Religion, Oil & Borrowed Money

It is most interesting to see what incoming links this blog gets, pingbacks as they’re called. As well, to see which blogs link to me directly. And even which blogs have actually quoted me. And too, even from which blog posts I made which lead people to me. The four have been quite a surprise. Maybe it means I’m on to something. In strange bedfellows my mush has  now been linked to by Tea Party websites, the Huffington Post, American Spectator, and sites I don’t even know, and one or two gay sites, including one with NSFHeteros pictures. It’s a weird consortium. I hope something good comes out of it.

And today it was this:

Referencing my post:

Because of this book “American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century”

Here’s the fluff for the author, whom I have never heard of, I think, but has a name so plain who knows?

In his two most recent New York Times bestselling books, American Dynasty and Wealth and Democracy, Kevin Phillips established himself as a powerful critic of the political and economic forces that are ruling-and imperiling-the United States. Now, Phillips takes an uncompromising view of the political coalition, led by radical religion, that is driving America to the brink of disaster.”

And here’s the blurb about the book:

From Ancient Rome to the British Empire, Phillips demonstrates that every world- dominating power has been brought down by a related set of causes: a lethal combination of global over- reach, militant religion, resource problems, and ballooning debt. It is this same axis of ills that has come to define America’s political and economic identity in the past decade. Military miscalculations in the Middle East, the surge of fundamentalist religion, the staggering national debt, the costs of U.S. oil dependence-together these factors are undermining our nation’s security, solvency, and standing in the world. If left unchecked, the same forces will bring a debt- bloated, preachy, energy-starved America to its knees. With an eye on the past and a searing vision of the future, Phillips has written a book that no American can afford to ignore.”

And well, that’s exactly what I’m saying. It is indeed poorly thought out foreign adventures. The one week war in Libya is now two months old. It’s bizarrely reported that the French are running out of bombs. No one else in Europe, maybe the Brits, are doing anything much to help; maybe the Germans are passing out soup. And K-daffy (as I saw his named spelled here and there – and like I keep saying, if we can’t agree on how to spell a madman’s name that’s pretty sad,) is still bombing his people. And we’re afraid to just take him out. We have a law or something. What purpose is this law other than to tie our hands and minds in knots as we can only kill somewhat innocent people, or less guilty, those whom are lower down in the chain of command, that is, the soldiers, but we can’t kill the leader of it all? Imagine if we went to war with Hitler and couldn’t go after him. Oh weird. The whole point of chess is to get the king, and international affairs is nothing but not a very complex chess game. Geez, take the bum out, and tell the next one who surfaces to stop the nonsense.

Now it just seems we’re at war with the country and people of Libya instead of doing those poor bedraggled people a favor and taking out the top guy. I read just yesterday at that Michelle Obama used some salacious video of a bimbo name Beyonce to push something to the kids, and not too long ago this bimbo was doing a party for the K-daffy boys. And I think, what the hell? This is rational? For what purpose is this. I hate nitpick, I’m big picture guy, but it seems just dumb on so many levels that it might well take a book of my own to express it.

Meanwhile, the president is limiting oil production here from any sort of formation, while going to Brazil to talk about how wonderful oil drilling is down there, and we’d be glad to buy their oil lickety-split so that we might reduce our dependency on foreign oil. I’m not crazy, but that’s just not quite rational to me. We have so much oil-stuffed sands, tars, rocks, formations, and such that it’s beyond measure. And instead we prop up monarchies and dictators in the Middle East so we can preserve the flow of goo to the Europeans, Chinese and Japanese, and who knows who else. We barely import a drop of stuff from over there. And yet, Madame Secretary of State is constantly bleating about our dependence on Arabian oil. We get ours from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, West Africa, and a dash from Saudi Arabia because of it’s chemical properties that are useful for certain things. So why are we doing the grunt work. Let them all sort it out.

Afghanistan is done, put a fork in it. If the Taliban get whacko again, send in the missiles and jets. We can do this from the air now, can’t we? We did it with Serbia – we did it nice and neat, and only “accidentally” bombed the Chinese embassy into smithereens. Oops, right? Or a well placed message? Hard to say, not my business; those guys are supposed to know what they’re doing right?

And what is our exit strategy from Europe? We keep some 150,000 troops there – as many as we had in Iraq. What for? To keep the Germans from invading Poland again? Hell, we so atrophied their collective militaries that they can barely put a platoon of tanks together and get it on the road. Well, good. So let them live in peace and let’s stop propping them up. There’s 450,000,000 people between Ireland and the Urals, let them figure it out. Can’t we get away with, oh, say, 15,000 to just keep an eye on things? I don’t think Russia will invade Finland at this point, Finland will cut off Nokia cellphone service to Moscow. Then what will the Russians do?

