Wrestling with Wrestlers

OK, so the story is that four Wisconsin high school wrestlers apparently harassed a fellow teammate in the locker room – here’s the links to the straight and gay takes such as they are:



The comments on either site are illuminating and in someways similar and in someways not – but more similar than not.

For good measure, let’s throw in a story on Representative Weiner of NY – http://iowntheworld.com/blog/?p=77826 – a hetero man waving his you know what, indeed, apparently, at some teenage girl – on Twitter. But no one thought to blame all the heteros for this – just the one who did the deed. Which is the problem – a straight guy does a “gay” thing – and all gays are tarred and feathered, and a straight guy does a “straight” thing – and it’s just him.

Then there’s the Moscow gay march – which shows that this gay thing is a worldwide phenomenon – and we will not be silenced: http://www.queerty.com/so-how-is-dan-choi-enjoying-russian-pride-er%E2%80%A6-we-mean-jail-20110528/

But let’s look at what BigFurHat (which is so Russian sounding, ain’t it?) and others said at IOTW on this story:

“Ummm… How Did The Complaintant Not Know That High School Wrestling Is Gay?” Isn’t it Complainant – sure it is! Not off to a good start, but if one is going to nitpick, nit away.

“I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of comments saying “you’re wrong, I was a wrestler, bla, bla, state champs, bla, bla, tough guy, bla. bla…

Ya, whatever. Wanna wrestle Jim Hlavac?” [And well, what do I have to do with this? Beats me, but I guess I’m the gay guy there, so I take the fall or pick up the case, I suppose. I don’t mind, I thought it was cute.]

Then Big put up pictures of the culprits and captioned it thus:

“From Top Left Clockwise – Gay, Gay, Gay and Gay.” And how does Big know this? Why, they took their penises out in a high school locker room and waved them around, then went home to their girlfriends, I’m sure. For Gaydar says: not gay, not gay, not gay and not gay. And to even think you could get four gay guys  in one high school class at once to act as a mob is hysterically funny mush head thought — and to get four gay jocks on the wrestling team to do it — it’s beyond 1 in 10 trillion chances of it happening, I’m sure.

Then Big put in pictures of some wrestlers, as if this cements his case – here’s one:

Ah, but then there were the comments, which always deserve attention at IOTW – for it’s what the people think, and it must be dealt with:

Tammy Cracker wrote: “I’d wrestle Jim, but I know after I pin him he’s gonna cry like a girl.”

It got: Thumb up 16 Thumb down 0 – so obviously it’s very popular – still, I would cry like John Boehner, as I said on the site in my own comments, still, I thought this was cute.

workingclass artist said: “this is bad covered in wrong sauce” which is hard to decipher, so I won’t. But only say – it is bad, and gay ain’t part of it at all.

Frosteetoes – “Why didn’t the kid just quit the team when this started happening?” And all I can answer is – why should the kid quit his sport? Because some morons want to be malicious? Shouldn’t the four be thrown off the team, and the victim allowed to play? Quitting the team sounds like “mob rule” wins.

Milwaukee Mike says: “I wrestled in high school and I can assure you that the punks from the Wisconsin Rapids area are all gay!” And how does he know this? There seems to be no evidence whatsoever that anything gay went on – it was bullying, but that’s OK, supposedly. But how can he be sure that the four are gay?

Le Plume de Moe Tom goes off the deep end: “When I read sh*t like this it breaks my heart. What is going to happen to our military when fags start ganging up on 17 year olds in boot camp? Let’s say a hetero boot smacks the sh*t out of a fag. He is brought up on charges. There is going to be bedlam.”

and it got – Thumb up 11 Thumb down 0 – so it must be a very popular concept – still, what do high school jocks bullying a fellow student have to do with the gays in the military? And who on earth truly thinks that there’s going to be gays ganging up on 17 year old kids in boot camp – especially, well, I think you have to be at least 18 to join the military. Still, harassment is harassment and anyone, gay or straight, who whips it out to male or female should be expunged from the military. That’s simple enough. I hear they got a UCMJ to back that up, too. But the fear that gay soldiers are going to gang up on some guy is unfounded and absurd. I won’t bother with the “fag” word – shows where the man is coming from right off.

Ah, but BigFurHat stokes the fears – “Moe Tom – that was my argument about the repeal of DADT from the very start.” Which he negates with the next sentence: “Gays can be in the military, fine. NO PROTECTION STATUS.” – so which is it, no gays or yes gays? DADT’s repeal doesn’t confer “protection status” on gays that’s for sure. He’s confused, I’m sure. But who asked for this undefined “protection” status? We asked to serve, as soldiers, not as “protected” anybody.

