Time for every gay man to get a gun. Now, today!

Time for every gay man to get a gun. Now, today!

After two years on the hustings – trying to bring together accommodation – there is nothing left for gay men to do but to buy guns and fight it out.

There is nothing left to do – every gay man must know this – our own government is out to get us – there are millions of people, our fellow citizens, out to kill us – -and there is nothing left but for gay men to get guns – and wait for the slaughter

For we will be slaughtered. There is nothing left but to arm ourselves and shoot until there’s no more shooting to be done. We shall lose, but go down with God on our side. Remember the Alamo indeed.

I have said often – accept us, or kill us – Kill us it shall be. This is what you say. Well fuck you all.

You’ll have to kill us all.

With real guns, in a genocidal hate as you all exhibit.

And well, I’m going to buy a gun – and stand on my front porch – and shoot till death anyone who attacks me – and that’s every friggin’ hetero for I’m tired of it. Oh so very tired of it.

You want to fuck with sissies? Go ahead. We’re all tired of it. And we’ll all get guns

And now, beyond every reasonable bone in my body I must declare – we must get guns – and shoot anyone who will cross our threshold.

This nation is about to slaughter its gay folks – for liberty. They claim. Hypocrites

Arm thyself against the coming hetero onslaught. Slaughter before we will be slaughtered.

We will lose, for there are so few of us – but slaughter them as fast or faster then they will slaughter us.

That’s what’s it’s come down to.

Slaughter, unless we be slaughtered.

The end is nigh.

I now have to go buy a gun – I recommend to every gay man – buy a gun. Now.

And let what happens happen.

But let me be clear my hetero erstwhile friends – kill us or be killed.

There’s nothing less to deal with but armed conflict.

That’s it.

Kill or be killed.

Alas, we will die, by the millions, in your genocidal rage.

Sick and demented.

For there is nothing left to consider.

Let my people go, or let the slaughtering start.

And we shall shoot straight away.

Have no fear, gay guys.

We have but one live to life for our country, and ourselves.

Death to heteros, or death to gays.

Let the great slaughter begin.

Heathens masquerading as heteros.

I’m done.

No, no more.

I shall go get a gun, and stand on the front stoop –

you have my name, I do not hide.

Repent, and we shall live in peace.

don’t, and we shall kill as many as we can.

One pissed off sissy.

No cheers, but a fight.




  1. Melody

    Jim, you lost it. Calm down and breathe. If you would just quit talking all gay and talk (I dunno know) politics, family or whatever. No one is out to get you for goodness sakes. You are watching way to may conspiracy movies or reading way to much junk that you can’t see the light of day.

    Hey, you are still human and still live on planet earth so We all still have something in common.

    Best Wishes. (drop the call to take up arms or the gooberment might show up to pay you a visit.) Just sayin.

  2. Jim, what about the lesbians? Are they on their own? I know a good crowd of gay people, men and women, and they just live their lives. They work, they love, they make legal arrangements for things just as heteros do so their partners can be equal partners in their lives, in many cases companies offer benefits for domestic partners–they are educated, productive people and many are concerned with things like DOMA, but they realize a wholesale slaughter of gays is simply not on the horizon. What the hell have you been smoking??? If you figuratively shove your dick in people’s faces every time you join a conversation,people are eventually going to shove it back. There are far more important things to worry about than who you fuck. You are not a “victim.” And if you think it’s bad now, wait until the Muslims come knocking at the gate.

  3. Hey man, we still on for Saturdays picnic and potato sack race?

    • Melody

      Aaron Burr, you are an awesome Jesus. lol

  4. Jos

    Gee – I am truly fearing for your emotional well-being. Hope you are OK, but this seems too out of character for you- yes, gays should own guns, everyone should, and be prepared to use them against a tyrannical government, as the Founders intended… but in all my years, I’ve never known ( and still don’t know ) any people who want to go out and shoot all the gays. Maybe some life event has stressed you but if you need to, let someone help you… really, meant as a constructive thought. don’t live life trapped in a state of fear or anxiety. No one should.
    wishing you the best –

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