Meanwhile, the debt and deficit – wow, can you say looming disaster? Doesn’t take a genius or a rocket scientist nor an economist even to realize you can’t keep spending twice as much as you earn. It can’t help anything. Eventually someone will stop lending the money. This debt ceiling business – what a crock. Every three or four months for decades they raise it. Oh, no more debt, each side says, then gleefully piles on as much as they can to buy themselves votes and favors and stay in power. If ever there was time to vote every single bum out of office this is it. If there’s a Republican, put in Democrat, if there’s a Democrat, put in a Republican. Better yet, put in all Libertarians! Mix things up a bit. It’s become sclerotic.

It reminds me more and more of the Hapsburg court in the Holy Roman Empire – filled with dukes and lords and the sons and daughters of the castle owners, along with a vast bureaucracy of hangers on who see that their interest is better served by building government power than to actually solve a problem. No bureaucracy wants to solve the problem they were set up to solve, or they’d go out of business. Not a one of ours, like not a one of the HRE’s ever gets shut down with a hearty “good job done.” No, it morphs into a bigger and bigger octopus as it realizes that there’s money to be made.

Like Mr. Phillips says, it’s a recipe for disaster.

But more to the point, personally, for I’m a survivor and I think I’ll make it through any tough times – even if I got to rip up the ornamentals and put in vegetables – but it’s the theocracy a-coming. Look at whom is running for president – Obama obviously, with his theocracy of more government. That’s what he wants – he’s the one who boosted the annual deficit to 1.5 Trillion Bucks – an amazing number, and it hasn’t solved a thing, and made it worse. Inflation is about to rear it’s ugly head in ways that are going to shock the pants off the people of this nation. Misery index alert, for sure. That doesn’t bode well for Obama’s reelection I assure you. No matter where his heart is – the numbers don’t add up.

Then on the Republican side you have a raft of theocrats. Huckabee – an ordained preacher of some sort, quite sure he is the guiding light to Jesus – but what’s his plan to bring down the deficit? Beats me, but he’s sure gays are the problem, I know. And Santorum? The man’s a joke, spewing out some nonsense that for family values and fiscal sanity he’s going to outlaw and arrest and incarcerate all the gay folks in the nation. Then too there’s Trump, who’s a religion unto himself, as is Newt, now newly claiming he’s Catholic, and devoutly so. And the Catholic clergy who comport with the thrice married and philandering lying self-serving SOB is quite sure along with Newt that gay people are a dire threat to the nation. But what’s his plan to wrestle the behemoth? Outlaw gay smooching? That’s it? Pawlenty is so pale and plain he stands no chance, and deservedly so. Romney is a big governmentalist so long as he’s running the show, but very against big government when he’s out of office. Bachmann, well, she’s also very worried about us gay folks, and is insistent we cure ourselves somehow, to preserve the nation’s fiscal health. What else is her plan? Palin at times sounds rational and reasonable, and actually stays away from the gay stuff, and well, she’d mix it up to say the least – but perhaps is not quite the gal we need.

These people are all racing off to listen to Bryan Fischer, Maggie Gallagher, Tony Perkins and Peter Sprigg – and they’re all loons who say, quite clearly and often (see for the daily march of those toy soldiers in their culture war.) that the biggest threat to the nation are the “domestic terrorist” gay people. It’s bizarre. Presidential candidates getting theocracy lessons on harming a tiny bunch of peaceful productive citizens with a mild quirk as a means of getting the country back on track. For you see, they say, God has forsaken the nation because it’s given a sullen tolerance to gay people. Back in the Holy Roman Empire days it was the Jews, when they were clamoring for the right to marry – for it was outlawed to Jews to get legally married in the HRE – but hey, things have changed.

Somehow I don’t think that Phillips brings up the gay angle, for it seems preposterous, doesn’t it? A few loons in an incestuous polygamy of bile spewing whacko groups with not a shred of evidence beyond their fetid brains all bleating “It’s the gays, it’s the gays.” That’s the theocrats coming to this nation. We are declared the lynchpin of it all. And stomping us is the only solution to it all. And I really fear for the nation, and myself. But there you have it. Lunacy pushed by loons and supposedly rational politicians soaking it all in. And the ship of state heads towards the iceberg as otherwise described by Phillips.

The only contender I can see on the presidential trail with a prayer to end this charade is Gary Johnson. And I urge everybody – gay and straight, to really take stock in the fools that glory be – and then consider this one rational man on the hustings – – truly, for you, for me, for all of us. Ignore the fools and get someone who actually has done something beyond self-promotion on the backs of gay people. Or the nation will be lost. Because we ain’t the problem.


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  1. I will not kill. Commit to this one thing for life. There is no reason to kill people in modern world. One doesn’t have to kill for food or resources. If a person can forgive, more so can God. It is not a sin not to kill. Spare a life and give hope of change. I will not kill. Commit to this one thing for life, that’s all there is to it.

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