A note to R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr, at American Spectator

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Dear Mr. Tyrrell,
I’m sorry, I cannot contribute. Let me be frank about why. For 35 years I have read your magazine. I subscribed to it long ago. I used it as ammo when I was at NYU, I shared it with all my friends at a bar called the Ninth Circle in Manhattan; my monthly copy was spread far and wide in that gay bar in the West Village, preaching liberty and smaller government. And I have been a Goldwater libertarian Republican all my life. Alas, I’m still gay; I was back then. And alas, still your magazine has not come to terms with the simple reality that gayness is not a political position. What political party the gay folks in Moscow this past weekend are I don’t know — but the police came with truncheons swinging and arrested everyone anyway. Alas, there are people here in this country who call for something similar, though I’m sure in more genteel fashion. But still, we seem to be a worldwide phenomenon and not a thing to do with whether we vote Republican or Democrat. So I vote Republican and libertarian all the time.

But I can’t give money to any organization which somehow thinks I’m not quite worthy of being a citizen of this great nation. Even if I agree with 90% of everything else you say. I cannot support my own oppression or calls for it.

I like Barry Goldwater’s take on it: “You don’t have too like it, but gays deserve full constitutional rights, including marriage and military service.” He said it in 1994, while Clinton “my friend” signed DOMA and DADT. So much for whom is on whose side, eh?

I like the Goldwater approach — what say you?



  1. Ted balswin

    There is a lot of money to be made keeping queers down. People just love it when they have a common enemy to guard against, so why nit serve one up reafy made? And why change horses in mid-stream? It is unfair to ask tyrel ( whom i quit reading after the first nonsensical antigay tirade) to find a new villain or to understand that politics are made but nit yiur sexual “handedness”. There are people of goodwill that understand and accept. Those that do not understand can still accept. Those who do not accept are not of good will. Been arguing with an unaccepting person on a FB site. He insists I am a sinner. As i did not choose to love men all of a sudden one day, i guess i must have been born a sinner. My religion teaches i was born innocent, not a sinner. Why would Gid make me imperfect, loving men? So i would have a life of denial – starved for human affection just to stay on His good side? Sounds cruel. I am a republican, that I choose though I was born into a republican house. I choose to express my love for men. I do not choose to love them. I simply do. And I feel nothing like that for women. The left is keeping gay people away from the right because they kniw we are a powerfully creative force, unencumbered by teaditional thought and lives (for the most part). As distasteful as it may be to the lesser lights of eastern orthodoxy and Real Americans, you need us to beat Obama, as surely as you need us to spread joy through our music, food, plays, architecture, hairstyles and fashion. or we could all just do the plaid with stripes mentality of Tyrell.

    Tyrell knows how important gay people are to America. His cynical use of us as objects of political warfare is inexcusable. He is not better than me for his heterosexy. He is just different.

  2. Piscean Fantasy

    WOW I’m glad that you boycotted. Gay folks are here to stay and its not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

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