Less Than Enraptured

So the rapture gets a bad rap again. Once again fools come out to say it’s the end of the world, repent, and be ready. And nothing happens and the world goes on. Until the next bunch of fools surface for the press and populace to spoon over. It’s always the apocalypse coming, for sure. Why anyone pays attention to any of it is beyond me. Loons are entitled to be loons, without doubt — but should we give them press coverage or put them on the comedy circuit? I think the latter.

Meanwhile, speaking of lunacy and apocalypse, it seems Obama has come out for the Palestinians, and poor Israel was told to go back to its borders of 1967, from which they were expanded after all of Israel’s neighbors invaded to bring Israel back to the pre-1947 borders, which is, of course, no borders at all. But in the Six Day War Israel did defeat the combined enemies of its existence. Since then Israel has given “Land for Peace.” And the demand is always for more land, and precious little peace is given. This time the land of Judea and Samaria, and the Golan Heights “in” Syria is up for grabs, Obama says. The Heights is where I guess Syrian dictator gone bad Assad can start to shoot at his own people, and lob a few shells from high ground into Israel for the fun of it – are to be given back “for peace.” Yah, sure, right. Netanyahu had a great comeback: Obama should give Texas and the Southwest back to Mexico. Well, that got the tongues wagging.

And Obama said something like “The Jewish state will face growing isolation without a credible Middle East peace process.” Yes, well, the Jewish state I’d say is about the most isolated state in the world today, and it can’t get anymore isolated. The Jews could all kill themselves Masada like and I’m sure the Arabs would complain about something. The United Nations “Human Rights Commission” entertained quite seriously Syria’s membership, until it was noted that its dictator was shooting humans right and left. Still, the Human Rights Commission – which has the same unfortunate initials as the similarly named Human Rights Campaign, which is a USA gay group of some sort in league with the Democrats it appears to me – manages to pass resolutions quite frequently about the horrors of the Jews letting Palestinians work, live and vote in Israel and has never said a peep about the way Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan treat their “Palestinians” – whom are really Arabs, and really Egyptians, Syrians, Lebanese and Jordanians anyway – by keeping them as non-citizens in refugee camps dependent on foreign aid for sustenance. And Obama is going to give them more billions of our tax money, too. And even he didn’t note the disparity between Jewish Palestinians and Palestinians outside of Israel. Nor did he note that not a Jew lives anywhere in the Middle East. If people are to have the “right of return” – well, don’t Jews get to go back to Cairo from which they fled from Pharaoh, all those years ago, on the way to the Promised Land? Hmm.

Alas, the Palestinian authorities, there’s two or three, and they battle among themselves when they get the day off from “battling” – it’s attacking, actually, call it what it is — attacking Israel – the forces of evil, aka, The Jews. And all they seem to do with any foreign aid is to buy weapons. And then Israel has to prevent them from arriving, which is fairly easy to do so far. Though apparently Obama wants to change that, and perhaps give the Palestinians hope for some new opportunities and means to harass the Jews into submission. So basically, the president has abandoned our ally and a fine nation with a sterling human rights record – I don’t consider killing Palestinians with guns and rocks in their hands and missiles at the ready or released as against human rights – that’s just plain ol’ self defense – and so now our very own president will now throw our weight to the forces of destruction. What a weird thing to do, and not good for this nation.

Over in Libya the “one week” war is now on its 60th Day – and no end in sight for the object is unclear – oh, well, no, it’s clear – regime change and the removal of Khaddafi – but alas, we won’t do that. Instead we will bomb some sand here and there and pretend we’re doing good. Perhaps the president is is making cozy with the Palestinians and the others further East to take their minds of of his war in Libya. I don’t know. Maybe the Libyan campaign will still be going on a year from now, who knows?

Ah, but the European Union has opened “diplomatic offices” in the Libyan rebel held areas – or should we say “K-daffy Free Zones.” They think some “democratic state” will come of this fracas, when it’s more likely to be a new strong man. Still Libya deserves one. And if the EU had some gumption they’d quit with the “process” and the “diplomacy” and kill Ghaddaphi (how does one spell that man’s name?) and let Libya do what it does. But no, they’ll drag it out a bit. Perhaps it’s good for business, you know, making more bombs, which they were running out of. Jobs created indeed.

On the home front there’s another war going on. Or several. In the Republican Party sweepstakes, Democrats have taken over the hustings, what with RomneyCare like ObamaCare and Newt like Pelosi, and Rick Santorum like Ruben “gays worthy of death” Diaz, and who knows whom else. ‘Taint much liberty there in the Republican party of late, that’s for sure. Instead they seem to be trying to find the guy who wants to run the whole show more than Obama does, but not change a thing. As Newt called it, Right Wing Social Engineering. It’s more like the Lancasters fighting the Plantagenets over whom will be King of England (Neither one won, Llewellyn of Wales came along and snatched the prize and renamed himself Henry VII for good measure.)

