NRA shows it doesn’t understand 1st & 2nd Amendments

The National Rifle Association is rightly concerned with all derogation of the 2nd Amendment’s “right to bear arms.” But what the NRA doesn’t grasp about the 2nd Amendment is that it is more than the right to own, hold and use a gun. The Right is actually free individuals’ right to self-defense by whatever means. The right is only formidable to tyrants and theocrats. The right to self-defense – whether by gun, sword, ax, hatchet, pitchfork, burning staffs held aloft or even boycotts and public condemnation of attackers of any people – up to an including the positive defense, aka, offense, of words and political pressure to stop any and all would be attackers before they even get going.

Indeed, I doubt there’s one NRA member who would rather shoot to kill an attacker than to “brandish” his gun and stave off the attack by chasing the attacker away without firing a shot. That’s what gay folks did by going after King & Spalding – we “shot” at our attackers. Let’s shoot at the next, too. Without reserve or qualms.

Well, NRA, let me clue you in – and everyone else – DOMA and the defense thereof is a specific attack upon gay people. We have the duty to attack that attack.

And so I saw this, at which gives this information:

>> King & Spalding’s decision to drop its defense of DOMA continues to make news; in the parlance of journalists, this story has legs.

To recap, the firm and its former star partner Paul Clement were hired by certain House members to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, which denies certain benefits to same-sex couples,…”

[it most certainly does not “deny certain benefits” – it tells same-sex couples that they are simply not couples at all. It tells them, us, me, and any whom might be settling down in the future, that we are not worth a bucket of warm spit and too damn bad by the government which spouts “equality of opportunity for all” and “liberty and justice for all” which takes billions of dollars in our earnings as taxes to defend the law against us. They have near unlimited amounts of our funds to keep this law against us. It tells gay folks that we live under a theocracy based on myth and endless fabricated lies – such as we’re out to destroy the family, civilization, society, God, religion and all the rest of America – and recruit every boy into the “homosexual lifestyle” that we can get our hands on. That’s what the law says. DOMA tells gay folks – and all Americans too – that gays are indeed the “domestic terrorists” as Tony Perkins of the pathetically named “family research council” declares us.

See for a daily compendium of the brandishing of harsh words of fear, threat and condemnation against gay people – all perfectly legal and enshrined in Constitutional jurisprudence as the absolute right of free speech just oh so very recently in Synder (Aka, Westboro Baptist Church.)

Well folks, gay and straight – we have the 2nd Amendment right to fight back, in spades, coupled with the 1st Amendment right to say anything we damn well please against any against us. Screw ’em, and you, basically – that’s what the Supreme Court vouchsafed is the right of every American to say. Oh, they want to say only 1,000 feet away? Well, I’m at home, and not a fundamentalist within the mile. Nor an paid defender of DOMA.]

[OK, where was Izzo? Here:}

…. after the Obama administration said it would no longer defend the federal law. [Only one part, give me a break. Report the facts — only section 3, the rest is fine with Obama. So DOMA would stand except one provision, aw.]

The firm has yet to explain precisely why it decided to stop defending DOMA, prompting speculation that the firm acted out of fear that it would possibly alienate recruits and firm clients who support same-sex marriage.”

[And probably too that the firm acted out of revulsion when they sat down to talk to the Congressional leadership about what the course of the case would be. That is, I’m sure Boehner and company did lay out the way they wanted some arguments for the law to be framed – a good client does indeed tell the lawyer what he wants. The lawyer’s job is to find the law to back up the client’s claim. That’s the beauteous part of the adversary system. That’s what makes prosecutors and defense proceedings the stuff of drama. Ah, but what is the adversary here in this present case? Why, it’s gay people. The very people charged, in a bill of attainder sort of way – that we are indeed the peril to the Republic which the law purports us to be. There’s not a shred of proof other than the beliefs of the those in the NO GAYS movement.

Again, they are not just for keeping us shushed and in the closet and forever whining about the unfairness of it all. Oh no, the NO GAYS movement is out for various of sundry alternatives – ranging from outlawing us ( to rounding us up and incarcerating us, and/or forcing a “cure” upon us at the point of a gun or a needle or maybe just a swizzle stick, who knows? Even our explosion from the nation in which we were born. They are clear in their desired out come. Even if they won’t say exactly how they will effect their plan. They merely demand that we acquiesce in the implementation of it – or face constant condemnation for the rest of our days. To which we say nuts!]

OK, back to the Izzo >> “Clement fled the firm in protest. And last week Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced he would no longer send business to King & Spalding, stating that the firm had engaged in “an obsequious act of weakness,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Now, the NRA is parting company with the firm, the BLT Blog reports.

In a letter today to King & Spalding chairman Robert Hays, the BLT reports, NRA general counsel David Lehman said that in hiring firms, “we expect them to zealously advocate for our interests and not abandon the representation due to pressure from those who may disagree with us.”

[Well, NRA, they are zealously advocating for your interests. But you are too blind to see it. They advocate by declining the case for the right to self-defense regardless of all other circumstances. But you don’t think that Gay folks have this right, apparently. You are not alone – Ruth Markus – a liberal for gun control indeed – is on your side in telling gay folks that we are the “bigger culprit” in the issue. And our response is “Oh, please – ‘God hates fags’ is perfectly fine, so, so is ‘God doesn’t like law firms which defend that miscreant law of hate and bile.’ Don’t like it? Oh well, 1st Amendment free speech bucko – one you all applauded not so many weeks ago. We’re with you on that. And we shall shoot words at anyone who will attack us. And defending DOMA is an attack upon us. Oh well, finally we’re with you, and now you are against us. Showing that principles of self-defense is not your issue – but guns and gays are. Oh well, think clearly next time.]

Izzo >> “King & Spalding spokesman Les Zuke declined to comment to the Law Blog about client defections over the DOMA matter.

Hays earlier said that in reviewing the DOMA assignment, “I determined that the process used for vetting this engagement was inadequate.”

UPDATE: We just touched base with the NRA’s David Lehman. If the firm, he said, is “willing to drop a client involved in a controversial issue then we don’t have confidence that under political pressure they won’t do that to another client.” He said the NRA hired King & Spalding and Clement to represent it in the Supreme Court case McDonald v. Chicago, which held that the Second Amendment applies to the states. He said the NRA subsequently hired the firm to write briefs in various cases and to conduct legal research. “I anticipate we will continue to use Paul Clement” at his new firm, Lehman said”


And I gotta laugh, uproariously. The NRA loved the absolute free speech case and are in love with self-defense issues – and now they are pissed that gays are using free speech and self-defense to our advantage to squash all opposition to this Medieval theocratic law. Aw. With audacity, the NRA and Markus, and Jacobson at and others are even implying we don’t have the right to do so. And well, no we don’t – we don’t have the right. True. We have the duty. And duty trumps rights every time.

You don’t have the right to work – you have the duty to do so as a human being responsible for your own self.

And thus, though, too, we have the duty to lambaste the defenders of DOMA with “God hates defenders of DOMA” all day long, I urge all my gay buddies, known and unknown, to do the same.(we’re supposedly all part of the “Evil” Homosexual Lobby meant to do harm to the nation, after all, as proclaimed by our opponents.)

Screw you folks – we have the absolute 1st Amendment right to wage a verbal scorched earth policy against any whom are against us. And we do so with the added fillip of the 2nd Amendment’s right to self-defense. And tough noogies. This is our right and duty. And yours. So let the battle rage on. The battle to which we say forever “Nuts!” – and your only response will be to say “OK” or shoot us. That’s what it comes down to. OK or shoot us. Nothing more. Bring it on.


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