Hypocrisy at American Spectator

Here’s what I posted at: http://spectator.org/archives/2011/06/02/minnesota-for-marriage#comment_551051

You cannot “protect” marriage by banning it for some. It is intellectual dishonest – You, you heteros, do what you do, we don’t care. Leave us gay men alone. Michelle Bachmann is comporting with Bradlee Dean of “You can run, you can’t hide” — a 501(c)4 “educational” group which thinks Muslims have the right idea — kill gays. Kill American citizens for your political gain? This you think is rational? Despicable.

And Mr. Dean did speak to the house of representatives there, to unbridled scorn.

When will people wake up to the fact that we gays are not responsible for you licentious ways. It is outrageous that we are blamed for your heathenism.

And Mr. Tyrrell, just the other day you asked for my money – -and I told you no — and here’s another example.

Clean up your own house before you denigrate mine. We gays have nothing to do with what you heteros do — you are the destroyers of your marriages — how dare you blame us! You are the cretins who beat your wives, divorce, kill your kids in abortion or afterwards.

You all are hypocrites of astounding proportions;. It infuriates me as I seek to bring my gay brethren to solve the deficit problem that you are still obsessing about sissy smooching.

What do you know about yourselves that I don’t? That you will all turn gay in a fortnight if our civil unions are recognized in family law rather than the business law we are already using? Are you that wussy in your degree of whom you are? I know whom I am — a gay American — for lower taxes and less government — not a police state come to get me in the middle of the night.

And you call yourselves Americans? You’re like the Communists who busted down the gay pride march in Moscow.

Disgusting. Just Disgusting.


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