Cherish the thought, Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day

You know, I had a pretty good relationship with my mother. Oh, not perfect; what relationship is? But still, it was good. She passed away last September, so this is my first mother’s day without her. R.I.P., or as she would have liked to have heard me say, Zpi Odpovicej – which is RIP in Czech. Which is a weird feeling, to not be able to call her today. I shall, of course, call my sister and my aunts and a few other ladies that I know and wish them a most glorious day. I’m sure, nay, I know, they have pretty good but not perfect relationships with their kids. And with me, too, certainly. So it seems to be par for the course.

Now, there’s a lesson in this, of course, given the current “debate” – which is really just an attack, and not a “debate” at all – over gay people by the alleged “family values” crowd. For every gay man I know has a pretty good relationship with their mother. Just as good as mine, I suppose. Though just 20 years ago that was not so, and 30, and 40 years ago ’twas even worse. Not because we were anti-mom, no. But because too many moms had listened to the likes of Bryan Fischer and Peter Sprigg and creeps like them. These unholy warriors against a part of the culture, and against the sons and daughters of many a fine mom, want to return to the days of mothers casting out their sons, and chasing them away.

Starting when I was about 23 or 24 I began to rescue such sons. I found them on the streets of NYC, and later on, in other cities I lived in as I got older. And I took them in and let them sleep on the couch, and didn’t try to get in their pants, and even got a few jobs, even if it was with the messenger service we used at my printing job. But hey, it started all those boys out on a positive note, after most of them had been tossed away like so much garbage for the good of family values, it was said.

And then, starting 20 years ago, it began to lessen, this assault on gay sons, especially the sons. Precisely because us gay sons simply refused to continue to let it happen. We’re the ones whom went to our mothers, and other mothers, and said, “No, this is not pro-family. You don’t chase away your son because of whom he is.” Still, that’s what Tony Perkins really wants to do – and if can’t get us chased away, with the help of Rick Santorum he wants us arrested and dragged out of our family’s warm embrace and “cured” like we’re a ham. They should go to PFLAG and find out what true family values are.

It’s a disgusting attitude to have, what these people proclaim. These poseurs for family are so anti-family it’s ridiculous. They wouldn’t know a family value if Jesus hit them upside the head with one.

And that’s really going to be the downfall of these poseurs, and DOMA too, and all the mini-DOMAs and all such whacko laws and rules and attitudes against us – even if it takes another 50 years. There’s no proof to any claim they make. They can’t come up with any rational evidence of our “attacking” marriage as they call it, or “destroying families” as they say, or “a peril to children,” as they think, or “anti-family,” as they believe. These people are so short of evidence for their claims they just make it up. They simply refer again and again to long discredited politically motivated studies they or their friends did years ago, and repeat it over and over again. They have formulaic responses to the existence of gay people, wherever we might be found:

Dangerous, anti-family, anti-God, anti-church, anti-motherhood, anti-this anti-that – they just thing we’re against everything. Because? Well, we are, that’s all. That’s what they say, gays are against ___ fill in the blank. They don’t care what word it is – we must be against it because we’re gay.

Some otherwise rational people, like say, Justice Antonin Scalia, is absolutely convinced beyond all reason that we simply can never be good or pro-anything. He’s positive his beliefs trump our existence, the evidence of our reality, the lives we really lead. He’s Don Quixote tilting against the windmill of “homosexuality” that he thinks exists. Perhaps it does, in his mind, but it must be outside the realm of the reality I actually lead. And so, yes, this lack of proof, and their continued reliance on sheer belief, is going to be their undoing.

Hopefully it won’t be too many more Mother’s Days to come before the nation truly gets a handle on the reality of us peaceful, productive, taxpaying citizens spread out all over the place, and in a family right up the street, and say, “Well, we love them just the way they are.” And we won’t have to listen to this mind numbing mush from these delusional psychotics of the FRC, NARTH, AFTAH, Exodus, AFV, and whomever else, about how an interior designer or a Broadway actor, or a small business owner, or myself, a piano player, author and painter, are threats to civilization because someone says something nice about us. It’s ludicrous.

It’s going to be very interesting to see the “Evidence” they present about the “homosexual menace” to all the courts who are going to hear all the lawsuits, that are working their way up to the Supreme Court as they all will. All they have is there belief and statements, but no facts or figures about us. In the next few years there’s going to be a plethora of cases for the Nine in DC to hear all about the horrors we pose to the nation. And the judges there are going to have a hard time reconciling the claims against us, and the reality of us. Some will try, no doubt. And they’ll ask learned questions. Perhaps even Clarence Thomas will finally be moved to ask those who plead against us “Are you serious?” For what evidence for their claims do they have that we are a danger to society other than their own statements? They have none.

Scalia of course, should recuse himself, for he’s already decided and announced that we are exactly the threat he claims we are. He’s made it a political cause to stomp sissies, and he can more sit in judge of me than I could decide the course of the nation. He’s got no moral standing to claim he’s “fair” anymore. He has announced his intent to remove us from polite society. He will rule against us in every instance. He believes we should be hounded and condemned for all our days. That’s what he has said repeatedly. Recuse thyself, Antonin, recuse thyself. Or have an epiphany.

Still, it is Mother’s Day, and all mothers should be honored, even if a few need some correction for being lousy mothers – but still, honored for having gone through bringing birth to a bundle of joy, even if it did go sour later on. Even Ted Bundy’s mother deserves a Happy Mother’s Day, no?

But let us not forget, either, that the mother’s of gay sons and daughters deserve a Happy, too. And not to be condemned for having brought an “Evil” Dysfunctional” monster into the world. Com’n Tony, Bryan, Maggie, Peter, Rick, the rest of you – will you at least say “Happy Mother’s Day” to our mothers too? Or are you that opposed to us, that willing to attack us, that you’d trash our own mothers, too? What a horrid bunch, that I would even have to wonder what you would say to my mother. Come to your senses people, get a life, get a real job, doing something good for once, instead of trying to trash good people and make life miserable for people you don’t even know. You all are antithetical to family values, and motherhood itself. Bizarrely so. Find Jesus, repent, and go and sin no more.

And honor our mothers, too, for we’re little bundles of joy also, now just all grown up to take the lady to dinner or bake her a cake, as every gay man and women will do this day.


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