I’m off to meet the Picton Castle

So this is the ship I am racing, well, calmly meandering, to meet in Canada.

And here’s the info:



And here’s where they’re at: http://www.picton-castle.com/voyages/current-location.html

She’s returning from a 14 month journey around the world with my nephew on board. The young man is smitten with the sea. And perhaps will turn to some other vessel and do it again or something. And I got to bring him his truck so he can do what he needs to do and haul all his stuff back, whatever it is he collected. I can’t wait to see the photos of Pitcairn Island — to which he went for a week along the way. One of the most fabled places on earth, to where the mutinous crew of the HMS Bounty did go in the last decade of the 1700s — and no one found them until 1825 — and they’ve been protected ever since from the things of industrialized society and just hum along there, waiting for the next ship to bring them something. The Picton Castle brought them three lawnmowers from Walmart or someplace. From Canada. And you thought you had a ways to go to shop, eh?

And that’s going to be my summer vacation. And I doubt I’ll get the T-shirt. Mostly because I never wear t-shirts with designs on them, and especially not with advertisements or slogans, and so there’s no point in spending the money.

Still, neither time nor tide wait for man, so off I go to the good ship, with a lollipop or two to make the 1500 mile drive I have to make.

I hope you all have as much fun this summer. Cheerios.




1 Comment

  1. Reiuxcat

    đŸ™‚ Sorry I missed a chance to meet ya. My time in NH is over for now.

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