The Lie that Democrats are “Pro-Gay” Exposed

I would rather have written about something rational, like, oh, the taxes being too high, or our “one week” war in Libya now going for two months, or maybe about the Syrian revolt and attacks on Israel, or maybe even the destruction of Christians in Egypt. You know, important stuff. Instead I come across this crud that makes me wonder – why on earth would any gay man be a Democrat after this risible display of lunacy by a Democratic State Senator in New York?

I find it hysterically funny that so many people think the Democrats are pro-gay; it’s never been remotely true as a party, and perhaps just some individuals. But it was Clinton who gave us DADT and DOMA, but hey he was “forced” to, supposedly. Yah, right; check his record in Arkansas – he authored the anti-gay sex law for that state while he was shtupping his way through ugly girls not his wife.

And then today I read all about one Democratic Party NY State Senator, Ruben Diaz going bonkers over us. At is a huge treasure trove of info on the rally for the elimination of gay people – oh let’s call it what it is and not pussyfoot around at all about it – there in the Bronx, held on Sunday May 15th, 2011, was a call for warfare against American citizens. Where in which speaker after speaker said not a word of “support” for marriage for anyone, and I’m sure a good portion of the crowd were divorced and unwed mothers and fathers who didn’t give a damn about the kid they birthed – Like Maggie Gallagher herself – unwed mother, won’t take her fey husband’s name, won’t wear a wedding ring –and hasn’t been seen with her husband for months because he’s too busy with his, um, “close gentlemen friend.” Yah, true. But that was ignored for the sanctity of it all, of course. They merely recited over and over again the same loony nonsense that their religion should be my religion – or else. Like we were Medieval heretics in need of a burning or something.

Gays are an abomination. A culture of death. Destroying society. Anti-God. Anti-people. On and on came the dribble of lunacy from Democrats – and gays like that party? For what? For the $4 gas prices and the 10% unemployment? Maybe for the taxes going up, the inflation coming, or maybe for the utter nonsense of our current foreign policy. Maybe gays like Democrats because only some of them are calling for our death, rather than all of them, but none of them will utter a peep against this call for genocide. Will Obama have Diaz and one of us in for a beer, to see if we can agree to disagree or something. Doubtful, but Obama will have Diaz in to the White House to sure up his Latino votes.

Here’s the video:

And this is why so many gays vote for Democrats? To be treated to a “worthy of death” speech right there on the Bronx Courthouse steps? I doubt there was a Republican in the crowd. And certainly no Tea Party person.

And then I think of the Republicans like Santorum and so many who claim to be for Tea Party liberty but are really just theocrats and statists arguing their brand of control over other people’s lives and fortunes. And others there in Minnesota this week, claiming to be Republican while actually being hand in hand with Diaz the Democrat. And Stacey Campbell the faux-Republican (if he was real, he’d argue for letting schools do what they do, and getting the state out of the education business, not outlawing the word “gay” to refer to us,) he’s just like these Democrats, too. Indeed, by outlawing the use of a word, and outlawing a discussion of reality one could hardly claim he was for Liberty and the First Amendment, but is more like a communist inquisitor of Soviet or Papal zeal.

And thus perhaps the NO GAYS forces should get together and form a new party. They seem quite clear that there is only one issue that drives them: sissy smooching with a piece of paper in our hands. Nothing we actually do will ever affect them, but they’re insistent in a superstitious way that we’re the cause of their problems. We bring them to their licentious ways; no doubt all the heteros would be chaste within marriage as soon as the gays are gone from this earth. Yah, sure. Delusion. But hey, it earns a living for these people.

And of course Obama is still “evolving” on the issue of gays – he’s appointed a few as a sop, and those poor deluded fools think they’re doing something good for me because they’re in Washington and I should look up there for salvation. And then there’s Obama’s preacher, Jeremy Wright, who in 20 years of preaching to Obama I’m sure never had a kind word for the gay folks anywhere. Not to mention his Muslim friends who want us as dead and gone as his Latino buddy Diaz does.

Then there’s the Catholic Clergy, the cardinals and bishops, they’re all on board the Democratic Party bandwagon, they proclaim it so! And they are giving money to the ill-named National Organization (for no gays) Marriage. Millions of dollars controlled by Democrat Cardinal George of Chicago for instance, to stop what he sees as both an “intrinsic evil” but has a fine gay nephew. Such delusion from the Left it’s amazing. Opposite conclusions on the very same man’s existence – a “fine-evil” man is hard to be. Still, the Catholic hierarchy is all for the Democrats and all against the gays. But we’re supposed to be for Democrats because they’re “for” us or something. Sounds stupid and willful blindness if you ask me. Are some gay guys that stupid? What will it take?

Then there’s all the Democratic states of the Old South, where there was barely a Republican until the 1980s, and a few only at that, all keeping their “sodomy” laws – while Republican run states like California and Massachusetts got rid of theirs. Not to mention that it was Republican led Massachusetts which brought gay marriage to legality. And very “red” or Republican New Hampshire got it too, and Iowa is a pretty conservative state and they got it too. And so this dichotomy, this meme, that Republicans are anti-gay and Democrats are pro-gay is just backwards.

In fact, it’s the Republicans who have a gay guy running for president, Fred Karger – (not that he stands a chance, but still …) And they have former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson who’s for gay marriage. And the Democrats have Ruben “gays worthy of death” Diaz. Not to mention that it was Mr. Republican himself, Barry Goldwater who said gays are actually American and deserve full constitutional rights – said it right then while Clinton was signing laws against us so he could look Diaz in the eye and ask for the Hispanic vote, of course.

Then I look at Newt, Mitt (don’t these guys have normal names?) and Don and Rick – and I see guys who are so Democratic in their views – anti-gay – and for big government – that I think – what the hell is going on in the Republican party? It’s been taken over by Democrats apparently. So why don’t all the pro-gay small government folks move to the Republican party for Liberty – and all the anti-gay big government people move to the Democrats, under Ruben Diaz’s fine leadership towards the Genocide he preaches. And that’s what it is – an elected Democrat calling for open warfare and genocide of millions of Americans. Which is what socialists always do. And theocracy and socialism are not far apart. Which is why Santorum and Diaz are two peas in the same pod.

But after this bit of public genocidal rage by a Democrat and his Democratic Party faithful, can we all give up the cockamamie idea that Democrats are for us, while Gary Johnson, who is for gay marriage, means Republicans are against us? Too many gay guys got it backwards. What will it take to show them the error of their ways and go Tea Party? – with the best slogan for us: Don’t Tread On Us Either.

For if we keep voting in Democrats, gay guys listen up! – we’re going to get shot by Diaz and his Democratic buddies. They have called for it – the preach it from the courthouse steps. Open your eyes you blind gay men. Democrats hate us, and Republicans are far more “oh who cares.”



  1. I’d vote for John Waters but he’s probably a Democrat like the rest of crew of Hollyweird misfits.

    Good article Jimmers!

  2. The Homophobophobe

    Democrats are only pro-gay when it’s convenient for them; i.e. in word but not in deed. I had a boyfriend like that. The keyword there is “had”.

    Frosteetoes, John Waters said he was a Democrat once but he’d still make a better president or representative than the other deadbeat-ocrats.


  1. Anonymous

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