Happy Father’s Day, from your gay kids

This Father’s Day let the world know that your gay kids are very happy you are our fathers. But we are also very fed up with this nonsense against us. We’re gay. That’s it. That’s what you get. No more nor less than if you had an autistic kid, or a mentally retarded child, or a kid born with one arm. We’re as natural as apple pie. And if you can’t see this, than you’re idiots. All over the world it’s the same story, the same few percentage points, 5% or so, or less, are gay. That’s it. If you all can’t see this we cannot help you. And when reality faces you and you stick your head in the sand – it’s you with the problem, not us. This is not an American thing, or a Western thing. Nor is it a piece of modern culture, or some political position. I doubt some Peruvian or Indonesian or Ugandan gay boy has the slightest clue what the hell Newt Gingrich’s position on the issue is.

And if you think you’re going to make us heterosexuals you are sorely deluded. It will take a gun to our heads, and even then, it’s not happening. What you are left with is a Rick Santorum sort of “outlaw homosexuals and arrest them all.” What idiocy is that man thinking? And we have to put up with mind numbing mush? From a bunch of holier than thou people who can’t even keep your own kind in check? The hell with you all, get a life. You are castigating us for no good reason other than your sick jollies. To pick upon people whom you think are “less than normal” is demented. Get over it. Come to a rational conclusion, and deal with reality. Then embrace us, mollycoddle us, and try, for once in your miserable lives, to say some thing nice about us.

But to listen day in and day out to the stupidity, the nastiness, the attacks, the invective, the scurrilous charges made without foundation, is beyond the pale. No one should have to listen to this crap, and we’re the only ones left who have to put up with this. Only we will not longer put up with it, but will lash out with a ferocity of a sissy scorned. And that’s what it is utter crap. We’re the most peaceful and productive people you can imagine. And you know it. Why, we own our own businesses because you chase away from jobs. We own our own homes, and have jobs and do the things few of you are remotely capable of doing – like putting on a Broadway show or cutting hair, arranging flowers and putting up the drapes, not to mention, for our own sanity and peace of mind, we have entered every single profession known to man, to stay as far away from you people as we can. You are depraved in your hatred and disdain for your own kids, or the children of others. We have moved into our own neighborhoods – and refurbished the older parts of many towns, to get away from you cads.

I have encountered some of the most nasty vindictive crap from supposedly rational people. I have to listen to politicians say I’m “dysfunctional”? What the hell does that mean? I take care of myself, we all take care of ourselves. We pay far more in taxes than we ever get out of the system. We’re paying for the defense of the law against us. And we’re paying the $450,000,000 to Planned Parenthood to kill your kids. And we’re paying the $450,000,000 to Liberty University so they can churn out haters of extraordinary proportions, as if we’re still living in the Middle Ages with pogroms and crusades against those whom you don’t like. Hypocritically, you claim to do this in the name of Jesus. Well, Jesus never said a word about gay people. Probably because he didn’t think we were anymore than peaceful harmless people putting on the show at the Inn in which there was no room. We pay for the divorce courts and a good bit of child welfare services. We pay billions in taxes, and get virtually nothing in return but continued nastiness. How sad and disheartening.

Everyday each and every heterosexual deals with gay people. When you fly, who the hell do you think is the flighty attendant (oh, pun intended)? Whom do you think is designing your clothes? Whom do you think is putting on the little theater productions you flock to? Whom do you think is putting together the movies you stream to? Whom do you think is running the curio shops and the hair salons where you buy your trinkets and get your hair done? Whom do you think is serving you dinner at tens of thousands of restaurants across the nation? Whom do you think is tending the banquet halls where your weddings are held? Whom do you think is baking the cakes? And this you can’t see? This productivity you think is dangerous? We’re the ones doing it, and you meet us, and you talk to us, and you deal with us as the individuals we are, then you’re checked into the Ramada or Marriott while you attend your next anti-gay confab.

And then you attack us unmercifully as some amorphous “homosexual lobby.” What on earth are you talking about? No one wonder why the country is screwed up – you’re worried about 5% or less of the population whom you think is wrecking your lives as you abort your babies, divorce each other, kill each other, beat each other senseless and shoot each other up at your events and bars and parties. We’re not doing it, that’s for sure. No gay guy every abandoned his baby anywhere. We’re not the ones shoving kids into dumpsters or shooting up schools, or murdering wives and husbands and progeny. You are. And it’s not our fault. We show you how to live and let live, and you are murderous and rapine against your own kind, and blame us for your travails. How sad.

