The Schwartsenegger Divorce

So schwartz und schriver get a divorce, eh? Oh, who cares how to spell the names. He’s up there with K-daffy already. She’s Marie Antoinette. Except for the literal shelling of his cities. He’s just figuratively doing it. She just lives a life not related to her husband whatsoever. Bill and Hilary are like that — married, but well, distant, no? Nice they waited until after his term ended. For the quietude they thought perhaps they had as they released the press notice. Why did they do that? Do I need to know? Do I need to know that some couple is divorcing? Who the hell cares? The tabloids and the “rational” press are filled with such mush. Obsessed with whether Kate or Will made the decision for this or that — and where they’ll go off to …. — oh yah, politely referred to as “their honeymoon.” Yeah, well, honey moons without a doubt. Both probably, if they’re normal. And good for them.

But there’s gay folks of course. A big topic of conversation everywhere apparently. In NY, NC, SC, VA, RI, WY, VT, CT, NH, CA, MN, MO, ME, HI — oh, hell, every friggin’ state in the union. And we’re the peril to marriage, it’s said. We’re the ones who will cause the downfall of the noble institution. Hypocrisy rest thy soul, rest already.

Here —

There’s the discussion on “marriage,” such as I enjoined it. For joined it must be. I was loquacious, and of a certain honey badger attitude (I got to get the link to that video!) There are legal issues for couples of long standing. And there are all sorts of things that need to be dealt with under “family” law. If we don’t fit under Title 2, or whatever Title of the law deals with family, give us Title 2 1/2. But make it so. It must be done. We are couples, we are in love with our one and only, sometimes, even until we too might divorce.Just like the rest of you.

But there’s a new sort of gay man out there, there’s a new generation. They’re looking for picket fences and registries at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Tiffany’s if they could afford it. The evidence is too strong, we are here. Yes, we’re a bit different, that’s OK, so are autistic kids. So are the retarded. So is that poor child born with two heads, or is it the poor children born with one body, in China. Oh, the horror for that family. But that’s what you get. You get deviance from the “norm.” Weirdly, all “deviance” from the norm always happen at the same rate. That is, the numbers of people born with “birth defects” is never higher or lower than in any age. And now, we come to gay folks — I will readily accede to “birth defect” if that will stop the condemnation.

But I’m tired of this nonsense that I’m anything more than a “Birth Defect” that is natural. To say I’m “unnatural” is abhorrent. It is something of which I will not put. I’m very tired of being told I’m the end of civilization if only it is said that I exist by the Grace of God. I’m tired of being told I’m “evil.” This is whom I am. A very nice guy, actually, who’s done good and well. So deal with it. Work with me, not against me. I speak for every gay man, especially since I have the twin dilemma of too timid gay men and the heterosexual insistence of the “homosexuals.” We’re all alike, remember? We are barely seen, and we’re the biggest menace to society. At the same time. It’s a weird position to be in.

So go read what that post at IOTW, and learn how to deal with us as people, and not some amorphous threat to civilization. It’s unseemly and unbecoming a great Republic of Individuals, under whom our God we trust.

Behold the new generations of gay guys. Men finally confident in their reality. And no longer willing to put up with this nonsense. Figure us out folks, but this is whom you get. Us. And we’re fed up with any other supposed “Explanation” other than – by the Grace of God we walk this earth.


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