formally charged in our criminal justice system for ever attacking a church, politician, police station, public building, public or private person, or any other thing standing or living in this nation. We are the most extraordinarily peaceful group of productive citizens this nation has – far more so than the rapacious, murderous heterosexuals who fill our criminal justice system and the prisons.

But we are accused by Peter Sprigg, Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, Bryan Fischer – and more, even Michelle & Marcus Bachmann, and Carl Paladino (oh I just pick on these today – for there are countless other politicians doing the same; they’re not special,) for being anti-American, anti-family, and seemingly anti-everything – and this is absurd. It is false. It is malicious. And to the point, it is slander and libel – which are, legally, considered “knowingly spreading, publishing and promoting false accusations in an intent to malign, destroy, damage and wreck reputations, livelihoods, persons and property.” Perhaps that’s not the exact text, I’ll go look it up when I have time. That is what these people are doing. And this is morally, ethically and legally wrong – and legally actionable as far as I’m concerned.

 Therefore, it is the duty of gay groups and gay individuals, collectively and individually, to now bring to court these heathens on the hustings who are working overtime in their malicious, cruel, absurd and falsely hurled accusations against us.

They have no defense in “religious freedom” for we do not seek to quell their fetid beliefs such as they preach in a church building. But they are not doing so in a church building – nor are any of them really ordained ministers preaching to their flocks – as is their right to do – just as Jim Jones and other “end of the world” freaks entitled to get anyone to follow them. But these heathens are impinging on not only my religious freedoms, and the religious freedoms of every gay person, but also they are impinging on our families’ religious freedoms – the freedom to be free from this demand that I join their church or suffer. One might preach as one does, but to go to the statehouse and the courthouse and argue that we gay folks are destroying America is cruel and unusual punishment based on fabrications, and false and malicious charges. They have no right to do so.

Nor is it “free speech” to just hurl unfounded accusations, false criminal charges and other such falsehoods with a willing intent to wreck lives. There is a limit to free speech indeed.

So let us sue them. And let these heathens present to a court of law in a civil suit what evidence they might have – and a few misquoted and vague Bible injunctions is not going to be enough to protect them. Let us gay folks go for the gusto – for we do not deserve to be hounded forever by these idiots. And these idiots have no right to come at us with their unholy crusade of Medieval proportions – we live in a Republic, not a theocracy. They have no right to compel me or mine to join their religions or follow their beliefs – and they seek the law on their side to do just that – compel me to join their religion. Oh, sure, preach from your pulpits, and if I enter your sanctuary I might listen – but don’t come to my own home and try it, as they seek to do, and to get the legal force of the state to do their bidding against me.

And while I’m here in the bosom of my family I don’t have much time to pull together what I would consider the legal papers – and I’m but one guy – when I return to Louisiana where I live I do believe I shall begin to bring this message to every gay group in the nation. And if I have to go to law school now, at this age, or at least study enough up on the law to really make it a solid case in any pleadings to a court, then I shall do so. For I’m tired of listening to the bleating of morons with a bug up their butt and a clear and stated intent to destroy my life and livelihood.

And since the best defense is a good offense, it is time for us to go against these people. Not against family, society, church, nation or God, and the vast plethora of people who may or may not like gay folks – but against these few crazed loons whom think they can just hound me and mine forever – and make a living off of it. What a sick and demented way to earn a living these people have. And if I can find no gay group to join me, then I might well pursue it myself. And why not? I have standing – they accuse me, obliquely though it may be through their use of the word “homosexual” – which does mean me personally.

Like I said, I’m tired of having to listen to this stuff, and I don’t deserve it – nor does any gay person – all citizens of this nation, and taxpayers to boot — deserve this from these communist-like busybodies intent on making me into something I am not – and doing so with willful disregard for the truth, a willful disregard for fact, and worse, a willful malicious intent to wreck my life. Nope, not going to tolerate it. There’s little left to do but use the full force of the law to go after them and bankrupt them, to seek billions in damages if need be, and remove them from the public sphere. For all I care they can retreat to their churches and pine away and preach to their congregations – but they have no moral right to come after me and mine. It must cease, or they should face the consequences of their wrongful actions and words. I don’t want an apology, I want to be left alone and not have to listen to this nonsensical mush.



  1. ted

    It’s just good old fashioned cleansing.

    Gay people commit crimes all the time, just like straight people, like left handed people, like blondes. No greater a percentage by class. Have gays harmed families? Only in the way everyone else harms their family, tried and true. Have families harmed gays? YOU BETCHA!

  2. ted

    My favorite bible passage about this is:

    Corinthinas 12:15 If the foot should say, “Because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body,” it would not for that reason cease to be part of the body. 16And if the ear should say, “Because I am not an eye, I do not belong to the body,” it would not for that reason cease to be part of the body. 17If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? 18But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. 19If they were all one part, where would the body be? 20As it is, there are many parts, but one body.

    Where ya gonna get your show tunes? Huh? Who’s gonna fix your hair? Make your clothes? Watch your brats? etc.

  3. The Homophobophobe

    It’s tempting. Not being a lawyer, I don’t know if there is any law or statute we can use to throw at them, and I hope there is.. But in the moral sense this is libel and slander.

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