Is gayness on the autism spectrum?

Is gayness on the autism spectrum? No one really ever asks the question; except, well, me. And I look at both subjects rather carefully; and have lectured to Arizona State psychology classes on the matter at the invitation of a friend of mine who was the professor; she’s quite intrigued with the concept. And I’m sure many gay folks would not be happy with what I’m saying — initially. Though I urge them to think about it. But I think we’d be rather accepting of that “diagnosis” if it cut the condemnation, and brought a little societal love and a church leader or two apologizing for being mean. And a much more careful look at the amazing parallels between autism spectrum disorders and gay folks is warranted by smarter folks than I.  And now there’s more and more tiny studies showing indeed brain differences between us and heteros.

There’s no doubt that gay folks are different than straight folks. You can almost see it physically; whom are all those effeminate boys and boyish girls, after all? We’re told we’re crazy of course; it’s a repeated meme. We’re so “crazy” the nation needs laws against us – DOMA now, other laws more horrendous than that in the past. Some want to bring those laws against our existence back. As if it can be outlawed and thus we’ll be straight. It didn’t work back then, it’s not going to work now. Still, Bryan Fischer and Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg and one assumes Maggie Gallagher, and of course Rick Santorum and a few others, they want us outlawed. They’re not so clear as to exactly what laws or legal language they want, but they want something. They want us gone. They want us “cured” for they think we’re “sick.”

Well, OK, suppose we are? But “sick” how? Well, the way we think, I guess. It must be the way our brains work or don’t work, if you prefer, to make us so damn insistent that we’re natural, but you say we’re “sick.” Oh, it’s a “choice” to be sick, as they say. But the “sickness” is also an “evil.” Which is odd, for no other sickness is evil. So if one collates all the things said about us we “choose” to be “sick” and we’re “evil” and too, we “caught” it at some early age; for they all claim it’s external to us, and we were “recruited” both by some older gay guy, and of course pushed into it by anything that our parents did or did not do, together or just one or the other, mom or dad. They’re so unclear and befuddled on that bit it’s not funny. Oh, rather, it is hysterical, I know I giggle when I hear it. For our fathers could have been strong or weak, but so long as we had a “temperment” as NARTH calls it, that the thing dad did or did not do made us gay, but we also had to “choose” to be so much later on, too. Or maybe it’s mom, as AFTAH says. Or maybe it’s the guy down the block, sometimes. All of these things had to happen, or not happen. And then they say that it’s a veneer almost, waiting to be stripped away leaving our inner hetero to blossom or something. Again, they’re not clear. But they will do the stripping if we don’t. But they don’t seem to be coming up with a pill or anything.

There’s the talk that if we find Jesus we can be “cured.” But what finding Jesus has to do with heterosexuality I don’t know. Seems to be just billions of people whom are not into Jesus whatsoever whom are perfectly fine heteros. And there also seems to be the exact same percentage of gay people all over the world. If it is all over the world it can hardly come from the American political system. Nor can it come from the American TV culture. Does a gay Jewish boy have to find Jesus to be straight? Does a gay Muslim, or gay animist, or gay Shinto Japanese boy need to find Jesus to be straight? Or can they find their own version, perhaps Chinese gay guys can find Buddha and Indian gay guys can find Ganesh. Who knows? It’s such a weird theory backed up by nothing more than the exhortation.

It’s also said we’re “obsessed” – with something or other. You know, obsessed with being gay, I think. For we “talk about it all the time.” Well, no, we don’t. We are it all the time, true. But we hardly talk about “it” all the time. In fact, we tend to only talk about it when guys like Tony Perkins come along and accuses us of being “Domestic Terrorists” out to destroy the nation by getting anyone to say one single thing nice about us. So horrendous is our “sickness” we “choose” to “catch” at the age of 2-4 and also again, presumably, when one comes out of the closet and just says, “We’ll, ma, there’s not going to be any grandchildren from me” that we must be hounded forever for having “chosen” to “catch” the “evil” “sickness.”

