I’ve been banned from I Own The World! Yeah!

Well looky here, I’ve been banned from www.iowntheworld.com because I wouldn’t put up with the anti-gay illogical nonsense. Now isn’t that cute. Well, it’s their website, and I’ve been thrown out of better places than that. Hysterical — all for freedom of thought they are — except when it disagrees with them — what’s that called? Yah, liberals. Don’t pick on the gays, how hard could that be? hahaha putzes.

    • On IOTW I’ve been called “fag” “queer” “cocksucker” “pervert” “disgusting” “sick” “demented” “depraved” “child molester” “anti-family” “anti-God” “anti-American” — and on and on — post after post, comment after comment for nearly two years — and all I did was endeavor to present my/our case with aplomb, humor and decency and an occasional hissy fit at the more egregious crap — and now I’m banned for daring to defend me and mine. How friggin’ liberal and anti-thought. Aw, Big Fur Hat and the rest thought they could just say anything they wanted any time they wanted, and what? I was supposed to sit in the corner and shush like a little boy disciplined by my betters? hahahaha! Morons. Well, I suppose they can’t stop me from going there and enjoying the good word, and then ripping it apart on my own blog — my my, I’m just beside myself in laughter. Why, it’s positively Obamian in the ridiculousness of it all. Have fun IOTW — keep picking on the gays, lose the nation to the socialists — for I was your only conduit to the gay world. Now you all can continue the charade that we’re the evil in the land – and you can feel free to pick on gays from afar without having anyone ever question your fine selves. hahaha. I can’t stop laughing. Oh stop, it hurts. 🙂

    Onward Christian Soldiers!


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  1. The Homophobophobe

    Hidemyass.com is a good way to get around their heterofascism.

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