Our relationship with Pakistan “Ruptured,” eh?

I heard today some woman on the TV, I don’t know, Veejay or somebody, who cares? Just a smiling face making a living reading what someone else wrote. I find it hard to believe that only very good looking people are smart enough to be “journalists” on TV, and nary an ugly broad with a brain. But that’s something else. The woman in question was on CNN or something; I don’t know that either, and it too is irrelevant because the stations are somewhat interchangeable as far as smiling bimbos go. So she said that our relationship with Pakistan might “Rupture.” Oh, rapture, as far as I’m concerned. What is our relationship with that nation? Or more to the point, whichever corrupt politico-military rule of the day. It changes periodically with coups and violence, or assassinations or sometimes the last guy is just taken out and shot. We don’t really have a relationship with the people there. Oh, maybe a few in Lahore and Karachi.

What do they have that we need to have a relationship? They produce nothing that we really need. And I’m almost certain the majority of trade goes from us to them in the form of “aid.” Food aid, earthquake aid, humanitarian aid, etc – all of which they need because they are a broken nation of several peoples who hate each others guts. And so what if we cut off military aid to them? All they use it for is to bother India, rile up the Kashmiris and prop up the Afghani whackos. So what’s the point? They’re not a bulwark for freedom. Nor are they preventing India from invading China or something; jokingly, Nepal does that by putting a 26,000 foot mountain range between those two basket cases. Nor is Pakistan stopping the Iranians from doing anything, and if anything, they’re cooperating in riling up the various bunches in Afghanistan, which we should get out of.

And India can take care of Pakistan. They’re 10 times the size – 1.2 billion versus like 120,000,000 – what will Pakistan do? And if they attack India, suicidally, than I’m sure India has the means to deal with that nonsense. The Kashmir fracas at most stops America tourists from enjoying Lak Dal and whatever natural beauty might be there to seen. Want to see mountains? Go to Peru, it’s safer. Canada, safer still.

Pakistan is starving because of its culture and its socialism. And they’re not going to change, so who cares if we relate to them at all? Oh, perhaps a diplomat or two might be necessary. We use the Swiss to talk to the Cubans and Iranians, so we could use the Swiss to talk to the Pakistanis. The Swiss are in all these countries not because they’re some great peacemakers or arbitrators between adversaries, no. They’re there because the corrupt governments channel their ill-gotten gains into Swiss bank accounts, and someone has got to carry the cash in diplomatic pouches from Havana to Zurich. No Cuban politico wants to keep his cash in El Banco Comunismo de la Cuba or something, that’s for sure. I doubt Pakistan’s corruptocrats keep their ducats in PakBank or something.

Pakistan doesn’t help us in the former Soviet states which are having their own “repress the people” moment, too. The whole bunch is pointless to our existence. At most we get some shirts from Pakistan, let them sell to the Indians and Indonesians, we don’t need their shirts. Hell, let ’em sell to the Chinese for all I care. Free trade is one thing, but trade with Pakistan to prop the regime up is not cool.

And once again there further elements in this – like keeping their military atrophied. No one is going to invade them. And if they didn’t have such a big military maybe they wouldn’t have so many coups.

Ah, I could go on, what’s the point? Pakistan needs us, we don’t need Pakistan. If the relationship ruptures, well, as I said, rapture.


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