Slutty Behavior At Gay Pride Events

There is a most interesting post at

with this picture:

and you can read the commentary there if you choose. I pointed out it sullied the good word “pride.”

But let me welcome any IOTW readers, for you are a fine bunch, even if we don’t see eye to eye on one particular subject. I want to thank you all for coming, those who do. For the slut post did intrigue me, greatly. It’s a thing to think about, this slutty behavior in public by women of all ages. It’s quite amazing to me to see women in such provocative attire complaining about the leering of heterosexual men. And it is you hetero men who leer; we sure don’t. Indeed, gay men rarely leer at anyone in public, we’re quite shy about it. For the safety more than anything else, of course. But still, we’re prudes in a way that heterosexuals are not by our very nature.

Still, here:

But there are gay pride parades, and rather provocative behavior by guys in Speedos. This is often the only image of such parades, certainly, that are presented in the news. No one shoots film or photos of the thousands of other non-Speedo clad participants; it would spoil the narrative. Who shoots a picture of gay clergy? Or heterosexual clergy in support of gay folks’ right to existence exactly as whom we are? There’s never pictures of PFLAG – Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. Never. No one shoots footage of the gay police, firemen, plumbers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, flight attendants, insurance agents, psychologists, printers, etc, etc, ad infinitum through the plethora of life we inhabit that march in parades under their own banners. Nor of the soccer, baseball and bowling teams that show their take on the “lifestyle.”

No, ’tis the Speedo boys. That’s what Carl Paladino complained about – the bumping and grinding of the Speedo boys. Delectable young things, aren’t they?

And that’s just the Olympics. Imagine!

In fact, not much different than a squadron of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders doing their thing in leotards. And indeed, in every hetero parade I’ve ever seen there was always a group of scantily and tightly clad sequined 16 year old nubile girls with perky everything and a certain lust in the hearts of every man of every age along the parade route. Except of course her father, who was prideful that his daughter was so attired for public admiration. Ah, but a Speedo boy, the horrors, eh?

Let us remember first, Fiorello LaGuardia who as Mayor of New York City during Prohibition stood on the steps of the Federal Courthouse at Foley Square in Manhattan more than once with a bottle of wine in one hand and a glass in the other, and poured and said, after a sip or two, even a guzzle – “Arrest me, you idiots, Prohibition is wrong.” I paraphrase of course. But it was civil disobedience of a sort that America hadn’t seen much of at this point. Maybe Shay’s Rebellion was the previous example.

So what is it with guys in Speedos at gay pride events? Is it for the licentiousness of it all? Nah. Not at all. Oh, OK, maybe a dash. But those days are gone. There are now more than 1,000 pride events every year around this nation – and hundreds more the world over – and Speedos don’t have a thing to do with any of them. Here in Baton Rouge, where I live, there are no Speedos at the Pride Festival in the Atrium in downtown – a civic spot, open to all the public, regardless of what event might be happening. It’s never closed to the public. So the heterosexual public of Baton Rouge, particularly those on the way to the Casino, which abuts the Atrium, are quite taken aback by the rather orderly, decent, Pride event which is taking place on a weekend in June.

So what are the Speedo boys doing? Well, they were modern day Fiorellos. They stood up there and dared the cops to arrest them for the crime of being gay. That’s what the “sodomy” laws were – a law against gayness. Not the “Act” – the existence. And our existence was illegal in every state of the Union in 1960, with the police state come against us in unholy hate. But by 1962 these laws slowly began to be removed, for they were unfair, unenforceable and not rational. Still, until 2003 twenty four states outlawed sissy smooching. The mere act of tenderness between two men was a crime with a penalty of 10 years at hard labor. A peck on the cheek in greetings might be construed as a crime against nature. And so we put on Speedos and went out and said – Arrest us if you dare. And you did not. Which showed the pointlessness of the laws. They were there to condemn, not to use.

And that’s why gay pride events had Speedo boys – it was to dare the authorities who were so sure that we were a threat to society that we should be incarcerated with our own kind and “cured” against our will like we were hams or something. And the authorities could not, would not, dared not, arrest us. For they knew too, the law was absurd. Such as everyone is well cognizant that DOMA is absurd. It doesn’t protect marriage. Stop the hypocritical hypocrisy. It’s nuts. It’s unbecoming a free Republic, but only belongs in a communist or theocratic state.

