Once again, my message to American Specator.

Jim Hlavac| 7.2.11 @ 10:03PM

Here we go again, you people are silly — and that my message to the editors here, not the commentators, who are downright repulsive sometimes. But I believe in liberty so strongly I can argue this all the live long day and night.

Here, once again — gayness is like autism — a finite small number, some 5% or less of the population is gay — that’s it — NOT ONE OF YOU WHO IS NOT GAY WILL EVER TURN OR BE GAY — no one chooses to be gay, it’s not a moral issue — except for you folks whom are so unsure of your own sexuality that you are so fearful that saying one nice thing about us will somehow make you all go kiss a guy. It’s delusional. And it’s theocracy, which is unAmerican — and a theocracy assuredly which this country is not. It’s a Republic where I’m entitled by my creator to pursue happiness in peace — and if think your creator didn’t create gay folks my creator wants a word with yours. So go deal with your hetero problems — the divorce, abortion, adultery, and spouse and kid abuse, and the rest of it – and leave us out of it.

Either give us a 100% tax deduction because we’re not really people nor citizens, as is so boldly proclaimed – or we’re so “Dysfunctional” that we can’t fill out the forms, as is oft said (and trust me, we don’t need no lessons on how to be gay, it’s just that natural to us you apparently have no clue — and for a bunch of intellectuals I find that astounding. And give us some legal mechanism that is automatic to effect these things which you heteros do without us having to pay extra to hire a lawyer to do it anyway under commercial law or some other means.

How so many rational people at this magazine can become flaming Marxists and lunatics on gays is just simply beside me — and I’ve been telling you this for nigh on 30 years. Get a grip people — we are gay and you are not.

And stop trying to cram you religions down our throats in demands for us to marry you sister whom you don’t proffer to us anyway — in direct contravention to my religious freedom — and let my people go.

We are the most peaceful productive group of citizens this nation has ever seen — and we own homes, business and property and pay billions in taxes — and we do not deserve this constant charade that we are the cause of any hetero problems. But get a grip and stop trying to chase gay voters away.

And who the hell ever heard of a political movement which chases votes away? It’s lunacy I tell you, lunacy.

Happy Fourth of July — and go reread carefully the Declaration of Independence — which is rather clear in the concept “All men are created equal.” And Gays are not excluded from this concept — unless you are adhering to some old world nonsense we on these shores all escaped — so go back to Europe, Asia, Africa or wherever your theocracies come from and do your thing there. But I’m an American, and I’m tired of nonsensical stupid discussion about whether I exist and have American rights.


Jim Hlavac| 7.2.11 @ 10:10PM

And cut the crap that we are anti-family — I’m here at my sister’s house, with her husband, my niece, nephew, awaiting my father, and my brothers, aunts uncles, cousins, etc – -how many family members do I (and the rest of the gays in this nation with their families similarly) have to have around me to stop hearing the crap that we’re anti-family?

Egad, brilliant on so much you are, and on gays, you are idiots. And I don’t like saying that — but every time I see one of these moronic articles it just makes my blood boil. Now, I shall return to the family gathering I belong in which happens every summer here in the Poconos. Cheers, again, Happy Fourth. And let my people go, and just stop the nonsense and grow up already. You’re like spoiled brats arguing over whose ball it is.

Jim Hlavac| 7.2.11 @ 10:19PM

And because I’m not without my humor — now I need a cocktail, and not necessarily in that order 🙂

But I’ll go post these comments to my blog, to share with my gay friends — so that they can see I’m the only one who bothers to even try to convince you to be rational about gays. Cheers, and again Happy Fourth!


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