American Spectator questions why some still support Democrats

American Spectator questions why some still support Democrats, so do I.

I often wonder why gay folks support the Democrats no matter what. I can understand why we aren’t exactly ardent Republicans, though I often argue for the Libertarian Party, not Republicans.

And today at American Spectator was an interesting article questioning why Jews, Blacks, Women, etc, still supported the Democrats. The author forget to mention the gays, so I helped her out by posting this:

Another group which is dumbly beholden to the Democrats are the gays — though this is changing. And changing fast. Many polls seem to indicate that already some 30% of gays vote Republican.  There’s a “don’t donate, don’t vote” campaign on gay blogs against the Dems, too. And while I was reading this magazine 30 years ago as almost a lone Libertarian Republican among my gay friends, there are now more than a dozen political blogs of like minded conservative gays. There’s more evidence, too.

Which might seem weird, particularly in light of some “conservative’s” comments — but I don’t think Newt and Mitt and Rick Santorum are too conservative but rather elite RINOs – but whom one smooches doesn’t affect your foreign affairs or tax policy views whatsoever.  And somehow we’re just not worried that say, Santorum is going to get anywhere with his “arrest the gays” commentary in practical terms.

Weirdly, too, the Republicans have a gay presidential candidate — Fred Karger, whom while not standing a chance, well, there he is. And Gary Johnson, a former 8 year governor and successful business man is for gay marriage, and John Huntsman is for civil unions at least, and they’re both running it seems.

And one message I’ve been pounding home to the gays I know is that while Obama is “evolving” on our status, a Democrat State Senator did get up in the Bronx on May 15, in front of thousands of his fellow Democrats and stood by as a Democrat preacher said gays are “worthy of death” and Obama didn’t say a word yet, nor invite us in for a beer with our tormenter in his party. And African Americans are for more anti-gay than almost anyone else, and they’re Democrats through and through. There’s more of this evidence, too. And that sort of makes people begin to think — and somehow drives a wedge in the meme that Democrats are gay supporters, while allegedly Republicans are not.

Of course, it would still be nice if more Republicans finally realized that we’re completely irrelevant to most of what is going on in the nation, and real small in numbers too, and not at all related to the abortion and unwed mother debates — or even what heteros to do families — and just stop talking about us completely. But Prop 8 or DOMA certainly didn’t save Schwartzenegger’s marriage, now did it? For the law can’t do what it claims to do — which makes it weirdly, a liberal law — ineffective and nasty for the hell of it to boot.

Still, economics and liberty with smaller government wins out, and we’re taking our chances with Republicans. Worse comes to worse you round us all up and throw us all together in jail, which you will call punishment and we will consider the weirdest Club Med on your dime ever devised by the folly of man.


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