Justice Scalia must recuse himself from gay cases.

Oh boy, does Justice Scalia have it wrong. And just signed on to his recusal from all gay cases.

At this website, which I had never been to before today, I found this: http://gay.americablog.com/search?updated-max=2011-05-03T16%3A05%3A00-04%3A00&max-results=12

Here’s the quote from Justice Antonin Scalia of my Supreme Court:

The “law-professional culture,” Justice Scalia wrote, “has largely signed on to the so-called homosexual agenda, by which I mean the agenda promoted by some homosexual activists directed at eliminating the moral opprobrium that has traditionally attached to homosexual conduct.”

Oh, dear Judge, Tony if I may, since you, sir, seem to know so much about me and what I do, we must be friends by now! Do you have this wrong! Here, let me help you sir, for you are confused.

The entire nation has “signed on” or will soon enough – and where do we all put our signatures sir? Oh – go here, www.borngaybornthisway.blogspot.com and www.imfromdriftwood.com for two fine sites for your edification. We have no “agenda” sir, despite oft repeated claims of some nefarious political motive of dastardly proportions – except this: Don’t Tread On Us Either. And it can be further encapsulated by a man you may have heard of: Moses. He did say, “Let my people go.” Really, sir, let us go. Leave us be. Stop with your agenda of condemnation.

This “plan” of ours, started at our very own kitchen tables with mom in tears and dad befuddled. It was not born of a political movement sir, which then “recruited” “homosexuals” – it was born of humanity that we gay folks demand as our birthright as the Children of God, too. For this we know sir, in a way you can’t fathom, obviously.

It’s not “promoted by some homosexual activists” – oh no, not by some by a long shot. Which is perhaps your most egregious error in your ways. Why, it’s done by every single last blessed one of us. Not a one of us is without our complaint about your theocracy driven despising of our innate born existence, oh no. It’s all of us sir. If Gary Gates is correct – that would be exactly 2,491,034 of us – though he too is quite mistaken on the issue – and he’s allegedly gay friendly! It’s more like 10,000,000 of us, but hey, who’s counting? Why, it’s downright illegal to count us, indeed.

Furthermore, dear Tony, it’s not “directed at eliminating” anything – it’s entirely laser focused in a way you can’t grasp. Not “directed” – no, that’s a weak word sir, and you are a wordsmith of some repute, we hear. It’s entirely 100% dedicated to removing anything bad about us anywhere at all. Not just legally. But with family, church and all of society. We will not rest, sir. Of that you can be sure. You have never met a more determined bunch of pissed of people in your life. Though we are extraordinarily peaceful in our dedication, and our state of being pissed off, as you may have noticed. Barely a ruckus beyond telling everyone alive – Do not defend that DOMA law, it is unholy.

Nor are we trying to merely “eliminate the moral opprobrium” – oh no, sir – it’s to tell you and all – it’s morally wrong to condemn us. We don’t want “tolerance,” no, we want a warm embrace of acceptance as just a little different, just as we are. It’s morally reprehensible to blame us for this “condition” which the NO GAYS movement is quite sure was inflicted upon us by our parents as children at the exact same time that we’re told we “choose” this “lifestyle” as full grown adults too. It’s your problem to reconcile the illogical difficulties of both “made” gay as a kid and “choose” gay as an adult in the exact same thought. That would legally be called, perhaps – having your cake and eating it too. Someone made us gay and we chose it at the same time? It’s going to be quite a feat of activism on the part of the NO GAYS movement, of which you seemingly are a participant, about which more anon, to explain to you there in the Supreme Courts. And we’re a-coming, I assure you. We’re a-coming.

Sir, your traditions are yours, but they are wrong. Not just for us, but for all. Some traditions, like wife beating, slavery, women not voting, Jews not in this or that country club, blacks riding on the back of the bus, the king having absolute power, etc etc, are just morally wrong. Reprehensible in a way that is quite anti-American. And so sir, you go ahead, you push your “traditions” of the Catholic Church. We know that church doesn’t like us. We have parted ways and bear it no ill will as it bears ill will against us. It’s not our business, frankly, when it’s in the pulpit. You may listen to it all the live long day if you choose that “God hates fags.” But we know He loves us, and would not put us here to listen to your complaints for no reason. Perhaps it’s to test your decency, and you have failed.

