The Obama Osama Fracas

OK, so the evil man is dead. Now already started the nonsense. Predictable, and somewhat avoidable. The biggest problem seems to be the story told – first it was a “firefight” then it was just one guy with a gun, and a gun maybe in the room with Osama. And he did and did not use a woman as a shield – which? It’s not known anymore with clarity, for the mush was given, and now must be retracted or qualified, which leads to discordance. His wife whom was killed gave a press conference of some sort right after the rumors of her death were greatly exaggerated. Maybe it’s another wife, he’s known to have a few, we think. 27 kids too, poor orphans, aw.

Then it turns out Pakistan seems to have known all along about the whereabouts of the man. Now they’re threatening “unprecedented retaliation” or something – and I think, what? Are they going to refuse to take a few billion of our bucks in retaliation mode? They’re chasing our guys out of the country now, personna non grata or something diplomatic I’m sure. Perhaps we should just get out of both places – Afghanistan and Pakistan. Let Pakistan take care of Afghanistan and let the Indians take care of the Pakistanis. And lob a missile every so often at the Taliban to let them know we’re thinking of them.

Seems Osama’s compound wasn’t a “Million dollar home” but “Only a $250,000 home.” Yah, well, when your average Pakistani makes, oh, what? $5,000 a year maybe, a “$250,000” may as well be a million bucks, no? Who cares the damn house price, no one is going to buy it from Century 21 soon, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t mind seeing it blown up either. It’s bound to become holy ground for those who revered the man. So make it a big hole and be done with it, Pakistanis notwithstanding. If they wanted to help, they’d be in their now with bulldozers taking it down with the TV cameras rolling.

Turns out India might have known where he was for a few years too, told us even, they claim. Who knows? They’re always looking to curry favor with us, so maybe this is a way to say “Hey, look, we helped, how about another billion?” Given the tense Pakistani-Indian relationship, it wouldn’t surprise me to think that India is just trying to balance their US friend credentials with “Hey, we told Pakistanis and they wouldn’t do anything, so we’re better friends than they are.” There’s power politics in that pronouncement of foreknowledge for sure.

Seems the SEALS may or may not have done the deed – it’s classified or something, as perhaps well it should be – but Joe Biden, Vice-president of foot in mouth spilled the real beans. And so what’s with that man? Seems too that Obama had to think about it for hours and hours. There’s conflicting reports – but still, surely the decision is not a light one to make – you know, sending in the Marines or somebody has its costs, dangers and downsides, sure. Still, he was public enemy number one – and we could have simply bombed any building we knew he was in to smithereens too. Worse comes to worse, we kill a few henchmen he doesn’t really need anyway. What do we have cruise missiles for if we can’t launch them against the man who ruined so many lives in this nation?

Perhaps Osama was treated with too much dignity – and probably so. Some are fretting that it was not enough, that we didn’t give him all the Muslim bells and whistles of a proper funeral. Tough. Oh, I’m not opposed to the quick disposal of the body – but with “dignity”? Ha! The man deserves no dignity, not even in death. He killed thousands. What’s to dignify? They say they’re a religion of peace, so what’s with glorifying the heinous destruction of human life?

Buried at sea – well, not a bad idea. But now it’s of course claimed there’s no proof. So release the photos already – (we’ll need it for the Hollywood film to come – The Hunt for Red Blood on His Hands or something, I’m sure.) Why the squeamishness now? It’s not like we didn’t have to watch people jump out of the World Trade Center on national TV. And the media is all intent on showing us all the bodies it can muster from the Mexican drug wars. Not to mention that TV and films are so filled with graphic violence that another picture is going to send us over the deep edge into depression or anything.

Oh, supposedly the Muslims will be upset, a backlash or something. So what picture caused them to smash planes into the World Trade Center in the first place? They’re still blaming the Crusades of the Middle Ages for that stuff – while completely ignoring the fact that the Muslims were at the gates of Poitiers, France in the 700s, and ruled Spain for a quite a while, not to mention the Muslim onslaught against Byzantium, not that there was anything wrong with that – for it was the way things were done back then. Still, to still be crying over stuff that happened centuries ago does not show a lot of modern thought.

