A Gay Tea Partier’s comment to Liberal Gay Bilerico

I am quite a “terror” on many a website. I brook no nonsense, but love a good joke. And I don’t mind disagreement, for that leads to better solutions, but I despise personal attacks, though I believe in self-defense – and if someone attacks me like Bryan Fischer does I reserve the 2nd Amendment right to self-defense for sure. If “God hates fags” is OK, so is “God loves gays.” Don’t tell me differently. Too bad for them that I choose to shoot back, verbally of course. I don’t do guns, but I have no problem with people having them. In fact, my two brothers were quite the gun enthusiasts, but distant from me for family values because I’m gay. Oh well. Meanwhile, older brother took his gun and put it to his head. And younger brother is all verkempt over it all, for they lived together for decades. I don’t know, I don’t care. It’s sort of like the story at http://jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com/2011/05/great-news-adult-baby-receiving-social.html

And I wonder what the hell is going on. Be weird all you want, it’s the pursuit of happiness indeed, but pay for it yourself for heavens sake.

And then I saw this at http://www.bilerico.com/2011/05/the_gops_own_private_mediscare.php

And poor Bilerico was all a tizzy over Paul Ryan’s plan, which was an idea put forth other than lalalala which so many others are doing. And in light of ol’ diaper boy, well, then, something is amiss, no? Not to mention the rest of the looming insolvency.

And so I commented there in a way that Bilerico is probably not used to. For while they rightly point out the difficulties of the Ryan plan, and the way that other Republicans have addressed the issue, they are on board for ObamaCare – which has not a blessed new hospital in the system. What it is is just as complex in a way, though differently, than Ryan’s plan – here, look at a chart of ObamaCare which Bilerico somehow claims solves the problems of 40,000,000 Americans, and the rest of us too:

Except that, well, no Americans are uncovered by healthcare. If you don’t have a dime or insurance of any kind and show up at the emergency room you will not be sent away – you will be treated and the costs dealt with later. If you’re so broke you can’t pay you’ll be directed to Medicaid and be done with – bam, you got health insurance instantly. So what’s the beef?

Of course, the beef is that the system is way too bureaucracy driven and thus way too expensive on the paper and administrative side, and sorely lacking on the healthcare side – which is, after all, doctors and nurses and machines of incredible complexity, all of which are newly taxed to pay for the new bureaucracies growing like pond scum right now.

So while Bilerico was doing politics over Newt’s contretemps with Ryan they ignored the reality of the situation for partisan gain, like it was a game of spoils. The government is a tool; it doesn’t have and shouldn’t have wishes separate from a hammer has wishes. One uses it. Not let it do what it wants and we have to beg for something from people we don’t elect and don’t know and don’t know us and have a mission to cut costs on anything but the bureaucracies they inhabit. Don’t tell me that bureaucracies ever cut their costs. Absolutely not, they add a new “office of monitoring overages” or something.

Here’s a good picture of that:

And so I posted this at Bilerico, which is, as I say, not the usual thing for them:

The problem is not that the Republican “plan,” or the “Ryan” plan, and a few others floating around in that party, won’t work or will work, depending on whom is talking. Nor is the problem with the Democratic “plan” to do this or that, mostly raising taxes endlessly and increasing the size of government. The problem is that we’ve been led to believe that there’s an endless amount of money in Washington (which ultimately must come from us as individuals) and that we all must go there to get our medical care through supplication to the “plan.”

The problem is really that there’s just two parties. And both parties have been bought and paid for by lobbyists, and there’s an “either/or” dichotomy when in fact there may well be better plans to deal with the obvious looming insolvency of Medicare/caid and Social Security. Tinkering with the three will not do much but forestall more tinkering, endlessly brewing political battles where personality and lobbyists, cronyism and the elite few are the only thing that matters, and naught the people — though allegedly we have a “voice” in it all through elections and what lobbying we can effect by calling our Congressperson.

The solution lies in slowly weening Americans off their dependency on government in the manner of our “applying” for benefits. If the government wants to provide health care, then let it build a hospital, hire the doctors and nurses, fill it with equipment and figure out how much tax is necessary from all to pay for it — and open the doors to anyone whom walks in and don’t worry about some “income” eligibility, or private or public insurance, or anything else, to pay for it. It’s not “free” but it’s not dependent on some bureaucrat to decide if we’re “eligible.” Taxes will pay for it.

We provide parks like this, we provide roads like this, we provide many things like this — and so if the government wanted to provide health care they’d get rid of all the bureaucracy and build clinics and hospitals. But all we get is more bureaucracy under the “plans” of both parties — and no health care to speak of.

But no, we’re to argue endlessly over the right “plan” to tell Americans what to do and when to do it at the behest of bureaucrats and not just access the hospital like we access the park — without filling out a form.


And I’m assuming they’ll allow it, for it is a moderated site, but I’m sure they’ll be puzzled about what that is all about. And that’s good. It’s new thinking time. The two parties are screwing with us in unholy alliance to bring all the power and money into their hands in Washington. And if you, straight or gay, don’t see this, I might spank you like a little kid. It’s so obvious it’s ridiculous. Wake up folks. Bureaucracies in Washington are not “healthcare” whatsoever, nor anything else.


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