American Spectator’s lesson for the night.

Tonight I read this article

and so I posted the below:

All I can say is “Don’t Tread On Us Either.”

Don’t mess with us, we’re tired of it:

>>Rick Santorum has called for the outlawing of gay people’s existence — he’s clear, he’s adamant. And he’s hiding behind the repeal of Lawrence v. Texas as if we will sit back and put up with his nonsense. But let me be clear — if the Republican party – through Santorum or anyone else — thinks there going to outlaw us again — because we’re “Evil” and “terrible” and “domestic terrorists” you all are crazy. And I’m a Tea Party Libertarian Republican gay guy.

We shall demand to be arrested. We shall stage civil unrest unbeknownst to you. And demand you incarcerate us — so we can live off of your dime. You will pay for Santorum’s plans. Anything less is the typical hypocrisy which comes from mush heads like him. Outlaw us? Arrest us! Now!

You will call it “punishment” and we shall call it the weirdest Club Med ever devised by the folly of man.

Here, here’s the most popular Santorum site — for your enlightenment of the disaster that man is:

Be grossed, as I am.

And really now, is it rational to call for the spending of billions of dollars to round up all the gay people, incarcerate us, and enforce a “cure” on us? Are you serious? Are you? Well, knock yourselves out — it’s your dime. You will pay for this — we will demand it! We shall live in gleeful happiness with millions of gay men — and you will pay for it. — For that’s what Santorum is calling for.

We are tired of morons like this cretin.

And if this is the best you all can come up with — then you will get Obama for another four years. It’ s your lives too – -not just ours.

Try Gary Johnson, he’s got a brain.



And that should keep them busy for the evening, ya’ think?


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