The Democrat’s Waivers, Wars and Words

It’s quite interesting to see the waivers to ObamaCare – or the Patient Affordibility Act or whatever it’s called – given out by the president to unions, companies and states – and 20% of such waivers gone to Nancy Pelosi’s district. How can there be a “waiver” to a law that we’re all supposed to follow? Isn’t this somehow royalism – where the king gives favored people exemption from the laws of the land? Is this not somehow just wrong? And why so many to Pelosi’s district? What does she know that we do not? And apparently, if is right, Harry Reid’s home state, Nevada, got a blanket exemption. Does this mean that the law of the land does not apply in Nevada, but only the other 49 states? What’s with that? How good could Harry’s law be when he sought and got a waiver from it’s implementation for his entire state to one degree or another? Isn’t this just lunacy? Mendacity even? I sure think so.

Meanwhile, how’s the “one week” war going in Libya? It’s up to its second month now, and nothing much is being done but blowing up sand and some poor schnook drafted into the army there and doing what he’s told to do. Why not just take out K-daffy already and be done with it? Or, what, let those people just suffer on through another few months or years of bombing? But still, it’s off the news plate because Schwartzenegger did become the “big” news with a staggering amount of mendacity and hypocrisy.

And how’s the situation in Syria, where the government is not only bombing its own cities, and shooting up the town folks, but are also fomenting cross-border incursions and attacks against Israel to divert attention from the murder. Meanwhile, some Syrians are becoming refugees in Lebanon. And the president (ours) is supposed to solve this problem with a speech tomorrow, apparently. Well, he does have a Nobel Peace prize and should put it to good use for all the war going on since he got the award having done nothing but get elected. Well, if you can’t get rid of Assad then there will be no peace in Syria; and if Obama says something else besides “Death to Dictators” he’s flubbing it.

Now, the treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner is raiding the pension funds of federal workers for a few extra bucks to pay for something – no one even knows. It all goes into the federal maw. But if a good portion of money is used to pay the pensions of social security recipients and your taking the money from one set of pensions to pay another, that does not bode well. Maybe that’s why he couldn’t pay his taxes, he’s lousy at conceptualizing math problems.

And this is supposedly because if the debt ceiling is not raised we won’t be able to borrow anymore money to pay the, um, pay the pensions that we don’t have enough money to pay. And since the debt ceiling was first instituted – the alleged amount beyond which spending shall not go without cash money to back it up – it has been discarded each and every time some 70 times already. It obviously is a law that is waived at the drop of a hat; and so what point is it?

But the debt is going to kill us, without doubt. Eventually people will stop lending to the USA, and even demand some repayment on all the bonds they bought. And that’s going to be a big let down, for the government will either just print the money – and the Federal Reserve Board has already pumped some $4 or $5 Trillion dollars extra into the economy to stimulate it — or default.  But that’s not possible, to inflate an economy to stimulate it. All it does is give jolts – if not now, soon. Perhaps Obama is hoping that inflation doesn’t ratchet up before the election. Though apparently it has already jacked up food prices by oh, 15% or so this past two years. Certainly oil is up. And so many other things.

And while it’s nice to know that ABC and CNN and a few others all seem to think the economy is mending or something and everything is peachy and unemployment, though up unexpectedly again is actually falling, and other such opposite day mush, why are there so many “for rent” signs in the commercial districts of Baton Rouge? Everywhere I drive I see every small office building or office park has “For Rent” signs – hundreds of them everywhere. Obviously this is not “employment” for those offices must be empty, and just a year ago there were hardly any such signs. And now, they’re like mushrooms after a spring rain. Does this mean that the people who rented those buildings went out of business because of no sales? Or did they put themselves out of business in an Atlas Shrugged sort of – “we’re not going to earn anymore money if the government is only going to tax it away”?

And housing sales are down in this city some 29% it was reported just today, from last years languid pace. The paper blames it on the lack of government subsidies. Oh, I think it’s because all those businesses which used to hum along are all closed and no one in their right minds is taking on more debt. Or maybe it’s the unemployment too, for people without jobs tend not to buy houses. And I notice too that there are far more “$59,999 priced to sell!” signs on houses all over town. Foreclosures and the banks want to get rid of them, and they’re not being snapped up for the signs on some are months old now. And still, there’s so many “for rent” signs on apartment complexes too. And the numbers of “for sale” signs on houses is amazingly large – not a street with 10 houses doesn’t have two or three “for sale” signs. It’s city wide. So why all this renting and selling, and so much that there seems no one around to buy up or rent out the slack? There’s something completely opposite to the weird conclusion by the news media that the economy is doing fine.

And the numbers of people receiving food stamps is up. Who is going to pay for all that food if everyone is unemployed and no one will lend the nation anymore money? This is going to be quite interesting as the stuff hits the fan. I’m not sure we’re ready for it. And whom will be blamed? “the People”? — like Syria and Libya are doing? Or will it be Obama and the Democrats. Of course he’ll say he “inherited it.” Well, yes he did — and said he had a plan for hope and change to make it better — not worse — as is apparently the case which happened.

And the elites seem to think they’re going to get through it all. And the nation spirals out of control precisely because the more you control an economy the more it spirals out of control. The more you attempt to help this or that sector the more you harm all the rest. The more you tax, the less people will work, and the more assistance they’ll need – if you tax away ½ of the salary of a man earning $20,000 no wonder he can’t run his own life and needs food stamps. So they give him back his money to help him. For the $10,000 taken is how the aid is rendered. And then, because there’s a bureaucracy in the middle, the $10,000 comes back as $7,000 or so. It’s absurd and we’d better stop it.

And so the Democrats who’ve been running the place seem to have mucked it up beyond belief. And it’s a lot worse than under the craven idiots of the Republican party. Indeed, the economy is heading to Carter-territory of a misery index – the unemployment rate and the inflation rate – right now, it’s oh, 12 or 13 – while under Bush, who was no slouch in making more government it was only 6 or 7. And soon, that misery index is going to climb to 20 – and when inflation hits the unemployment will go up yet again. And for blacks I read as how 15% were unemployed now as compared to just 9% under “evil racist Bush.” Which means their first black president did make life more miserable for them. And if they don’t see this I can’t help them.

And meanwhile, the Republicans, many of whom are quite rational on fiscal matters – except those running for president – have gone on this anti-gay crusade because they think we’re wrecking the place. And so I have to push gays to give up the Democrats who are wrecking the place, and convince the Republicans to get over gay folks and get on the deficit problem. Meanwhile, Democrat Ruben Diaz sounds like Republican Bryan Fischer, who finally said what’s on his mind — and repeatedly said gays were Nazis. for all the sordid details — and how Republican presidential hopefuls are sprinting on over to Fischer to hear all about his exciting plan to spend billions of dollars rounding us up, incarcerating us and forcing some “cure” on us like we’re a bunch of hams — as if this will solve the deficit problem — which goes to show how those elites are good with word-math problems either.

So I’m faced with the destruction of the economy or the destruction of me — and both parties are having fun with it and not doing a damn thing to solve a problem. Fire the bums, vote ’em out, and get the phone book and randomly pick a few people already.

And people wonder why I’m cranky and fear for the nation.


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