Then Big, who is all about the “individual” goes to this: “Once they [whom is “they”?] start with the bullshit about “hate crimes” and soldiers needing to go to sensitivity classes, and soldiers getting kicked out because he punched some dude that “happened” to be gay (this is going to happen, mark my words. If a gay is harassed for just being an asshole, when it is revealed that he is gay the harasser will be in jail) this will be the avenue the left uses to destroy our military.” Which was very popular too: Thumb up 19 Thumb down 0 – but the problem is not gays in the military, it’s “protected status” – and no one is going to go to jail for harassing and asshole, nor should they – and why would someone punch some gay guy in the military? And if a gay guy can’t cut it, then toss him out. And if he can – it’s obviously heteros who have the problem of the mere knowledge that the gay guy exists. This is putting out a hypothetical which hasn’t occurred. When it does, let’s deal with it.

Czar of Defenestration points out a few things: “I wrestled too. 3rd place regional (ONLY because the bastid reached around the back of my head and put his fingers in my eyes…which, of course, the ref missed), ThankYouVeryMuch.” OK, so he’s not gay, and he wrestled. Big deal.

“To hell with this loser’s complaint.” So, the Czar says bullying is OK, and so, it must be OK for a gay guy to bully a hetero – for that’s the import of the commentary – this is gays harassing a straight — as it is OK for a hetero to bully a gay. Sounds reasonable to me. Equality.

Then the man get’s personal: “Hlavac might be gay, but he is NO wrestler. Doesn’t think like one.” And how does he know so much about me? What does he know how I think? Isn’t this some sort of liberal mindset, where someone can tell me all about how I think? And I did wrestle, a little, in high school, briefly, for it was not for me, still, it was part of the curriculum. But now that I think about it, I certainly don’t think like the four wrestlers in question, that’s for sure, and I don’t think like the Czar – so I guess I’m not a wrestler.


Then he gets personal and stupid: After Hlavac’s latest TWO MELTDOWNS [this was in reference to some gay jokes, which the heteros at IOTW do not like, for they’re all about free speech, except when I exercise it in a way they don’t like.] – but: “he is no more than a TROLL to me. Pity that you continue to support him, but it’s your awesome website.” A troll? Of a liberal sort? Hahahaha! My my, does he have it so wrong it’s not funny, which I pointed out to him. And the site doesn’t “support” me – if they did, they wouldn’t have held me up for what they think is perhaps ridicule in the spot. IOTW is the weirdest gay-hetero site I ever did see, obsessed with gay stuff, yet very confused on the matter, and I just happened along a little more than a year ago, long after IOTW was gay gay gay consumed.

But Czar conclude: “To reiterate: to hell with the whiny fagotty wrestling loser.” Which is bizarre, for the article says the “loser” was not gay, and that he’s claiming gay harassment – and Czar seems to think this is fine – but doesn’t like when gays harass heteros either – so he’s both for and against gays harassing heteros, which is a hard position to take.

Then Big says “I think you’ve misinterpreted my post. These 4 wrestling kids are GAYYYYYYYYYY. Circling around some kid and waving their dicks and boxing him in in the showers and putting their dick on him is GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.” Big, you is a dick, there’s nothing gay about what happened. Nothing.

He continues: “Not all wrestlers are gay, but certainly it is a sport that attracts guys who want to get all sweaty and grapple with other dudes. (Just like I would join wrestling in high school if guys could only wrestle girls, for guys who are attracted to guys wrestling is the perfect sport.)

I mention Jim because when you roll around with some dude with your face in his junk the guy could be Jim. I’ll pass. But carry on if you want to. If you’re gonna get mad at what I’m saying, so be it. How do I know you’re getting mad? Cuz you said I said wrestlers are dumb. When did I say that?”

And I’m thinking – Big had too many cocktails before he wrote this – 1) there’s nothing “gay” about what the four heteros did to the other hetero – gay is romance, it’s smooching, it’s love – it’s not being a bully in shower. And as I pointed out to Big – high school wrestling is required activity – and there are millions of boys doing this – whether they like it or not – and those on the varsity teams still number in the 2 or 3 million range for sure – and if each year all these “gay” boys graduate – then why on earth are there so few gay guys? If all high school wrestlers were gay – then wouldn’t they be gay once they leave high school? Wouldn’t there be millions more of us? The numbers don’t add up, so Big is a mush head on this one, histrionically so, what with all those YYYY’s.

More mush from Le Plume de Moe Tom – “When homosexuals get the upper hand in the Military, Look out. For a preview. Listen to “Ambush at Fort Bragg” an audio book by Tom Wolfe” So some guy whom Moe don’t like because he’s a liberal author of Vanity of the Bonfires and Gordon Gekko, is now all of a sudden a hero for some story he wrote – aka, fiction. Nothing like fiction to guide one’s ideas on reality. Not to mention – how the hell can gays get an upper hand in the military? This is something that is so far fetched I can’t imagine. What, are all the admirals and generals going to be gay or something? I don’t think so.

Then he adds “BFH Right on. But it is the destruction of the Military and the US of A that this guy has in mind!” Which guy? Me? Nothing could be farther from the truth for me. Whom else he’s talking about I don’t know.

