My Tracy Morgan Rant; master thespian.

My Tracy Morgan Rant; master thespian.

Ah, well, so I blew my top yesterday (no pun intended.)

In a Tracy Morgan style rant – which I said I could do – and which every hetero I know and encounter thought fine when Morgan did it – and which I do not like to do – but well, we’re not called drama queens for the hell of it. And I did it to make a point; well, several actually.

Premier among them is this: stop accusing gay men of molesting children. It is unholy. It is morally wrong. And it is factually wrong. More importantly, it is illegal to do so. To make a false criminal complaint is itself a crime. That is, child molesting is one of the most heinous crimes. And yet, in the abstract, “homosexuals” are said to be predators upon youth. But in reality, no one can find any gay men who are molesting children. Ergo, it is a false criminal complaint. I will not tolerate it. It is disgusting. Even joking about it I take as a personal affront, very personal. Some 75 out of every 100 people I know are gay men – and not a one of us has ever so much gone near a kid.

Yet, we’re being accused, by, say, oh, Bradlee Dean, of Minnesota, who spoke to the legislature there, and is supported by Michelle Bachmann – he has said “gay men molest on average 117 boys before they’re caught” – is my source. The video and audio of him making the salacious charge can be found there. Along with many other politicians saying similar stuff. It is disgusting. Reprehensible, and ultimately, intolerable. And illegal. Come up with proof or shush.

If I was a lawyer, or the head of a gay group, I would file formal charges of false criminal complaint against the congresswoman, and Dean, and anyone else. But I’m not either of those things, so all I can do is put forth my ideas and rabble rouse.

Then, at a fine website, I find this:

And what the hell? The entire Republican field, well, those allowed in the forums, are for rolling back rights for gays – not “gay rights” – no, there’s no such thing – there’s rights for gays. And they’re falling over themselves to figure out a way to “stop the menace.” What a bunch of freaks. And this is the best you all can get? Really? Gross.

But we are not against family or God or nation or civilization — we’re gay, for heaven’s sake, and as God intended. Get over it already, and leave us alone.

Then, at

And I think, OK, things are getting better.

And still, this coming presidential election will have gay folks front and center. We are quite the topic of conversation, alas, mostly about how to get rid of us. Alas, we’re not going anywhere. And you will deal with us decently, you will accommodate us, you will figure this out – or have pissed off sissies on your hands. We will never relent. We are Americans by the Grace of God, and we will not go quietly into the night and be harassed and harangued forever, because some friggin’ heteros are so afraid of their own gay fellow citizens. Grow up, get a life, figure it out, and do what Jesus would do. Again, it’s delusional, we do hair, put up drapes and put on Broadway shows – here, Neil Patrick Harris having fun –

But don’t fuck with us no more. We’re fed up. Very fed up.

And God bless this nation, and its gay folks too But you will never push us to your religion, and to marry your sister which you don’t proffer up for my taking.

And other than that, it’s a wonderful time so far in NYC, my hometown. But as Plunkett of Tamany Hall said, “I saw my opportunity, and I took it.”


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