Let the whole rotten Christian/Socialist carcass collapse

You know, I sent a notice to dozens of people about the massacre of 32 gay men in New Orleans in 1973 — and exactly ONE hetero website bothered carry the story — www.hopenchangecartoons.blogspot.com — to whom I give great thanks — and two gay sites – www.izzoiz.com — and www.queerty.com –and no one else — and now I see – clearly — the nation is gone to shit -and let it.

The rest of them continued their anti-gay tirades — site after site after site ignored the story — just fags killed — and the rest went on with their anti-gay ways — and you know what I recommend now to gay folks? Get out — get out of this country. Head to Mexico or Brazil, or Europe — the nation is done for — and the only cause of the problem is apparently — in their sick and demented ideas — is gay guys – not even lesbians.

And therefore — all gay men should abandon this country and let it collapse — for if we are the cause of the hetero problem we can’t win – there are not enough of us.

for the socialist and the christians — in their unholy war against each other blame gay folks – we can’t win —

so let it collapse — and good riddance.

Mexico has gay marriage, Brazil, most of Europe, and gay friendly populations — not like this hateful country — and let’s get out while the getting is good — take our money, our jobs, our professions, and our people and get out — and let the two heathen assholes fight it out. We can watch it from afar

I’ll be leaving for Mexico as soon as I can protect my money outside the borders and get out.

The whole thing is rotten to the core

Oh, I suppose I’ll try a few more times to make people smell some coffee — but the two “absolutists” Socialism and Christianity can fight it out — only they won’t make it — for they are just too stupid to deal.

I had thought that there was some hope left. But there is none.

The inflation and the taxes and teh federal behemoth are too strong to fight.

Let the heteros have the failed morass.

But I’m done. Truly. For when people gloried in the death of 32 gay men — socialist and christian alike — there’s naught to be done. We are too tiny a number and they’re too stupid to see how they are alike — they want complete control and conformity to their wishes — each side — and if you don’ t adhere to their beliefs then they are against you — it shows they don’t know what liberty is – they are heathens of a Medieval sort.

So gay guys – get out — while the getting is good – and let this rotten carcass of a nation implode into their violent rages against each other – and which the only problem they can find is gay guys then they are both sick

GAY MEN — GET OUT OF THIS NATION! NOW — BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE — the socialists will destroy it economically and the christians spiritually – GET OUT GET OUT NOW — we are the target.

Look at the crap that’s been written since NY State allowed gay men to get married less than 24 hours ago — it’s unparalleled in teh nasty invective and blame.

No, let them fight it out – and we reasonable few millions will escape the collapse — which can’t come soon enough — and then, perhaps, we can return to what is left.

In the short term — GET OUT — while the getting is good.

Hasta la vista, bebe. Adios.


there –is that enough hyperbole, apocalypse and irony for everyone? — I sure hope so – -I mean really — the country is falling apart and so many are worried about sissy smooching? Are you people crazy?

oh fear not — thespians have fun — and you know — somewhere in my travels through the¬† internet is a good book — for I save 90% of my comments. Think of it — a gay romp through the hetero internet — some of the anti-gays are so freaked — I guess they’re panicked they’ll turn gay the minute some gay couple smooches. — but truly folks, get a grip heteros — Liberty is BOTH economic and smooching — not one or the other!

Heaven forbid either socialists or the fundamentalists get a hold of this nation — they are two peas in the same rotten pod.

OK< off to the parade, laughing all the way. Geez.



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