A Message to IOTW & Gay Folks, the contrary view

A Message to IOTW & Gay Folks — typically I am different in the way I perceive things. Here’s a message to http://iowntheworld.com/blog/?p=76922&cpage=1#comment-447127

and to all gay people — why are Heteros for the death of gays,  and gays for abortion? It’s opposite to what it should be. Here’s what I posted there:

Sometimes I think most Americans, and even IOTW commentators, would rather a child be killed in the womb than grow up to be gay. It’s horrific to me. Let us be. We are whom we are, and we pose no threat. But I see the Minnesota legislature go hog wild against gay people (and I’ve seen astounding commentary here, too,) — to the point of bringing in a “preacher” to preach “Death to homosexuals” and not say a word about abortion — neither preacher nor legislature, in huge hypocrisy. And a Democratic NY State Senator voice the same sentiments — “death to gays” — in front of crowd of unwed mothers and child abandoning fathers, and boy molesting Catholic clergy — all on board the abortion train: death to gay folks long after we were born. Those folks are “for” abortion — just a decade or two after birth, that’s all.

And you all claim to be against killing anyone unworthy – are we so unworthy that we deserve death? Speak now, or forever hold your peace. At least 100% of divorced couples for the sanctity of marriage have heard those words.

I told BigFurHat of these two events — I provided proof — this is absurd. Kill the gays rather than save the children? Absurd.

We are, apparently, more horrible than killing the unborn. Kill us first before one worries about children in the womb. This is “conservatism” today. This is what I rail against.

Disgusting. Hypocrisy. Dangerous to me. Disheartening. I exercise self-defense, but I only wish to convince you all of my friendship, but don’t ask me about my life, and I shall not tell.

And people wonder why I’m cranky.

And still, yet, I’m on your side. The socialists are destroying the country — and they hate me too. It’s nice to be hated by both sides — makes me feel special.

I regret I have but one life to life for my country. If you think killing us is fine, but protecting the unborn is less of a problem — you all are sick. But I hide not, and you can find me, to “save” society. But a babe in the womb has no speaker for her defense but me.  Do not kill that baby.

But quit the hypocrisy and let my people go. Come out for us for once in your lives. As you do for the unborn. Slaughtering us after birth is no different than the slaughter prior to birth. And if you can’t see that, that’s sad, just sad.

And you wonder why I fear for our country.


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