There is now a great debate within the gay blogs about this wanton sexuality. And there’s a move away from it. We want prince charming and a picket fence and a registry down at Bed, Bath & Beyond. So there’s a move away from Speedos at parades, and certainly it never came to many places. And towards a much more forceful demonstration that we are indeed, just as God created us, for His purpose, citizens of this nation from all walks of life. We are so much alike everyone else it’s not funny. Except this small little quirk. And it belongs more on the autism scale, and no one condemns autistic kids that’s for sure. Here’s a billboard of the sort I want to see more of:

And so the whole slut atmosphere of the gay world has greatly lessened, and the romantic stage has come. There’s so many young couples it’s not funny; it’s endearing. Oh to be young and gay again. Sigh. It’s almost unnerving to us older gay guys. Our younger counterparts want to get married and settle down. And buy a house and own a business or have a job. And somehow deal with the legal realities of these situations we seek under family law, and not under the commercial and business law we must use, if we are to protect our assets and our insurance, and our possessions and everything else that is dealt so finely under family law. From which we are excluded by the bizarre idea that we are not only not families of any kind whatsoever – but that the admission that we are such is a dire threat to any other type of families.

And we want to be blessed by Saint Serge & Bacchus, of which see John Boswell for their love story and martyrdom:

Boswell, in “Same-Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe” uncovered many a commitment ceremony referencing the two Saints used for same sex unions in churches before 1400.

Which by the looks of the slutty behavior of so many heterosexuals and the pride now expressed by these morons for slut-hood that I cringe for the nation. But we did it, only once a year – as a political protest.

And these sluts now portrayed are doing it for a reason wholly foreign to gay rights or decency towards anyone. They just want to be sluts. There’s a difference.

Still, the IOTW post made me think of these things, which I wanted to express to any IOTWers who come, for too many heterosexuals call us sluts all the time, even as our young’uns plead for marriage by any name. And quite a few older couples too. It’s a strange existence to be in – to be called a slut while wanting monogamy with our own kind.

And that’s something everyone, gay and straight, should think about.


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  1. Honey Badger DGAS

    I couldn’t agree more that there’s a great level of hypocrisy in the idea of cheerleaders. Or as I like to call them strippers in training.

    Young women doing for society what society openly frowns upon and has made laws against. As long as we all do it, it’s ok 😉 And yet we still give scantly clad jail bait center stage under the pretense that they’re some how helping with the game. No they’re a sexual side show and time filler. Who routinely spread their legs for our amusement. The best leg spreaders get the biggest cheers.

    Now my only gay pride parade knowledge which is admittedly limited, only comes in the form of the Frisco variety.

    I admit I’m a “bigot” I guess that’s what you call people that just can’t get past the ick factor of two men kissing. (Two men hugging doesn’t bother me so much.) I don’t consider myself homophobic. Most flaming gay men make me laugh. There’s something about a lisp that’s hilarious.

    That being said it’s beyond repulsive for me to see photo’s from the Frisco pride parades. Fellatio in the public domain is a) illegal and b) not helpful to anyone’s cause. Unless you’re apart of the legalize public sex movement, if there is one.

    It looks more like gay porn on parade. Instead of showing just how normal and like everybody else the gay world is the parade takes on the form of yeah hide your kids from these freaks. The shock factor just for the shock factor sake seems unnecessary and shouldn’t be promoted. I would be just as shocked if I saw a man a woman having sex in a parade as well.

    I don’t think hetero society needs to adjust to the homo society. Just like I don’t think the clean living society needs to adjust to the whoring society either. Society has been extremely well served by the hetero clean living society.

    Here’s where I stand on marriage. You don’t get to hijack a religious ceremony that is very specific in it’s use for yourself. Just like you wouldn’t like it if heteros decide that the rainbow flag actually represented NAMBL. You would be offended by that and rightly so. That might seem like an odd comparison but that’s how jarring it is to religious people when homo’s decide they want to be married.

    Whether the gay community believes it or not it’s about the use of the word. Religion has been assailed by every aspect of society. It’s been blamed for every wrong in society. So much so that there is little left to religion that people don’t look down upon it for. Marriage happens to be that last bastion. The religious have turned their other cheek repeatedly. This is where the line gets drawn in the sand. We will be pushed no further.

    Now all that being said I’m not against civil unions that are just as legally binding in all aspects as marriage is. The only problem I see with civil unions is they might give birth to a fraudulent form of friends with benefits.

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