Gay Guy Educates Tea Party about Bryan Fischer

This is an email I sent to BigFurHat – a man with whom I email things and to whose site I go often and comment. Oh does Big’s site know me! For better or worse, till death do us part, and gays have liberty to be whom we are without the condemnation.


a few days ago you – ran a video of one Bryan Fischer, on a Fox News Channel in Houston — one of the most libertarian cities in America (no zoning, for instance, to speak of,) a city with a gay mayor in a committed relationship for 20 years — and asked the question Mr. Fischer asks — is TV too gay? Mr. Fischer was Oh so rational! He was so erudite and polite, that one would think he’s quite the guy.

No, he’s not. He’s a lunatic — and well, here’s what Mr. Fischer has had to say about gay people just the other day, post Fox:

He called us “Nazis” more than a dozen times in less than a minute-thirty, and accused us of being like Catholics too, weirdly, though just twice, it goes by quick — something about we’re the oppressors of Gallileo and the Spanish Inquisition, and Nazis, Nazis, Nazis. Go, post that video on IOTW — I not only dare, I insist, even pray you do it — this man needs to be known! And go ask the folks if he’s crazy or someone whom should be meeting with Republican Presidential candidates trying to unseat Obama and bring fiscal rationality to the table. Wonderful “Republicans” like Newt, Don, Mitt, Tim, Michelle, and Rick whom is the most with Fischer — whom else I don’t know or care — it’s demented.

We cannot be this important, and we are not Nazis for heaven’s sake. Why is this going on in America? And which heteros will stand up and say “enough”? — we are too weak, timid and few to make a dent in this crap. I’m throwing the ball in your court.

You’re for Liberty, you tell me — well, sir, that ain’t no “liberty” that Fischer is spouting, nor what Diaz is spouting. Nor what Maggie Gallagher is spouting. You should see the videos of the charming things that Tony Perkins calls us — “domestic terrorists” — I sent you a joke — use it. Say something man, say something.

And go research, my dear man, go learn of this loon there at Jeremy Hooper’s site, hell, send all of IOTW to Hooper — just be as nice as I am if you’ll comment — and he’s a decent beacon of liberty and documented facts of an extraordinary sort; I never encountered anyone on a Tea party or Leftist site that documents like Hooper does, and without venom either — and he knows of my IOTW exploits, amongst other places, he read the birthday post (– I torture and educate there too – but go read all about the lunacy of Bryan Fischer, well documented.

And then contemplate this — this man is identical to Democratic New York State Senator Ruben “gays are worthy of death” Diaz and his May 15th rally (two days after your much appreciated birthday post) — I sent you all that, need it again? — listen to the two men — they are the same — death to gays! They are sick tortured demented souls whom are seeking the ruination of millions of people.

This is sick. Is this the Republican Party? Or isn’t the Looney “Far Right” actually the very calculated far left? Fischer is calling for a war against us of a physical kind — he wants us rounded up and imprisoned if we don’t cure ourselves and he will cure us he thinks — and seize our wealth or spend your dollars to do so — is that not what the Left does? You want to save this country? Then push the crazed Christian Right which doesn’t give a crap about the deficit out of the Republican Tea Party. It’s not the TMG — too many gays — Party – it’s Taxed Enough Already — so what is the cost of ridding the nation of gay folks? Do some math, I have.

Well, if you want to be anti-societal destruction, then do something to stop the Fischer’s of this world. Or are gays so unimportant that we can be used by Democrats and sacrificed by Republicans — as simply the trash of society?

And people wonder why I’m and the rest of us are cranky? You got to be kiddin’ me!

but do something to destroy Fischer — he’s as crazy as Kevin Jennings.


And this is what I do in my spare time. And we conservative libertarian low taxes gay folks have got to be more active in going to Tea Party websites to chase the rabid NO GAYS! movement into the corner. It’s up to us. Let the Leftist gays argue with the Democrats about why a man like Ruben Diaz is allowed to be in the party that is still “evolving” on gay issues — while the Republicans have a gay man, Fred Karger, a pro-gay marriage guy, Gary Johnson, and now apparently a pro-civil unions Mormon heritage guy named John Huntsman running for president.

So the Libertarian Tea Partyish side of the Republicans have managed to birth three pro-gay candidates while contemplating the idiocy of the “major contenders” I mentioned — while the Democrats claim to have this “pro-gay” Obama fellow “evolving” just as fast as he can (and in 1994 he was for gay marriage, now he’s not — so which way is he going?) and a lunatic like Ruben Diaz and apparently thousands of others whom are so virulently anti-gay that we’re “worthy of death.” (Oh, it”s been put as “worthy to death” but that’s because the translator couldn’t grasp English — “a muerte” in Spanish, in that phrase, is not “to death” but “of death” — it’s the nature of Spanish, they wouldn’t say “de muerte” it’s stilted Spanish — just like “en” is at, on and in — English has more prepositions, so let’s translate it right, to get the full impact of the statement: Worthy of Death!) And neither Obama nor Clinton MorF nor Pelosi, nor Reid, nor Governor Cuomo right there in NY State, haven’t said a blessed word. Ah ’tis freedom to call for the death of fellow citizens! Sure, the Supreme Court says so, and Justice Scalia is all set to join the Fischer-Diaz bandwagon to genocide.

Fischer = Diaz — push them out of both parties and all positions of responsibility and let them clean toilets, for they are worthy of nothing else.  Not even death, but just left to live forever with gay people around tickling them with glee.


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