And gay people are not destroying anything. We’re not going around attacking churches. We’re not attacking families. You’re doing it, with wild sick abandon. We’re so deeply embedded into our families that we take care of our elderly parents. And for good measure every so often you pulverize one or two of us, for some demented unholy reason known only to yourselves. Indeed, what the hell were 30 cops doing raiding a bar in Fort Worth Texas and beating the hell out of 9 gay guys for? 30 against 9 — and on June 27th, 2009! The very 40th anniversary of what we thought would be the last bar raid against us, too – what big strong he-man you are; you heathens. And for what? To “prevent” more gay people or something? Disgusting. And years ago you came at us with a police state that was astounding, some seem to want to start up those “glory” or rather, “gory” days again. And on Sunday June 23rd, 1973 you burned 32 of us to death in New Orleans, and this you thought fine. And listen to some of the Republican candidates for president, and more than a few Democrats, and you are all lining up to see whom can be nastier to the least of God’s children. What sick people you are.

And the most evil and cruel charge leveled at us is child molesting. You say it in the abstract, without a shred of proof. You accuse us of molesting every boy in sight, and yet you can’t find a single one of us whom is doing any such thing. The only guys whom seem to be molesting boys are Catholic Clergy and married Baptists – what does that say about your religions? What does it say when these hetero men, so demented that they rape boys? And not a one of those boys winds up gay, that’s for sure. And no gay guy ever seems to have been molested at all. Apparently molesting sissy boys is not high on the hetero priority list. But it’s not gay guys doing this, that’s for sure.

And every time, every time! I see any attack against gay people on this evil pernicious child molesting charge I’m going to go ballistic. And I can’t help it if my supposed “gay leaders” don’t file lawsuits against any who make this charge. If I was leading a gay group I would file so many friggin’ lawsuits against any who make this false criminal complaint against us you wouldn’t know what the hell hit you. Who the hell do you think you are? Without a shred of evidence, with not a gay guy (and it’s never the lesbians charged with this, that’s for sure, only us gay guys,) ever charged with this heinous crime, you make this unfounded false criminal charge. It’s despicable. And worse, self-delusional.

And you say you’re “against” gay “marriage”? Ha! That’s not what the FRC, AFTAH, NARTH, NOM, AFA, CWA and the rest of the polygamous incestuous anti-gay groups are gunning for – no, not at all. But you don’t want to hear what they have to say. You’re blind to the reality of what they want. They want us gone. They are North Korean in their attempts at wishing we would be brainwashed into screaming heteros so we can join your violent world of death and destruction. You are like socialists and communists trying to make a “new man” out of me. Never. Like I have said, it’ll take a gun to my head and more. You’ll have to kill me. I will never kiss a girl, never mind do what I consider so repulsive, so abhorrent, so disgusting that I retch in pain at the very concept. I have no idea what you heteros want out of me – but gay guys are not going to be straight. It’s absurd. It’s a wishful thinking of a unicorn hunting sort.

I know at least 20 gay couples that have been together, 10, 20, even 30, even 40 years, in happily “wedded” bliss, and you’re “Against” this? Against it for why? Because we dare to pursue a happiness you don’t like? Who the hell died and made you king? You’re against gay nuptials by any name, and then accuse us of not wanting to be couples? Are you really this stupid and blind? Apparently. Sadly, apparently.

And so, there, Happy Father’s Day, dad. But let my people go. Solve your own problems, and leave us out of it. We are Gay by the Grace of God. You’re God doesn’t like Gay folks? Well, then, my God wants to have a word with your God, to set you straight.

Now, I’m in the bosom of my family, with sister and niece, and their spouses, and I’m spending the next week with cousins and aunts, and meeting my nephew from his round the world journey, and each and everyone of them would smack you anti-gay morons upside the head and say “leave our Jim alone.” But all the Republicans are doing is chasing away votes from my family with this anti-gay crusade. Stop it, and get a grip. Some of us are gay, the rest of you are not. And let my people go.


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