Memorial Day and Gay Patriotism

So let us now commemorate Memorial Day with the realization that gay folks are just as patriotic as anyone else. Many soldiers have died for freedom, and some few have been gay, but we don’t know which, and it doesn’t matter. And this year at least we can be patriotic and open about whom we are if any of us should be in the military anywhere in the world. And it doesn’t matter in the sense that we’re just Americans, like anyone else. Perhaps that soldier looks like this:

and waiting at home, might be a spouse like this:

And I’m really tired of hearing from the NO GAYS! Movement or from politicians that we are a threat to the nation, to families, to marriages, to children, to ourselves, or to anything. We are a benign, productive peaceful lot who are madly in love with our nation precisely because we can be whom we are. But to have to listen to the chirping of people with the brains of crickets about the supposed “domestic terrorist” threat I and my gay friends pose is just disgusting. Those people in the NO GAYS! Movement are far less patriotic than I or any of my friends are.

For they evince a certain sullen hatred for their fellow Americans, whom they don’t know, and could be bothered to learn about – but they instead call for outlawing me, compelling me to believe their religious beliefs, to live my life as they choose to dictate to me, or worse, to incarcerate me, and “cure” me against my will with some sort of brainwashing of North Korean Communist proportions, or to even just “Export” me like I was some foreign alien force hellbent on destroying the nation. People like Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg, Maggie Gallagher, and even Newt and Don and Michelle Bachmann and the rest whom went and listened to the mad ravings of Byran Fischer – frankly, they know less of what it is to be an American than they pretend, and certainly less than I do. For I preach liberty for all, not liberty for some, or even most.

They are like a plague of locusts come to do me harm. And I only wish them well in whatever else they do – but in this, they are morally wrong. It is unAmerican, and unChristian, and inhumane and indecent – this drumbeat of thought control they wish to put upon me. And it serves no reason other than to stoke their own addled idiocy. Frankly, they will have to come after me with a gun; and I think more than a few would be happy to do so.  And there’s nothing American about coming after citizens with guns and the power of the state merely because I refuse to think like someone else.

And let us not make this presidential election about how America will squash its gay citizens again. The time for this sort of tomfoolery based on sheer mendacity by the NO GAYS! Movement is gone with the wind. And it’s time for all the rest of our heterosexual friends and family to stand up and say something too. We should not have to argue with morons like Tony Perkins by ourselves. Who will stand up and say something? These people are like that Pastor Camping – preaching the end of the world with a militant fervor – and with the same results. Though they believe that I am responsible for the end of it all. It’s delusional. In the morning, we’ll still go cut some hair, or put up drapes, or perhaps put on a Broadway show. And the nation will be better for it.

And that’s what our soldiers fought for – liberty and justice for all – not the rights of the NO GAYS! Movement to hound me all my days because they think they know better how I should be and live than I do. True patriotism allows for whack jobs to say what they want, yes, but it sure doesn’t mean anyone has to listen to them. They should be shunned by decent people, as mental midgets and fantasists.

So that our soldiers did not die in vain, but for liberty for all.


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