John Edwards’ adultery is “free speech”?

I read an interesting article on John Edward’s legal problems at

Which purports to say that John Edwards shouldn’t be prosecuted for actions relating to his adultery because it’s “free speech” or something. So I posted this there:

I gotta’ laugh — when it’s said “Over the years, we have empowered too many people we cannot easily hold accountable to make decisions that clearly are not theirs to make.” And then reference is made to Prop 8. Well, Prop 8 — and DOMA itself — clearly empowers people to make decisions that are not theirs to make – by insinuating everyone into gay relationships and simply declaring them invalid or non-existent, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

More amazing, a legal union in say, MA, when the couple moves or merely visits to CA, is automatically not a legal union at all — without anybody in the relationship having to do a thing. Nor is there a legal dissolution of the union, nor are the parties to the union even involved in their own lives anymore — but “society” simply says the union is not there — not null and void, not divorce or anything legal –  simply gone, vanished into thin air. They don’t even get a letter informing them that the contract simply no longer exists because people are empowered to butt into business which isn’t theirs.

And the hypocrisy of Prop 8 and DOMA is that they are obviously not working. Apparently these laws haven’t saved or preserved or defended any marriages whatsoever — not one — and we have Edwards (D) and Schwartzenegger (R) for the bipartisanship, and as just two prime examples of the lack of success of these laws — for that’s what these law purport to be: “defending” marriage. But I’m sure all the rest of the philandering divorcees are also quite stymied from their actions by full adherence to the “defense” of marriage laws, and for family values.

And adultery is still illegal in Colorado and 17 other states, and Edwards went to Colorado and a few of the others I’m sure, in his campaign with his mistress in tow I’m sure — and thereby broke the law. The book should be thrown at him for the sanctity of it all, or forever hold your peace. And get rid of the hypocritical laws with Orwellian names that don’t defend marriage and prohibit the free speech of saying “I do” by gay Americans.

It’s just absurd already. And hypocritical, and it just makes me laugh at the cupidity of it all.


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