It’s a weird conundrum of a melange of illogical mush that they just repeat and repeat and repeat, but only one little bit at a time. And every so often throw in that we’re molesting every boy we can get our hands on, and that we’re all for polygamy, or that polygamists will take heart from our struggle and argue for that, like we’ll make ’em do it. And of course, it’s “like” incest too, though we tend to get chased out of our families, and our hetero brothers often have the most difficult time with us, and we’re certainly not going after our sisters, for sure. However, they never put it all together in one place. It’s spread out all over the place. It’s like only an Asperger sort of mind, into grasping huge amounts of info and seeing new patterns to it, to pull it all together. It’s easy for me, I got quite a brain. Still, for the average person it’s hard to know exactly what the NO GAYS movement really believes, except, well, of course, in NO GAYS ever more.

That we’ve been around since the dawn of time in every culture seems not to phase them. That we all have said we’re just whom we are seems not to worry their silly little heads, and indeed, they just tell us we’re crazy for even thinking such a thing as we’re naturally gay. And that we tell everyone we’re not going anywhere unless you shoot us just seems to frazzle their nerves and call then for just that, shooting us. And of course, most people just stick their heads in the sand and go lalalala and hope it all goes away, which it won’t. For you got our dander up, and we’re miffed and fed up and not going to take it anymore.

And when one looks at autism and Aspergers one sees startling commonality with gayness as it’s said we are – obsessive, crazy, weird, into doing strange things, not quite normal – oh, I’m sure there’s more clinical stuff. Oh, yah, lousy at making relationships, not good with most physical activities, and having very odd habits and ways of dressing, doing things, ordering ones life. Indeed, our opponents are quite sure it’s psychological – but we chose the pathology of course. And it’s psychiatric too, though the natural brain wiring issues of psychiatry is not natural or brain wiring psychiatric medical stuff for us, of course. Like I said, no one’s coming up with a pill like you can for say, schizophrenia. For to say we’re brain wired “wrong” would be to admit naturalness, and that can’t be done.

Of course, psychiatrists and psychologists make quite a nice living off of autism and Aspergers. Not curing, no, just figuring out a way to help those boys get through life; and again, perhaps a pill or two. Weirdly, too, numbers wise, there’s no more autistic and Asperger boys than there are gay guys, nor does their number seem to go up or down. Though likewise, reporting of the phenomena is better, so we are more aware now of autism and Aspergers; just like we’re more aware of just how many gay folks there are. In fact, even the recognition of such things and public awareness and parents dealing with the two A’s go almost parallel with gays to the public knowledge. In the early 1970s horrific conditions were found in Willowbrook mental hospital, and Pilgram State, both in New York, and then elsewhere – and that’s where the autistic were stashed, in mental institutions, and families denied they had a son like that. And that all exploded into the expose and the nation came rallying to the defense and assistance of it’s autistic and Asperger weirdos. Alas, they still haven’t come to our defense or assistance, and many are quite sure they want us back into institutions of some kind. To keep the peril from society, I guess.

And weirdly, too, numbers wise, the ration of boys to girls with autism and Aspergers is pretty much the same for gays in ratio to lesbians. The parallels are there for anyone to see. So many it’s hard to put in a blog post, and mine already go too long.

But then there’s this poster, which a friend of mine sent me a photo of:

And then there’s this painting of mine:

And I’m like, whoa. Now ain’t that similar? Is this not so damn alike as to be not funny?

So the nation, some heteros somewhere, had better start sticking up for us, or the nation is going to be paying billions of dollars to round us all up and do what will be done with us by the NO GAYS movement. No one is quite sure. There’s a “Debate” I hear, and they’ll let us know their exciting conclusions what will be done with us, once they conclude anything whatsoever. But it’s sort of like “debating” the reality of autism or Aspergers – and then just simply wishing it all go away and condemning the different too, for the fun of it.

