Is Facebook doing “censorship”? No.

Is Facebook doing “censorship”? No. It’s refusing to give the rope to those whom would hang the owner of Facebook.

There has been some freaking out by some people I know on the Net because Facebook is making some changes and upgrades, and some groups that were built will not be kept together in the new system. I don’t quite understand Facebook yet, but still, it seems that anyone might say as they wish. And some people are saying this amounts to “censorship.” It does no such thing. Censorship is by the government. It is a legal concept of the government deciding what might or might not be published or said. The government is not involved here whatsoever. And neither is anyone prohibited, apparently from even getting right back up on facebook and doing what they wish. Moreover, these selfsame groups are quite sure that Target, Chikfilla and Dominos Pizza can make all sorts of nasty to gay folks – it’s their right, it’s said. Well, Facebook is like Dominos – they’re corporations and can do as the please with their companies and their policies.

But any private company can’t do “censorship.” It only “reserves the right to not do business with” someone. And there’s a similar sign in nearly every business in America. Of course, the people upset with this alleged deprivation of their “right” to use Facebook are upset because it’s “Christian” and “conservative” or even “tea party” groups – well, Zuckerman, the ostensible owner of Facebook, is a gay guy, in a committed relationship. And frankly, I don’t blame him for throwing every anti-gay group masquerading as “Christian,” “conservative” or “tea party” off the system. Since when should people be made to do business with those whom attack them?

And indeed, these groups are upset about not having their way made easy for them by a man they despise in the abstract. Aw. Too bad. And in the “abstract” it is, because people always dislike or hate the “homosexuals” as a group, but never seem to be any more specific about that about what and whom gay folks are and whom we might be as individuals. And these sorts of groups are also always upset that gay people say anything. Aw. Too bad. The numbers of times I’ve been told what I should say, or be allowed to say, on the gay subject is amazing. I don’t listen of course, but tell ’em to take a hike.

These groups like NOM and FRC routinely delete gay folks’ comments from their blogs – under the specific rubric of “it’s ours.” Well, true enough. And well, Facebook is Zuckerman’s. And if I owned a company like Zuckerman does than I’d make it a rather strict rule – “don’t attack the gay folks and have fun.” And that’s because I’m rather aggravated about the constant attack. And there are some Tea Party people whom are quite anti-”Homosexual” and some whom are not. And there’s some Christians who are anti-”Homosexual” and some whom are not. And even some conservatives who come down on either side of the issue. Indeed, there are even now some erstwhile Christian groups who are trying to tell other Christian denominations and sects to not like gay people at all. AFTAH (Americans for “truth” (such as we make up) About Homosexuality) is quite clear in calling pro-gay Christians “sin affirming” and “anti-Christian.” It’s quite a religious war brewing because religion is being injected into the government, that’s for sure.

And if these groups want their own space to continue their unholy war against us, well, set up a “…book” all your own. Free enterprise, baby. And of course, I was chastised for having defended Facebook – “it’s about censorship, not gays” people told me. And I beg to differ. It’s entirely about anti-gay groups being shunted off Facebook. It’s entirely about the rights of Facebook to make decisions about whom can use their network. There’s no law that says a company must do business with someone is there? Well, there are some, and Tea Party and Conservatives and Christians are up in arms over having to do business with gay folks or even say a nice word about us – so why should anyone of us ever have to give them the time of day?

I find it hysterical that so many of the anti-”homosexual” groups are quite sure that they reserve the right to discriminate against us – and they even go to the government for assistance, which all too often renders it to them. And all I can say is well, we reserve the right to tell you to get lost. And then they get all upset and say I’m restricting their right to believe as they believe. Absolutely not. Believe as you wish – but don’t go get the government to come after me at the behest of your belief. And yet, that’s exactly what they’re doing. That’s exactly what is happening in Minnesota with the plan to have a constitutional amendment against gay couples – it’s one set of religious beliefs, albeit the majority – quite dead set against our religious beliefs or non-beliefs. There’s nothing else to it, it’s all religion, this anti-gay crusade going on in America.

I always found it funny when I told hetero couples kissing and touching in a gay bar to “Hey, stop that, we don’t allow that in here.” And they start to moan about their “rights.” Yeah, well, sure, and there on the wall – “we reserve the right to refuse service.” And refuse to serve them we do – go away, leave us alone. Just like you wouldn’t tolerate us doing the same in a straight bar – indeed, there was quite a kerfluffle over just such an incident in some bar in London just the past month. And heteros were freaking – “oh, the gays have no right to do that there.” Yeah, sure, but you have the right to do it my space? Ha! Get out.

Just like we’ve been told to get out of hotels, and B & Bs and such, and told that it’s the right of the business owner to serve or not serve a customer. Well, apparently Facebook put the shoe on the other foot, oh well.

I have always argued for people to get along better, and be nicer to each other. I have never said things anything like what has been said to be, but have been as polite as I could be anyway. But really, now, be nice, and we’ll be nice. But keep calling us sick, demented, depraved, evil, sinners, rapists, molesters, heathens, nation wreckers, marriage attackers and the whole panoply of nastiness – well, then, we might say something nice right back at you.

But I’ve tired of hearing of any hetero’s rights trumping mine, and then when I or any of us turn around and do the same thing to you, all of a sudden you’re all up in arms about rights and censorship and how horrible we are for daring to question your convictions. The flow goes both ways. Be nice, get nice in return. Be nasty, well, nasty it is then.

So have at it Facebook – get rid of all the anti-gay stuff. Thanks.




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  1. ted

    I thihk the hubbub bub is that facebook is working with the Obama administration to limit the ability of grassroots organizations to use facebook for political purposes against Obama. Since they are new media, and an outlet, they are according to some definitions engaging in censorship even though they are not government. They are also putting a censored version of FaceBook into China and elsewhere. I think that they have the right to do what they want with FB since he owns it, but people are feeling shortchanged for trusting it as a free and open community when it is really acting like its just a political tool of the left.

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