Speaking of social engineering, the Christian Republicans of Minnesota brought in a “preacher” without a flock, and a crock to boot, one Bradlee Dean, to give a benediction and he called Obama a Muslim, and alluded to how good it would be to rid the nation and world of Jews and Gays — and took time to call for the incarceration or execution of millions of his fellow Americans – and this “perfect” being was not raptured at all? I wonder why? The legislature there was such in an uproar over Mr. Dean’s remarks that they redid the prayer, as if to get the cooties off the place, and then calmly voted for a measure dear to Mr. Dean’s heart as if he were right there with them anyway. This is the measure where by which millions of dollars of gay Minnesotan’s taxes will be used to fund a referendum denying that gay Minnesotans exist, and if they do, do nothing other than muck things up by existing and causing heterosexuals to get divorced, cheat on their wives and kidnap and kill their kids, unless they aborted them, or unless they just beat them senseless or abandoned them to the social welfare network. Such a fine mess heterosexuals have made of family there in Minnesota that only a law denying that gay folks exist will do the trick and put the genie back in the bottle. I guess.

Still, when Republican Dean and Democrat Diaz both call for the death of American citizens not to their liking, and Palestinians call for the death of Israel, and we’re killing Libyans who are not the problem, I’m just confused as to whom is on whose side on anything.

But Robert J. Samuelson does tell me, on the opinion pages that perhaps “unexpected inflation” in one sentence and “massive government spending” in the next – and can’t see the connection, and I wonder if the better part of his brain was raptured up already. Then he wrings hand over hand for a thousand words or something of all the economic problems the nation faces, a litany to long to reproduce here – and then concludes, rather startlingly – “Maybe it’s time to get past economic gloom.” Well, yes, maybe it is, but we’re not going to, Bob. The economy is not “getting better” is merely moving sluggishly along until the “unexpected inflation” really takes hold, and since the Federal Reserve Board has pumped trillions of cash into the economy, inflation is not to be unexpected whatsoever. And thus the misery index will slowly creep up until, oh 10% unemployment and 10% inflation will unexpectedly end Obama’s career as president.

Still, the best less than enraptured statement of the day goes to E.J. Dionne, also an opionista of the Washington Post Writers group who tells me that John Boehner, a Catholic (which I did not know and did not care; if you have a religion, don’t flaunt it, geez,) spoke at a Catholic University about humility or something. If he cried, it hasn’t been noted, yet. But what Dionne fails to mention in his opine about how the Catholic academics and clergy and probably a few bishops and other mucky mucks did tell Boehner that he’s not a good Catholic because he didn’t help the poor with Democratic Party policy prescriptions of giving men fish instead of teaching them to fish. Though Dionne thought that the call for “social justice” was quite peaceful. And this liberal man, of the liberal media, failed to define what Catholics – or some of them – think “social justice” might be. For the Catholic hierarchy is busy reaching out to Bradlee Dean and Ruben Diaz and other such people in essentially calling for the removal of gay folks from our country. Whether it will be done politely I don’t know.

Now, the Catholics are opposed to abortion, it’s said. But they seem to be for killing us one way or the other, which is post-birth abortion, perhaps – oh, they circumspect in the word usage department – but I’d say “cure” and “outlaw” and “evil” and “sick” and “incarcerate” and “condemn forever” and even “kill ’em” are not nice words whatsoever, and lack social justice in the extreme. And Dionne just completely forgot to mention that. Which is sort of like Obama forgetting to mention Israel’s moves for peace for decades. Dionne says “Catholicism has a lot to say … about justice and compassion. Well, I’m not quite feeling it — and so I’d rather vote against such policies, which I guess means I’m not a liberal, oh well.

And so once again I wonder – if the Christians and the Muslims are for removing Jews and Gays – it’s not quite the clear cut case of who is for who as is portrayed.

Which is why I like the Tea Party – if it’s for dismantling the government, and the military industrial complex, and getting rid of the hypocrisy and corruption, and lowering the taxes, and removing sectarianism from the public sphere, I’m all for it – so long as “Don’t Tread On Us Either” is the motto, I’m fine with it. But you know, I just can’t support a political party like the Democrats – when they are in league with Catholics who want to get rid of me, and Ruben Diaz who wants to kill me, and Obama who’s evolving and the African American Baptists who scream endlessly about me – and this is the party on my side?

On the other hand, after the mainstream Republicans running for president immolate themselves for sundry reasons all we’ll have left standing is Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, with a proven track record of real governance and business and he’s for gay marriage by some name – and I think, hmm, now that’s a guy I could vote for. Maybe it’s time for Jews to join me, and the gays, and the liberty minded – and leave the control freaks on the other side, where they might be quarantined.


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