Instead, it’s rather unAmerican, unChristian, and not even rational, to actually condemn the “sick” and the “psychologically insane” isn’t it? So, com’n America, put us on the Double A spectrum and be done with us, and then move onto something really important, like the mess heteros have made of the national purse and the families and marriage and everything else. For we sure haven’t done a thing. We’re too busy cutting hair or something. We’ve never been in positions of power to make any decisions or affect much of anything. And to say we do is nuts. So, yep, get a move on America, and stop this trying to force Jesus in our faces as if this will make me like a girl. We already know the man, He says we’re fine. And why anyone would want to inflict me on any fine lady is just beyond me. Now that would be unfair, indeed.

And thanks to all the people at who wished me happy birthday and who put up with my rants and rages. I’m sure they could all well imagine me being like some incorrigible autistic boy run wild on the Internet.



  1. ted

    Sexuality is separate from asperger’s. Effeminacy, character traits are learned behavior, innate desire is innate. From the beginning. Sissyness is not. Many of my gay friends are undetectable. Even by an experienced gay person. Now a person with autism can be gay, and aspergers. I do not know at how low level of mind function a person can be said to have a sexual character. Higher order of brain function is required to actively hide one’s orientation, though. that’s why so many guys “slip” when drunk, and have sex with their buddies. True nature comes out, ultimately.

  2. The Homophobophobe

    Ted is correct.

    There is a book you should look into called “Born on a Blue Day,” by Daniel Tammet, an autistic savant who is openly gay.

  3. T

    Autism and Aspergers are hypothesized to be tied to serotnin irregularities. Basicly there is a serotonin deficit.

    Fetal vitamin D deficiency is being found to lead to alterations in the fetus; brain regarding serptonin and dopomine. New evidence is pointing to vitamin Dsupplementation to raise serum levels to 80-100ng/ml to mitigate austism symptoms. And maternal supplementation during pregnancy can prevent the disorder.

    Even newer research done in 2011 in linking sexual preference to serotonin irregularities.

    Rao and his team genetically engineered male mice to lack either serotonin-producing neurons or a protein that is crucial for making serotonin in the brain. Both types of altered mouse couldn’t make serotonin.

    Unlike typical males, mice deficient in the neurotransmitter showed no inclination to mount sexually receptive females more than males, nor did they prefer to smell females’ genital odors or bedding. Instead, they climbed onto males and serenaded them with ultrasonic love songs more frequently than normal. Males emit these vocalizations when they encounter females to make them more receptive to mating.

    While all of the males who possessed serotonin mounted females first, nearly half of the mice that lacked serotonin clambered onto males before females, and about 60 percent spent more time sniffing or hovering over the genital odors and bedding from males than from females.

    When the researchers injected a compound into these mice to restore neurotransmitter levels, they found that the animals mounted females more than males. But too much serotonin reduced male-female mounting, suggesting that the amount of this chemical must stay within a certain range to foster heterosexual rather than homosexual behaviors.

    If serotonin dysregulation is proven to be implicated in both autism and sexual preference you have linkage that can be followed up.

    Autism and vitamin D[PDF] from kedu.usJJ Cannell – Medical hypotheses, 2008 – Elsevier
    … If postnatal, and not just prenatal, vitamin D deficiency can cause autism, then cases
    should appear around weaning in formula fed babies as infant formula contains
    significant amounts of vitamin D on a per pound basis. Although …

    Developmental vitamin D deficiency alters dopamine turnover in neonatal rat forebrain

    JP Kesby, X Cui, P Ko, JJ McGrath, THJ Burne… – Neuroscience …, 2009 – Elsevier
    … Abstract. There is growing evidence that low vitamin D impacts adversely on brain
    development. The current study investigated the impact of developmental vitamin D (DVD)
    deficiency on dopamine and serotonin metabolism in the neonatal rat brain. …

    Molecular regulation of sexual preference revealed by genetic studies of 5-HT in the brains of male mice

    Y Liu, Y Si, JY Kim, ZF Chen… – Nature, 2011 –
    … of humans, the response of heterosexual men to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor … of these
    studies has investigated whether 5-HT has a role in sexual preference. … Our discovery of a role
    for serotonergic signalling in mouse sexual preference should stimulate further …

    The rate of autism and homsexuality may be tied to skin cancer scares, sunscreen,and sun avoidance leading to vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy.


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