But when that church seeks to impose it’s cannon law on American law sir – well, you are on record indeed of how foreign ideas and legal precepts have absolutely no bearing on American law of individual freedom. Still, you turn to the Pope in Rome for your beliefs, and frankly sir, I’ve never been a Catholic, and have no intention of finding out much more about that religion. You are free to exercise it – you are not free to impose it on me. Or on society against me. That’s against traditional American values, even if condemnation is very much a part of traditional Catholic value you espouse. Not even legal reasoning, mind you, under our Constitution – but pure unadulterated theocracy from the 1400s. Back when they burned us on faggots, which got us the very name.

Finally, you use this curious phrase “Homosexual conduct.” What is that? Is that my thinking? Is that my smooching? Cuddling? Touching and holding in my arms any man I may love and cherish till death do us part? Is that my believing I’m born this way and am thus perfectly fine – even if one would perhaps conclude we’re on the autism scale, which seems very likely given the brain wiring issues involved. Oh, Tony, my buddy, there’s no such thing as this amorphous “Homosexual Conduct.”

No, sir, it’s a gayness – a gay being – a gay existence – a gay reality – that you are wholly unable to wrap your good mind around, apparently. I don’t know why. We keep telling you and you tell us what you believe. And all evidence to the contrary we present you dismiss as you adhere to your formulaic ancient superstitions and traditional beliefs. It’s quite unbecoming a jurist or judge to dismiss evidence and rely on mere belief, but that’s what you’re doing. Perhaps you’re not fit for the bench, and should head to a Catholic theology job. Indeed, sir, you are quite the troglodyte in this regard, and I don’t like saying that. But you exemplify what all of us are saying – you’re wrong, just plain wrong. We have attempted, repeatedly, to tell you you are wrong, but still you cling bitterly to the idea that the gayness is in the “Act” or the “conduct” and not in the gay person’s being.

For the thing to be in the conduct means we’re really heterosexuals gone astray. And such is not the case. Nope, not at all.

Meanwhile, sir, thank you for elucidating your belief that we have this “agenda” by “some” of us – for that does mean you are quite clearly stating that you have no intention of ever listening to a word we say. Indeed, sir, your fair mindedness on the issue is imperiled by this statement. I dare say sir, you cannot, even will not, on purpose, with malice and religious belief in hand, ever listen to a word we say. And that sir, that imperils your ability to judge any of the dozens if not hundreds of lawsuits coming your way. Suits that will not end, ever. Suits that will multiply over time. Suits that if we lose now, we’ll just come back tomorrow. Suits that will present to you cases of real live gay folks living real lives in this nation, not ancient Rome – and you have already stated you will rule against us.

Sir, you must recuse yourself from each and every case on this topic which comes before you. You cannot judge fairly. You have predetermined your position on the matter. You think we should be hounded till the end of our days for being what you are not. You are so dead set against us that you would rather imprison us and hate us and destroy our lives in some Medieval theocracy the likes of which has no place on these shores of Liberty and Freedom and Justice for all as Individuals. Look at the way you talk about us – as some holistic group in need of a spanking by you. You sir, are unfit to judge us. You should remove yourself from any such arguments to be heard, and head to the nearest Catholic Confab if you wish to fret about the alleged destruction of your traditions, and not use your power to destroy our being.

Sir, you just told the nation you have predetermined your ruling on each of these lawsuits without having heard a word of evidence or legal theory. You sir, are unfit to judge these cases. Recuse yourself, or face our timid wrath, such as we can muster. But I shall be calling you out on this as each and every case comes before you. And use your rulings if you deny us our pleadings to further wreck your nerves. We sir, have become emboldened by the hatred against us – to simply never cease. Ever.

Sir, this nation will accept gay people – or you will never hear the end of us – or you will have to shoot us. Have at it, sir, for your traditions. Have at it. But recuse yourself from the cases. For the decency of the respect of the opinions of mankind – that All men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You apparently do not hold to the traditions of this nation, and are thus unfit to sit in judgment of some of us you hate and despise, loathe and seek to destroy. That’s what you’re doing sir, seeking to destroy us. Thanks for the heads up, dude.

And nowhere, sir, in our Constitution or Declaration of Independence do I see “Unless unapproved by the Pope In Rome and ancient traditions of my church.” You sir, are unfit to the powers you wield. Resign even, for all I care, and join those who hate us on the hustings. They are legion. But you will dare not sit in judgment of me without my complaint. Ever. Have a nice day and God bless your tormented soul.


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  1. Hey, just hopped over to your webpage from reddit. It is not an article I would regularly read, but I liked your spin on it. Thank you for creating a piece worth reading!

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