Pope blames hetero problems on gay folks; sad.

This morning, while I still have some time in the day for nonsense, I read this: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110605/ap_on_re_eu/eu_pope_croatia

and I think, how sad. The Pope and the Catholics are blaming any recognition of gay couples as the source for hetero inability to deal with marriage and kids and their responsibilities. We have nothing to do with this. This is you folks fault. There will be no more nor any less gay folks whether every hetero couple was married till death do them part; or if they shacked up until they’re gone – and I’m not talking about abortion.

The headline is: “Pope denounces ‘disintegration’ of Europe families” – well, good for him. Indeed, heterosexuals seem to be quite unaware of marriage and commitment, and kid raising, and all that, of late. There seems to be an extraordinary amount of licentiousness in the hetero world. Our own politicians pretty much prove that. But Europe? Well, they’ve been having so few kids and marriages that the populations are aging and they’re going to begin to fall. Well, people, go have some kids. And raise them in the mom-dad families you profess to love so much, but honor seemingly more in the breach than the observance. But you ain’t doing it because gay couples get a moment’s of recognition? Balderdash and crud. We are a tiny bunch; with nothing to do with whatever ails you.

From the article: “Benedict also voiced the Vatican’s opposition to abortion at an open-air Mass Sunday at Zagreb’s hippodrome, the highlight of his trip to mark the local church’s national day of families.” Well good for him. I never saw the point of killing babies. If you don’t want the kids, don’t have the sex. It’s pretty simple. But no gay guy was involved in this situation, however you view it. Ah, but sure we are – here’s the next mush:

Yet while Croatia is nearly 90 percent Catholic, it allows some legal rights for same-sex couples and, thanks to leftover communist-era legislation, permits abortion up to 10 weeks after conception and thereafter with the consent of a special commission of doctors.”

What on earth? Why are these two things in the same sentence. It’s like “rights for same sex couples” = “abortion” – the idea is nuts. We’re not having the babies – that’s the chief complaint about us. And I dare say – Not One Hetero Couple Ever Chose To Abort A Child Because Of Gay Couples Existence. And I dare say, how odd that the Catholics are 90% and they won’t allow gays in the church – and 10% are not Catholic. Geez, could their be a connection? I wonder. So go tend your flock, Mr. Pope, and leave us the hell alone. We don’t impede you, but you sure seem to think I’m your problem. What mush!

Can you imagine the conversation? “Hey honey, there’s a gay couple down the street, I think we should abort the child.” This is the logic of the comparison always made. Some people are gay, a tiny few. And neither abortion or no abortion is going to affect that; except abortion of course kills of a few gays; and we can use all the numbers we can get – stop killing gay people Mr. Pope – tell that to your hetero flocks.

Then there’s this: “In his homily, Benedict lamented the ‘increasing disintegration of the family, especially in Europe’ and urged young couples to resist ‘that secularized mentality which proposes living together as a preparation, or even a substitute for marriage.’”– So, is this targeted at hetero couples who are shacking up? Or it is targeted at gay couples who are committed to each other but are legally estranged from marriage by any name. We’re the ones trying to hitch together; and denied the legalities – and we do it anyway, as best we can – and heterosexuals seemingly have abandoned the institution – what do we have to do with what you all do? Don’t blame us, take responsibility for your own actions! Us gay guys will be gay guys regardless whether every hetero couple got up and had a high nuptial mass in the morning – or got divorced the next day. We’re apart from it all. We neither prohibit or inhibit marriage or child having by heteros, but we’re still gay. And this sentence reads as “if we stop the gays heteros will get married.” Preposterous.

And look at the Pope’s declaration: “Do not be afraid to make a commitment to another person!” Well, yes, Mr. Pope, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do; we’re not afraid – your afraid of our commitment to another person – you seem to be absolutely panic stricken over the whole reality. That’s exactly where I’m pushing younger gay men. This is exactly why we want some recognition of our couples, so that we might push more gays into some relationships. This is exactly why we want people to stop the condemnation. This is exactly why we seek a recognition of reality, that somewhere, among the teens of Croatia, and Texas and Iowa too, there are gay boys. And hounding them to death is not the way to make a commitment of any kind. Hounding us with endless garbage that we’re going to make everyone gay is absurd. Embrace us, push us to commitment Mr. Pope, and let us be whom we are. For we will be no matter what you do or say.

And then we have the most insulting crap I can imagine – “Monsignor Valter Zupan, in charge of family issues in the Croatian bishops’ conference, said Europe had been founded on deeply Christian values about marriage between man and woman, but that these values were being threatened by trends that favor “different types of living together which don’t have any foundation in European culture.”

Croatia has recognized same-sex couples since 2003 and allows gay partners in relationships of more than three years rights of inheritance and financial support, the same as enjoyed by heterosexual couples who aren’t married. There is no gay marriage, however, and gay couples cannot adopt.”

You mean to tell me, Monsignor Zupan – that a few gay couples is what prevents heterosexuals getting married? What utter nonsense. Keep to your own kind and your own problems sir. There is certainly a lot to be said for guy-gal-have-kids life – and still, some tiny few are gay – and have nothing to do with whatever the hell guy-gal-have-kid people do or don’t do. And to blame us is disgusting. It’s insane. No heterosexual couples decide to get married or not get married because some gay couple the next town over is a couple. The idea is nuts. It’s infuriating that anyone would blame us seeking a shred of decency for the “breakdown” of the family. We’re not stopping you all. Have at it, people. Have a kid for me for all I care, and name him “Jim” – but I’m not going to do it, nor will I prevent you from doing it. And my existence alone is a far flimsier excuse to use for your actions than I could ever imagine being possible. It’s pure flimflam.

Here’s the pope again: “We want our children to continue to call their parents ‘mamma’ and ‘papa’ because that’s their natural names,” he told the applauding crowd. “Children have the right to publicly state that a ‘father’ and a ‘mother’ gave them life,” he said, adding that the church also had the right to demand the government reverse its abortion law.” – well, yes, do it, sir. No one is stopping you. We sure ain’t.

Indeed, gays rather encourage you all to have kids, the more the merrier – because for every 12 or 15 or so that you have – One is GAY, yay! And that’s what God wanted, or we wouldn’t be around here screaming it from the roof tops. We don’t make gay kids – you all make gay kids. So get to it, and when he comes up and out, then he’ll find us, and be welcomed with more Judeo-Christian embrace than you all give gay folks, that’s for sure. No gay person wants “mamma” and “papa” to not be said. Have kids by the barrel full, by all means, and mom and pop yourselves into oblivion; but don’t blame me if you won’t or can’t. Fantastically, in reality, we’re not preventing you folks from doing anything – and you’re the ones having gay kids.

Where on earth do you think we come from? Hi mom, hi pop, thanks for life, um, by the way, yep, gay.

Now get to work people, and don’t blame us for your problems – blame yourselves. And treat us nice anyway. And if you think that if every gay guy goes and finds the gal of your dreams, Mr. Pope, that all of a sudden the other 95% of you will get married and have 5 kids, you’re nuts. We can’t be that good of an example; why, from the looks of what you say, if this is true, we’d be better examples than you. And that’s weird.





  1. I’m almost sure this pope is a pedophile…so he would be in favor of more children being born…that way there would be more altar boys to sexually abuse.


  2. Piscean Fantasy

    The pope has some fucking nerve to come at gay folks. You’re right Raulito he may be having fun with the choir boys. However, Gays have nothing to do with heterosexual problems. People fear what they don’t understand and they don’t understand us gays.

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