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The search terms and number of times people have come to this blog. Geez, what a collection.

gay 15

“this would have been a picture of my 2-month old baby if the mother had decided to not kill our child!” 8

after the ball pdf 2

scalia recusal gay marriage 2

two full glass one empty who is the king 2

teenage wrestlers 2

democrats think the glass is half full 2

i’ll get you pussy face 2

louis j. marinelli 2

gay male wrestling 2

homobook 2

average daily gay guy 2

tennessee discrimination 2

locker room fag 2

what is doma 2

tea party gays 1 1

gay patriotism 1

lady i am bereft of words 1

did the valedictorian say a prayer 1

real gay men phone numbers 1

girl to say prayer at graduation 1

straight guys who just like to wrestle 1

enjoy sunday 1

gay boy message 1

young man gai .com 1

rome fell because gay people 1

kids gays 1

is adultery illegal?

john edwards 1

values gay families 1

hate santorum 1

china fallacy 1

gay & lesbian welcoming christian churches in davao 1

brief exposures: male sexual orientation is accurately perceived at 50 ms. 1

why are asperger guys effeminate? 1

dr. drew pinsky interviews husband of woman who killed her children 1

mush 1

what is legal insurrection 1

gay guy 1

strong gay 1

do gay people smoke more than average? 1

dr drew pinsky email address 1

drew pinsky charlatan 1

package gays 1

kinsey scale 1

things that make me think 1

syria mess 1

greg fultz bastard 1

i want woman to marriage in usa 1

obama gun positive defense 1

baton rouge bus system 1

former senator breaux 1

terrorist attack on flight to san francisco 1

fultz abortion billboard privacy npr 1

democrats and gay people 1

religion benefit comics 1

right to free speech versus right to say what you want 1

dr jim hlavac australia 1

why does doma deny gay people 1

better gay sex .torrent 1

homosexuals and family values 1

the daily mush 1

gay sex 1

gay.position 1

how high can water get in a flood 1

alamogordo order remove billboard abortion judge 1

laws of matter 1

the heritage foundation gay people 1

doma issues to sort out 1

“craig stowell” marine 1

senator breaux 1

news on internet grooming of gay children 1

to earn 10 cents immediately 1

gay what they dont tell you 1

speech on live and let live 1

giethner-private sector exprience? 1

what is the percentage of obamas cabinets private vs public 1

men in speedos hugging 1

gay men pedophile teenage 1

dr.drew pinsky 1

kiss six 1

ethereal etheridge 1

why are they so mad in syria 1

kevin phillips political economics 2011 1

i am writing to you seeking comment on the arrest of four high > school wrestlers last month in wisconsin for allegedly sexually > harassing a teammate in the locker room. would it be possible to > speak by phone? i am not looking for comment on this specific > incident so much as observations about the frequency of these kinds > of incidents and the preventions that are possible. 1

why was there a civil war in czechoslovakia 1

test for gayness 1

pederast news 1

outlaws gay san diego 1

the model “half full” and half empty in government 1

there are fags to clean up the genes 1

homosexual republic 1

get rids of dems and republicans 1

which party is pro-gay 1

young party gays 1

bills of attainder 1

gary gates same-sex 1

life expectancy gay men 1

map of syria, afghanistan,libya, pakistan 1

when did homer plessy boardthe train 1

gay kiddie porn web ring busted 1

johnny depp religious beliefs 1

what are some assumptions about the amish people? 1

three glasses 3rd one half full 1

tea party gay 1

drew pinsky 1

gay marriage and tea party 1

dr. drew pinsky credentials 1

gay misinformation 1

wrestler’s 1

middle school locker rooms gay 1

is dr. drew od hln a homosexual? 1

is anything going to be done about the atchafalaya problem 1

is having no gays a good thing 1

johnny depp sexual partners 1

how many gay lobbies are there 1

how to go amish 1

feb 2011 snowfall in louisiana 1

slut pride 1

lobotomy to cure homosexual 1

united parcel service paying tuition and the university of phoenix 1 woman pining after a gay man 1




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