Now, the Palestinians are already praising the man, of course. Just as they praised him when alive for having smashed the planes. And for this we give them a few billion a year so they can continue their onslaught against Israel.

Meanwhile, in Syria, pictures or not of Osama dead, that hasn’t affected one bit the onslaught of slaughter against the people of the country by its own government. A crazed dictator seeking to destroy his own nation. Weird, and we have no plan nor methods to take him out? One dude gone crazy and we worry about “his” sovereignty? And it is his sovereignty, for the people obviously don’t like the man. And if our own Declaration of Independence is correct, the sovereignty does belong to the people and not the dictator du jour. So give it them. Maybe if we take him out some Muslims might like us, I don’t know. Worth a try, for every oppressed people need a new dictator every so often, no?

Perhaps Libyans and Yemenis will stop fighting each other long enough to make common cause against the photo. Or in Egypt perhaps the people there will unite behind the caliphate they don’t want, and abandon the desire to jump on the Internet we all have here. But what difference would it make? The deed is done, he’s dead, it’s been announced to the world. So prove it. There’s been enough dishonesty in governments for too long and too exposed that few people trust it anymore anyway.

And we paid for those pictures – we deserve the right to see what we bought.

I also read that some folks, mostly on the Left of course, who are quite sure that this was an “assassination” of some “political leader.” No it wasn’t. It was killing a wanted man in the War on Terror. The mad did declare, repeatedly, (so it’s not like he misspoke or was misinterpreted or anything,) – that he was at war with the USA – so, OK, he’s at war. What are we “at”? A legal action and discussion group? You’re at war, you kill the other sides soldiers – that’s been the point of it since Sun Tze or somebody wrote the book on war 3,000 years ago. Kill the other side’s soldiers as fast and furiously as you can. Not to mention, it was said by a previous president, Wanted dead or alive. Well, dead it was. Oh well.

Some argue he should have been taken alive. For what purpose under the sun? To give him a day in court with all the Constitutional niceties which he himself dismissed as mush anyway? I love these terrorists who try to destroy the US then demand our Constitution protect them. There’s a slew of them in Guantanamo. They’re intent on destroying federal courthouses unless they have need for them to defend their actions of their attempts at destroying the courts? Why not just kill your parents and proclaim you’re an orphan so only a hand slapping is OK as punishment? And where would we try him? Maybe there in NYC? Sure, dangle him by the toes upside down from the newly rising skyscraper there so we can discuss the issue. Or maybe all those who wish to defend DOMA can move over to the Osama case, and let us people go. But I’m a radical of course. Though I think an “unbiased” jury could never be found – and that would be his sole defense. His feelings would be hurt, perhaps, at the animosity we all feel for the poor man, sure.

Then certainly the conspiracy theories are up and running already. You know, Bush’s fault, CIA hiding, Military secrecy, not really Osama, you know, the usual. It’s said we have a new stealth helicopter, secret even, that has shocked the rubes of the press. Doh, whatever the military says they have – they’ve got it five times further along. The news of the military’s prowess and equipment and abilities and technologies is always five to 10 years out of date. Exactly as it should be. I don’t really want to know the full scope of Military adventures all over the world and with what equipment – it’s their job to be secretive and way ahead of anyone else. Good that they do.

And I think that about covers this morass of such a straight forward thing – release the photos already and be done with the discussion. They’ll be leaked forthwith anyway, bound to happen.

And oh yeah, Obama shouldn’t be in NYC today at Ground Zero – it serves no purpose than a campaign stop on our dime. He’s managed to miss September 11th twice already but now has a pressing need to be seen at the sight of Osama’s handwork? One wonders if he’ll be there again on the actual anniversary.

And finally, some sensitive creatures are all upset about the use of the name “Geronimo” for the code word. My my, what sensitive creatures indeed, and perhaps they’ll patrol the pools of the nation for kids doing cannonballs while yelling “Geronimo” like we’ve done for decades. Geez, you’d think they’d be happy a warrior’s name would be used for some very good warrior like behavior.


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