To Help NY State – Gay Couples I know

OK, so NY state’s senators are still “debating” the reality of gay couples and whether they will give recognition to the reality of gay taxpaying couples that reside in the state, or the rest of the nation. Pitiful that a state legislature which lives off the tax dollars of gay men and women are having this “debate” which is not a “debate” so much as it is a refusal to recognize reality while trying to figure out a way to allow some religious people to continue their nastiness and negativism towards their fellow citizens based on vague and long questioned Biblical phrases, while having absolutely no problem with adultery and divorce – which is called, I would think – hypocrisy of a finer sort. And Jesus did say, clearly, “the greatest sin is hypocrisy.” And He also said “the greatest commandment is to love thy neighbor as thyself.” And if you hate gay people you must really hate yourself too.

So here, on the very anniversary of the slaughter of 32 gay men in New Orleans, of which I wrote yesterday – let me help the legislators of the state I was born in and lived in until I was 27 years old.

Bob and Stanley were married in NYC for 42 years until the death of Stanley did they part.

Richard and Guy are married now for 35 years, in Baton Rouge LA. Richard is suffering from Alzheimer’s and Guy will not leave his side, for love conquers all.

James and Kyle are married now for 32 years, in Baton Rouge LA.

Fred and Danny are married now for 27 years in DeRidder, LA – yes, tiny DeRidder with a gay couple together for so long that in that divorce ridden Bible Belt burg they are among the longest together there.

Ken and Jeremy were married for nearly 18 years before divorce struck down the love; which beats any of Donald Trumps marriages I do believe.

Charlie and Dennis were married for 12 years before divorce. Prior to that Dennis was married 9 years to one guy, and Charlie about 7 years with another. And divorce seems to be no impediment to marriage if Newt and The Donald are any hint.

Then there is Terry and Jerry in NYC who were together for nearly 15 years before divorce.

And too David and his spouse, for nearly 20 years now out in Queens NYC.

Mike and Jimmy have been together for nearly 6 years, but they’re still in their early 30s, and going strong.

Dale and Roger have been together some 30 years – 20 up in Michigan, before moving to New Orleans some 10 years ago, when they retired.

Don and Tom have been together now some 15 years – both had other gay couplings prior to that – and even prior to that both were hetero married, thus “legally” and both, I guess, did crate the straight away, which makes them ex-heteros I guess. Both with children and fine relationships with the two broods.

Then there is Lesbian couple in my sister’s neighborhood, whom I don’t really know, but to keep the neighbors happy pretend they’re “cousins” living together – yah, sure, and the pretense is accepted by everyone whom can’t handle the truth even as they know it.

Plus, too, Craig and his spouse, before the 7 year itch struck down the love.

Not to mention Larry and Anders, followed by Hector, followed by John – for a Newt sort of love trifecta. And Anders with some other guy now too. Still, all multiple years like any hetero couple, and far out stripping Brittany Spears 55 hour nuptial in Las Vegas.

And Mike and Paul, who were together for some 10 years until Paul died of cancer, also in NYC.

And then there’s – oh so many more, I can’t even list them all – some of more close friendship than others, so I don’t even know all the details. And too, Cass and Dale, for what, 7 or 8 years now? I don’t know. I met them well into their relationship.

Plus Mike and Mike, something like 10 years, and one of the Mikes with Van for 10 years prior to that.

And what of me? Well, I went the Larry King route – 9 multiple year relationships – but I never did play well with others.

So the idea that somehow there’s no such thing as gay couples is ludicrous – and so what is the “debate” about? It’s about whether the State of New York, or any state, will recognize reality or not – there are many thousands of long-standing gay couples in happily wedded bliss.

And lest anyone think that somehow kids make the marriage, let me bring up my cousin Steven and his wife Betsy, nearly 20 years and no kids, and my Uncle George and Aunt Edith, 30 years and no kids – poor Edith had a fallopian tube problem which was unsolvable in their time. And Uncle Joe and Aunt Ann together 35 years before Ann got stricken with Alzheimer’s and died. Plus my Uncle Herel and his wife Ivy, going on 25 years, no kids. So there’s a lot of hetero marriages without children – for children don’t make the marriage.

And lest anyone think that somehow there was never such a thing as gay marriages let us turn to John Boswell’s “Same-Sex marriage in Pre-Modern Europe” which brought up dozens of church services for same-sex marriages that existed prior to the Black Plauge, and in which book Boswell showed that there was absolutely no laws against gay sex anywhere in Europe until the 1300s – so for the first 1300 years of the Catholic Church there were no anti-gay sex laws.

Boswell also showed that Saints Serge and Bacchus were together as a couple in the late 300s, until Martyred by the Romans for their Christian beliefs – and the fact that Serge and Bacchus were invoked repeatedly in the ceremonies which were performed by churches all across the Roman Catholic world and Byzantium until the attacks started to come at us after the 1300s. The nearest I can figure out as to why the change came, though Boswell doesn’t lay the change to this – the Black Plague decimated the population of Europe – killing off some 1/3 of the people. With re-population a high priority I suppose childless couples were considered “anti-” something or other. But those gay men weren’t going to have kids anyway.

Plus there was King Edward of England and Hugh de la Despenser who were together in all but name for decades before Hugh was killed, and Edward too eventually killed by his “legal” wife, Isabella – that movie Braveheart by Mel Gibson got one thing right – Edward was a sissy boy of quite some renown.

Let us recall Richard the Lionhearted and Philip of France – two kings who were madly in love with each other until their respective kingships forced their breakup – and it was Richard’s mother Eleanor of Aquitaine who brought the word “gai” into the English language after she divorced Louis VII of France, never saw her two daughters with him again, and then she married Henry II of England in 1150 – and had 8 kids. “Gai” is the Provence French dialect’s word for, strangely “gay.” Go figure. It was Richard, the good king and quite the soldier, who was her favorite child of the brood, while King John, Richard’s younger brother who was Henry’s favorite. Richard is fondly remembered as one of England’s greatest kings – who was forced to marry a girl, yet never seemed to live with her, and certainly never had any children. While John married two gals both named Isabella, and he was a mean, nasty, lying bully who was eventually made to sign Magna Carta. There were three Richards of England, and only one John – and John was so bad as king that no guy in the British Royal family ever was named John again.

And finally, let us recall King James VI of Scotland, who became King James 1 of the the United Kingdom on the death of Elizabeth 1 in 1603. At the time it was quipped – “We have had king Elizabeth, and now we shall have queen James.” Odd, that James’s father was the known gay guy Lord Darnley. Elizabeth is recorded as saying “send that fairy and gay Lord Darnley to my cousin Mary so that naught may come of the marriage.” Ah, but James did arrive, and the bundle of joy deprived of his parents – his father murdered by the Scottish lords for being “gai” and Mary, Queen of Scots, beheaded by Elizabeth in a bit of regicide that shocked the world at the time. And James was told, as recorded “by his ministers spiritual and temporal” that he should “visit his wife” at least once a month whether he wanted to or not. Their son Charles 1 was so bad that he had his head lopped off by Oliver Cromwell.

But what James did more famously was compile and translate the King James Bible. Yes, a gay guy compiled the official English language Bible, still used today with such venom against us. For James was quite the genius and the break between the Anglicans and Rome finalized when he brought into common usage the English Bible. But what irony that the Bible thrown at us was put together in our language by a gay guy, eh?

So get over it New York, and pass the gay marriage law in the spirit of America – and not some Medieval Theocracy which is directed at gays alone – while every other provision of the Good Book is observed more in the breach than the observance.


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