Ah but workingclass artist – he comes to the rescue: “If some gay a-hole tries something on a straight kid the straight kid should have every right to defend himself…” which is true – as true as if some straight a-hole tries something on a gay guy, the gay guy should have every right to defend himself. Ah, but he doesn’t want us to be allowed to protect ourselves, maybe, for he says: “Protected status for Gays is bullshit!” And I think, what is this “protected status” they keep talking about? Can they define it? Several brought it up. I believe only 8 states have any sort of non-discrimination laws – and Tennessee just made it clear that they got rid of their little city ordinance – and the feds certainly don’t have a gay “protection status” law – indeed, just the opposite. So what are they talking about? I don’t know, I really don’t, they’re not clear; maybe if they were.

Now, Webonot, he’s got some rational thought going on: “OK Fur…. Here goes….. My son is a freshman that wrestled on the varsity team all year. He kicked ass in the 171 amd 189 weight classes even though he only weighed in the mid 160’s. He placed 3rd at regions giving up 25 pounds, went 35 and 21, missed going to state by one match and set an all time school record for pins in one season (23). A FRESHMAN wrestling seniors. I asked him about this. He said no penises intruded on him during his season.

Of course, looking at him, they may have known he would just lean over and rip it off. :)”

And this is perfectly true – what we have here is one incident, out of millions of boys wrestling in high school, of four idiots harassing a fellow student – and everyone says it’s OK to harass the gay kids, but it’s not OK for the not-at-all gay kids “gay” harassing a straight kid. Like the man says, this is just not happening, other than this one instance. And the four who did it aren’t gay, almost without doubt, and yet, gays shouldn’t be protected, but heteros should be protected from gays who aren’t doing anything – and it boggles the mind.

Angry Pancreas has the ladies’ take, which is correct: “Male or female:

Your junk touching another person’s body without permission is sexual harassment.

How proud those boys parents must be.

you fellows in the baseball need to stop slapping each other’s asses too. *blech*”

And so that’s reasonable – sexual harassment is sexual harassment.

Ah, but Big puts in his two cents: “The first 17 years of my life revolved around nothing but baseball. I am proud to say I have never slapped a man’s ass in my entire life. I think it’s pretty gay to be ass slapping. -bfh” Which is absurd – for that means that nearly all sports jocks are gay. And I doubt Big spent the first 5 or 6 years having anything to do with baseball, perhaps he means from sixth grade onwards, I don’t know – I’d say the first four or five he was a tot like the rest of us, and not on the diamond whatsoever. I never did hear of anyone less than six or so playing baseball. Still, if you think butt slapping means your gay, Big, that’s pretty sad.

Webonot – “Dang. I chickened out on posting a photo from one of my son’s tournaments. One of our lighter wrestlers had the “Opportunity” to wrestle a girl that was very good, but also VERY built. Big boobs, skinny waist and a well proportioned butt. This kid will probably never get any closer to a girl like that. He could have kicked her butt out of the gate, but somehow, the match went all six minutes. When I asked him how it felt wrestling a girl, he just smiled.” – So Big, I guess wrestling ain’t gay at all, eh?

Angry Pancreas points out: “Is anyone gonna bring up UFC? Cuz that just looks like rough sex, to me.

Lolol uh oh. *ducks behind couch*” I think this refers to cage fighting, which is indeed the most homoerotic thing on TV – just arenas filled with men watching men in tight embrace and then complaining about gay guys. And I did bring it up there. Weird.

Poor Noelegy, he/she was not liked: “I don’t think this is gay behavior. I think this is how teenaged boys think. Just saying.” Thumb up 1 Thumb down 4 – though no one says why – is it because they think this was gay behavior – or because it’s simply not how teenaged boys think. I knew and know teenaged boys – and there was never any of this penis-harassment going on.

Which is supported by Sidekick: “Fur, here is my two cents worth: I have the all male trifecta in that I attended an all male boarding school, I wrestled at a pretty high level, and I am a former US Army infantry officer. Never did anyone do what was described above in my presence. Don’t condemn the sport because of a few jerks.” Oh so true, and don’t condemn gay folks because some heteros did some fool thing with their penises. This is poor parenting, this is hetero crudity – but it has nothing gay about it at all.

So Big added this: “Did you participate in anything that looks like the pictures above? Hehe Hey, I knew I’d get slammed for what I posted. But, when a friend asked if I wanted to be on the wrestling team, and I went and watched, I sorta cordially passed on the idea and went home and looked at hetero porn. Different strokes for different folks. -bfh” Which is the old “he doth protest to much” or, well, so that’s his gig. Who the hell cares. What does that have to do with harassment I don’t know.

And the rest is mind numbing mush.

So what can we learn from this? Four high school hetero jocks went hog wild in a locker room with their penises – and they need some help and punishment – and this story has nothing to do with gay stuff – but we’re used as the fall guy for hetero bugaboos on what they think gay stuff is. Which makes them weird, very very weird.

But for the fun of it — what’s going on with these fotos:

Look at the website in the corner 🙂

Care to caption, anyone?


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